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Metaverse Art 2011-2013 Nr 1.Tendences

Feb 20, 2016




  • 2011-2013 Nr.1 tendences

    metaverse art

    josina burgessnazz lane

    velazquez bonetto

  • This e-book dedicated to

    Giorgio Vasari (30 July 1511 27 June 1574)

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    Intergrid Metaverse Art 2011-2012Content


    1. Tendences1.1 MESH1.1.1 claudia2221.1.2 Atari Patrucci yes it is MESH

    1.2 FULL SIM1.2.1 Mikati Slade Kuru kuru world1.2.2 Rebeca Bashly Inferno

    1.3 Narratives1.3.1 Bryn Oh

    1.4 Colaboratives1.4.1 Pirats art chaos

    1.5 Migration to OSG1.5.1 Alien Bolero in Craft and in Metropolis


    2. Metaverse Projects


    2.1.1 FLY WITH THE WIND by Josina Burgess2.1.2 FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE by Miso Susanowa2.1.3 THE GLOWING SERPENT by Ginger Alsop2.1.4 LAZER BALLS by Betty Tureaud2.1.5 DREAM OF THE COLD SLEEPER by Typote Beck2.1.6 (Its raining in my heart, as its raining in the town by Cherry Manga2.1.7 TRAVEL IN THE SHADOW OF TECHNOLOGY by Anley Piers2.1.8 PARANORMAL FROTTAGE by Misprint Thursday2.1.9 THE ILLUSIONIST by Gleman Jun2.1.10 LIGHT TOWER by Betty Tureaud2.1.11 TURNING THE TIDE by Nish Mip2.1.12 CHOOSE YOUR BLOSSOM by Suzanne Graves

  • 6 metaverse art

    2.1.13 SYMPHONY IN THE BARREL OF A GUN by Arrow Inglewood2.1.14 PLANET CENSORED by Anley Piers2.1.15 STRANGE PLANT...UGLYNESS & BEAUTY by Claudia222 Jewel2.1.16 THE RHYTHM OF MOOD - Lea Supermarine & Jarapanda Snook2.1.17 DIGITAL GLOVE by Misprint Thursday2.1.18 THE WILD WILD WORLD OF ILLUSION by RazorZ & Olga Soulstar2.1.19 THE MINOTAUR OF CARTON by Typote Beck2.1.20 ALICES ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND by Cherry Manga2.1.21 SHATTERED by Ginger Alsop2.1.22 THE FRAGILITY OF THE SOUL IS NOT A DEFECT by Gleman Jun2.1.23 SPANISH BULL by Silene Christen2.1.24 TROIS PETITS TOURS ET PUIS SEN VA (Three little turns and it goes away) by Josiane Sorciere2.1.25 JUNGLE CHALLENGE by Dusty Canning2.1.26 THE DOCK SPIRIT by Scottius Polke2.1.27 ULTRA VIOLET by quadrapop Lane2.1.28 THEATRE OF WAR by Miso Susanowa2.1.29 VENUSTRAP by Claudia222 Jewell2.1.30 ONE AND FOUR TIMEBOARDS by L1Aura Loire2.1.31 UNE HORDE DE CORDES by Aristide Despres2.1.32 5x8 COMPUND CUBE by Wizard Gynoid2.1.33 TIME AS A HELIX OF SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES by Miso Susanowa2.1.34 THE HUMANICAL FROG by Lollito Larkham2.1.35 HERE COMES THE SUN by Sledge Roffo2.1.36 TV MORNING EXERCISES by Dusty Canning2.1.37 PIUME DI PAVONE by Nino Vichan2.1.38 DANGLING NARROW CHAIN DEMONSTRATOR by Emilin Nakamori2.1.39 HARMONIES IN C GREAT (+) by Artistide Despres2.1.40 NOTEVERYTHINGISPLAINBLACK&WHITEbyFuschiaNightfire2.1.41 LIVING FRACTAL by June Clavenham2.1.42 THE MATTER OF IDEAS by Gleman Jun2.1.43 THE SUPERHEROES BREAKFAST by Typote Beck2.1.44 DOWN ON THE DATA FARM by Miso Susanowa2.1.45 PETITE ETUDE SUR OLIVIER MESSIAEN by Artistide Despres2.1.46 OMNIPOTENT by Pixels Sideways2.1.47 THE CHASM by Oberon Onmura2.1.48 EXCERPTS FROM REALITIES by Glyph Graves2.1.49 THE ABANDONED DAUGHTER by Eliza Wierwight2.1.50 YOU CANT TOUCH HEAVEN by paleIllusion2.1.51 AUTUMN by nexuno Thespian2.1.52 THE CROSSING by Nish Mip2.1.53 FANTASIA EN LA SOMBRA by Romy Nayar2.1.54 PRIMSCAPE DREAM by Sledge Roffo2.1.55 99% by Harter Fall2.1.56 BLACK SHIRT by Misprint Thursday2.1.57 IN DREAMS by Blue Tsuki2.1.58 SWALLOWEDUPBYTHECROWDbyFuschiaNightfire

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    2.1.59 LIMPATIENCE by Josiane Sorciere

    2.2 CARP Metaverse Exhibition Szombathely2.2.1 Naomi Devil2.2.2 Josina Burgess2.2.3 Velazquez Bonetto2.2.4 Frieda Korda2.2.5 Maxxo Klaar

    2.3 Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Festival 2011


    3. Metaverse Procedual Art

    3.1 SL TLC The Schffer Tower3.2 The Change3.3 Sky dance V


    4. IMAB Events

    4.1 Craft World4.1.1 Vulcan - Artists in connection

    4.1.2 building competition

    4.2 Inworldz4.2.1 Alizarins Aquarella4.2.2 soror Nishi4.2.3 Teal Freenote, Dreamsinger Sculpture Garden

    4.3 Metropolis4.3.1 SoA Albert Querstein Alex Boyd Alex Grn Antonia Ling Atari Patrucci Carda Mom Caro Fayray ChapTer Kronfeld doong susu Eliopod Beaumont

  • 8 metaverse art

    First Prim Galen Dreamrezzer Josina Burgess Junivers Stockholm Keve Magic kjs Yip Klarabella Karamell Kueperpunk Korhonen Larysa Firehawk Moewe Winkler Pixel Prim Thierry Noir Uwe Furse Velazquez Bonetto Wanda Shigella

    4.3.2 Josina Burgess Installation4.3.3 Velazquez Bonetto VJ4.3.4 Rebeca Bashly Factory

    4.4 OSGrid4.4.1 Ruben Haan4.4.2 H. J. Kaeppeler

    4.5 Second Life4.5.1 Tuna Oddfellow4.5.2 Solkide Auer

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    The idea for this book germinated from a three part ar-ticle titled The Arts in Second Life, which I published just over two years ago. The scope of that effort was limited, due primarily to my limited knowledge of the art scene and that age old question of what is art, and especially what is art in the metaverse. With regards to answering either of those questions, I left it up to the readers to discern and decided to include as many of the artists from the visual, performance and liter-ary arts fields that I could identify. Then with a scope established, I performed a search of groups and initi-ated contact with as many as I could in order to take a snapshot in time. I limited it also in drawing up a set of survey questions, which were intended to capture the elements of who was doing what and when, however I neglected asking the much more important question

    of why they were doing it.

    Since publishing that series, Ive drawn much plea-sure from meeting many talented people in the arts communities - viewing their creations, watching their performances, the reading of prose and poetry and in writing about them for several different metaverse publications. And it was shortly after that initial pub-lication when I met my collaborators for this book, Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess, co-founders of the Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP). Vela and Josi are both well known as artists in their own right and as leaders of the group Art Space Diabolus, they are promoters of the arts in all forms and in multiple contexts.

    It was with the end of 2009 approaching and my somewhat more comfortable knowledge of who was doing what in the arts that I first approached Vela and Josi with an idea of revisiting the survey to incorpo-rate a much broader field of participants. It was in our initial discussions and analysis of that first endeavor where we decided to move away from a survey which focused on, the trends and events whether past, pres-ent or future and instead ask a set of questions that focused on, the creation and cognitive process.

    With that idea firmly planted and nurtured through discussion and analysis of the Cognitive Aesthetic, which is explored in more detail by Vela in the follow-ing section, we established categories to describe the forms of Metaverse Art and a methodology for con-ducting the survey.

    The taxonomy follows:

    An Introduction to Metaverse Art

    by Nazz Lane

  • 10 metaverse art

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    Metaverse Art Expression Form Taxonomy:

    LiteraturePoetryInland sound objectsCollaborative inland sound productionsSoundtrack creation

    2DMetaverse snapshot and picture manipulationMachinima, video kaleidoscopeOnline broadcasting

    3DStatic virtual space objects, installationsCostume and avatar designVirtual architectureVirtual landscape

    4DAvatar animationKinetic virtual time-space artworksVirtual art large scale complexCybernetic virtual time-space artworkswww.collaborative virtual time-space artworksVirtual performanceVirtual theatreImmersive 4d Cinema

    Combinations of the different expression forms.

    On the borderline of the art and science (Manax synesthesia theatre, Emoticon, Graph theory orchestra

    With questions drawn, and the survey respondents

    Picture: CARP CHANGE performance

    Picture: CARP CHANGE performance

    Picture: Igor Ballyhoo exhibition in Artspace Dia-volus by Rebeca Bashly

  • 12 metaverse art

    identified the distribution and collection process began. The list of those who replied is varied and long, with slightly over seventy respondents. We believe the results establish a framework for those who may choose to fol-low, in assessing this nascent foray of humanity into the metaverse as they explore their place in it through the visual, performance and literary arts. I would like to ex-tend a special thank you to all the respondents for taking the time from their daily pursuits to reflect and explain themselves to us and to posterity.

    In August of 2010, Artspace Diabolus Cybernetic Art Re-search Project (CARP) announced the release of a Meta-verse Art, a four volume series of books which are avail-able via print on-demand. The production of the book was a collaborative effort between: Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess (CARPs founders) and Nazz Lane ( au-thor of Lanes List)with a foreward of Dancoyote Antonelli. The four volumes of Metaverse Art brought to light the creative minds of many of Second Lifes notable artists and content creators. These are the cutting edge cre-ators, who are utilizing virtual worlds to extend art into this newest space of human existence, the Metaverse.

    In the books introduction, Nazz wrote that;We believe the results establish a framework for those who may choose to follow, in assessing this nascent for-ay of humanity into the metaverse as they explore their place in it through the visual, performance and literary arts.