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Mercedes‑Benz Finance Mercedes-Benz Sprinter · PDF fileMercedes‑Benz Finance Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Price List Offers from £279 per month including deposit contributions of...

Jul 30, 2018




  • MercedesBenz Finance

    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Price ListOffers from 279 per month including deposit contributions of 2,300* and an option pack

    Business Users Only. Effective from April 2015.

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    Keeping you 100% Mercedes-Benz Who better to finance your van

    At MercedesBenz we believe a great driving experience should be matched by an equally great ownership experience. And thats why we put just as much thought, time and effort into designing our finance options, our insurance cover and our comprehensive support packages as we do into our vans.

    Over the next few pages you can read about the benefits

    of the services we offer and see just how costeffective

    and hasslefree they can make owning and running a


    Of course if youd like to find out more about any of our

    current offers, simply call into your local Dealer where one

    of our Finance Specialists will be more than happy to talk

    you through anything you need to know.

    than the people who built it.

    As well as offering a superb range of high quality

    Commercial Vehicles, we can also bring you the perfect

    financing arrangement, whether youre interested in

    owning or leasing. They offer:

    Immediatelyavailablefunds no waiting for cheques or loans to clear

    Nosecurityrequired loans are secured on the van, not on other company assets

    FriendlyFinanceSpecialists experts in vehicle finance who can talk you through all of our plans in detail.

    100%MercedesBenz. MercedesBenzFinance

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    Who better to offer you peace of mindWho better to insure your van

    than MercedesBenz.

    Your MercedesBenz Van will benefit from comprehensive

    support packages as standard, you dont have to do a thing:

    3 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

    MobiloVan UK: complimentary roadside assistance

    for 30 years2

    Extensive network of authorised Dealers, with many

    offering extended opening hours for complete flexibility

    All MercedesBenz parts come with a comprehensive,

    24month warranty and 12month labour warranty when

    fitted in an approved workshop.

    See for details of these benefits.

    than MercedesBenz Van Insurance.

    Our Van Insurance has been specially created

    for MercedesBenz Van drivers.

    Thebenefits Guaranteed MercedesBenz GenuineParts at a

    MercedesBenz Approved Repairer Tool Cover up to 500 (whilst tools are inside your van) Repairs guaranteed for 3 years when using a

    MercedesBenz Approved Repairer New vehicle replacement to the same make and spec,

    if available, if your vehicle is written off or stolen and not recovered within the first 6 months of you buying it from new

    Unlimited cover for audio and communication equipment fitted by the factory or dealer

    24/7 UK accident recovery to your nearest MercedesBenz Approved Repairer

    For a noobligation quote, call 0345 60 60 638 or visit

    Insurance available for vans up to 3.5t only.

    MercedesBenzVanInsurance MercedesBenzService

    Our lines are open Monday Friday 8.30am 6.00pm and Saturdays 9.00am 2.00pm. MercedesBenz Van Insurance is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.

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    Mercedes-Benz First Cover 3Complimentary7dayVanInsurance.

    Thebenefits Cover can be arranged immediately, allowing you

    to drive away the same day

    It can cover personal and business use for you and

    your spouse/domestic partner/civil partner

    After 7 free days you can choose to purchase our

    annual Van Insurance Cover.

    All you need to do is get a noobligation quote

    by calling MercedesBenz Van Insurance on

    0345 6060 638Calls charged at local rate

    Included with new Mercedes-Benz Vans

    Insurance available for vans up to 3.5t only. Our UK based call centre is open Monday to Friday 8.30am 6.00pm and Sat 9.00am 2.00pm.For joint protection, calls may be recorded and monitored.Underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.

    3YearUnlimitedMileageWarranty 3 For all new UK supplied vehicles

    Easy to access through any MercedesBenz

    Commercial Vehicle Dealership

    Covers against manufacturing defects.

    MercedesBenzMobiloVanUK 3 Complimentary roadside assistance for 30 years2

    Covers you and your van in the event of a breakdown,

    wherever you are in the UK or in Europe

    Cover for starting problems and minor mishaps or

    driver error

    Recovery to nearest MercedesBenz Commercial Vehicle

    Dealer if roadside repairs not possible

    Replacement vehicle for up to 3 working days.

    MercedesBenz24hourroadsideassistance 3 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

    Designed to keep you mobile

    Our current average attendance time is 58 minutes

    with a current roadside fix rate is 85%.

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    Service Contracts

    Allowing you to plan ahead, Service Care is a competitivelypriced, flexible budgeting plan to cover the costs of servicing a MercedesBenz van. Its fixed rates guarantee inflationproof cost savings and allow customers to spread their expenditure.

    Youcan: Select the number of services you require

    Choose to pay upfront or in manageable monthly instalments, making it easier for you to budget

    Relax, knowing that all scheduled servicing costs including mandatory items are covered

    Enjoy protection against labour rate, parts pricing or other inflationary increase.

    ServiceCarePrices ExclusiveofVATat20%

    No. of Services 3 Services 4 Services 5 Services 6 Services

    Payment Duration 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 48 mths 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 48 mths 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 48 mths

    SPRINTER (manual) 37.00 18.50 12.33 59.00 29.50 19.67 14.75 81.00 40.50 27.00 20.25 103.00 51.50 34.33 25.75

    SPRINTER (automatic) 53.50 26.75 17.83 81.00 40.50 27.00 20.25 108.50 54.25 36.17 27.13 136.00 68.00 45.33 34.00

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    Mercedes-Benz AgilityFlexible and affordable finance

    At MercedesBenz we offer a range of ways for you to fund the purchase of your new van. One of our most popular finance products is MercedesBenz Agility.

    HowdoesMercedesBenzAgilitywork?At the start of the agreement your Business Manager will advise you of the Guaranteed Future Value for your van based on

    the mileage that you expect to cover during the course of your agreement. This Guaranteed Future Value is equal to the final

    Optional Purchase Payment but you dont have to decide whether to make this payment and keep the van until the end of the

    agreement. In the meantime, you simply choose how long you want to keep the van, how much youd like to pay as an initial

    deposit and the monthly payments that suit you best. When the agreement comes to an end you can either purchase, return or

    partexchange the vehicle.

    ThebenefitsofAgility LowerMonthlyPayments better budget control and improved cashflow for your business. GuaranteedFutureValue avoids the risk of unplanned or unaccounted for, depreciation. ChangeCycle regular cycle change ensures your business benefits from the latest technology, including

    safety, economy, fuel and environmental efficiency.

    ResidualSafety the GFV ensures that you can change the vehicle regularly to meet changing business and market needs.

    RevenueAllowances any interest paid on finance and maintenance costs are fully allowable.

  • Your Vehicle



    Deposit Choice of 3 options

    Purchase your MercedesBenz by paying the Optional Purchase Payment.Please note that a Purchase Activation Fee of 10 will be debited from your account. This will complete the purchase of your MercedesBenz, leaving you free to Part Exchange for a new MercedesBenz, or to simply enjoy your van.

    Hand back your MercedesBenz.If you decide to return the van to us, its vital that you check your MercedesBenz for any unacceptable damage beforehand. Fees can easily be avoided if you follow our vehicle return standards.

    Purchase and partexchange your MercedesBenz for a brand new one.Please note that a Purchase Activation Fee of 10 will be debited from your account. This will complete the purchase of your MercedesBenz, leaving you free to Part Exchange for a new MercedesBenz, or to simply enjoy your van.

    Monthly payments calculated based on anticipated mileage during term

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    Mercedes-Benz Contract HireYour fleet, all taken care of

    Contract Hire can be a great way to reduce the hassle of running a commercial fleet. It requires no capital investment and the vehicle is not shown on your balance sheet.

    HowdoesMercedesBenzContractHirework?Instead of owning the vehicle or vehicles, you hire them for a fixed period for a fixed monthly fee. This fee is based on the

    difference between the initial value of the vehicles and their projected value at the end of the agreement, so you only repay a

    proportion of the vehicles costs, which can only be good news for your cash flow. With a Contract Hire agreement you avoid any

    concerns about the future value of your vehicle or selling it on at the end of your agreement you simply hand it back (subject to

    excess mileage BVRLA return standard guidelines).

    ThebenefitsofContractHire Fixedcosts budget planning and cost control inflation proof against payment and maintenance. Nodisposalworries vehicle simply returned at the end of the contract (Subject to excess mileage BVRLA return

    standard guidelines).

    Administration Road Fund Licence administration taken care of. Cashflow low initial outlay, flexible rental terms, VAT recovery a