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Oct 25, 2014




Dear friends,On behalf of The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute I would like to encourage you to review this catalog of leading Israeli products and technologies suitable for mega events. Israels strength in developing advanced solutions in homeland security, information and communications technologies, water technologies, clean tech and many others, enables superior control and operation of

such mega events as the Olympics, the World Cup, and any large exhibition.I am confident that in this catalog you will find Israeli products, technologies and solutions that will help you manage your events and promote your business. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit Israel and witness first-hand the innovative solutions and achievements of Israeli companies, which are eager to develop collaborations and long-term business relationships with you. Sincerely,

Lior Konitzki Deputy Director General, Head of Technology Industries Division


The Israel Export & International Cooperation InstituteHelping Israeli Companies Reach Out to the World Helping the World Reach Us The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is the premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies, from conventional trade through joint ventures and on to strategic alliances.

Superior business information network

Detailed knowledge about your industryComprehensive information about Israeli companies Introductions to senior officials in government ministries, financial institutions and research organizations


Israeli companies offer you Competitive advantage Strong value proposition for mega events

Financial stabilityReliable, proven products Solid customer base & references International experience & presence


Why Israel?Israels technology yardsticks 1st in expenditure on R&D (% of GDP). 1st in quality of scientific research and scientific institutes. Ranked 4/139 in patents per million population. Ranked 7/139 in capacity for innovation. Ranked 10/139 in venture capital availability. Ranked 14/139 in university-industry R&D collaboration. The highest concentration of high-tech startups after Silicon Valley. The highest number of companies listed on NASDAQ after the U.S., Canada and China.


ParticipantsClick on the desired companyHLSB. Rimon Agencies CONTROP Precision Technologies C-True

WaterArad Group A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories Bermad

CleanTechChromagen Solar Water Solutions DuCool Larotec

Life ScienceseWave MD Persys Medical

ELTA SystemseVigilo HeySec Security & Management Homeland Security Academy ISDS International Security ISPRA LiveU Lymtech RF Technologies Magal S3 Mer Group New Noga Light ODF Optronics Opgal Optronic Industries Orad Radom Advanced Aviation Systems Top I Vision

Check lightDorot Control Valves E.P.C. EZPack Water Galcon Mapal Green Energy Miya Reali Technologies Shikun & Binui Water Whitewater Security Woosh

Mer GroupVintec Knowledge Westham

MoreAfikim Electric Vehicles Kanfit

ICTCellint Traffic Solutions Citala C-nario ELL Technologies EyeClick Gama Operations LiveU LogiTag Systems Lymtech RF Technologies Mer Group MDTK Group Snapily 6

Israel's Technologies for Mega Events

Homeland Security (HLS)



Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)

Life Sciences


Homeland Security (HLS)


Contact: Mr Beny Rimon General Manager Tel: +972 9 885 1213 Email: [email protected] Web:

B. Rimon Agencies develops and manufactures mobile security systems including specialty vehicles, generators and APUs, advanced lighting, security detectors and multi-mission trailers. Our command vehicles and mobile communication trucks are sold to HLS customers worldwide. Turnkey projects include in-house engineering, and cover the installation and maintenance of specialty vehicles for covert operations, VIP escort, cellular COWs, SWAT trucks, UAV ground stations and logistics trailers. B. Rimon also specializes in novel energy systems and innovative lighting systems. We are an official supplier to the Israeli military and to police, HLS organizations and government agencies worldwide.


Contact: Ms Lori Erlich Director, Marketing & Communications Tel: +972 9 744 0661 Ext 126 Email: [email protected] Web:

CONTROP develops and manufactures surveillance systems, used worldwide for homeland security and defense applications on air, land and maritime platforms. CONTROP provides some of the most innovative solutions for surveillance and reconnaissance activities used in the world today. Our products are in operational use in many different security and defense programs worldwide. Principal product lines include: Automatic intruder detection systems for securing coastlines, borders, ports and sensitive sites Stabilized observation payloads for air platforms as well as maritime and land vehicles Thermal imaging cameras10

Contact: Mr Moty Grossman VP Business Development & Marketing Tel: +972 8 931 6230 Mobile: +972 52 581 0081 Email: [email protected] Web:

C-True provides identity theft protection by means of facial recognition technology. It offers a suite of solutions (hardware and software) recognized as a best of breed advanced vertical biometric solution to many authentication needs and environments such as physical access control and e-passport authentication. Founded in 2006, C-True enjoys the academic atmosphere and resources of the Weitzmann Science Park. C-True is staffed by mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists and engineers.


Contact: Mr Ilan Bublil Global POC and Marketing & Sales Manager Tel: +972 8 857 7630 Mobile: +972 52 612 6062 Email: [email protected] Web:

ELTA Systems, a subsidiary group of Israel Aerospace Industries, is a global leader in defense electronics. ELTA operates as a defense systems house, focused on electromagnetic sensors (radar, electronic warfare, SIGINT and communication) and integrated solutions. ELTA Systems products are designed for intelligence, surveillance, HLS, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), early warning and control, self-protection and self-defense, and fire control applications.Company Video


Contact: Mr Feliks Vainik VP Business Development & Marketing Tel: +972 72 250 4911 Mobile: +972 54 211 1747 Email: [email protected] Web:

eVigilo develops the industrys only fully integrated, multi-technology mass alert platform that can reach millions of people in just seconds to enhance safety and security and save lives in emergency situations. Supporting multi-channel alert notification, eVigilo's Integrated Alert Distribution Center (IADC) Platform is the most effective and efficient turnkey solution for mass alert systems used by governments, HLS and rescue forces sending geo-targeted alerts simultaneously across different networks such as mobile, TV, radio, sirens, pagers and Internet supporting also sensor integration for automatic alert triggering.Company Video


Contact: Mr Ran Nir CEO Mobile: +972 52 636 3713 Tel Office: +972 9 863 9272 Email: [email protected] Web:

HeySec provides security consulting, security planning and security project management services and solutions for terror and criminal threats. Our main areas of expertise include homeland security for facilities, aviation, transportation, large-scale events, and executive and delegation security, including routine and emergency preparedness. HeySec's experts include former senior members of Israeli security agencies with extensive operational experience and know-how, who develop tailored solutions based on advanced security concepts. HeySec, which serves government and the public and private sectors, cooperates with the Homeland Security Academy.


Contact: Mr Ran Nir Head of Academy

The Homeland Security Academy at Wingate College

Tel: +972 9 863 9371 Mobile: +972 52 636 3713 Email: [email protected] Web:

The Homeland Security Academy at Wingate College offers a diverse range of training programs for security personnel at all levels and positions, preparing them for effective security operation in routine, emergency and crisis situations. Courses are also offered in securing large-scale events, VIPs and delegations, facilities, transport and data. The Academy is headed by the former chief of the training school for Israel's national security agency. Clients include government bodies, and public and private organizations. Programs may be delivered at the client's site, or at the Academy in Israel.


Contact: Mr Leo Gleser President Tel: +972 8 922 7699 Mobile: +972 50 752 8718 Email: [email protected] Web:

ISDS is a multi-national security consultant and integrator, active in areas spanning national defense & HLS, maritime & aviation, infrastructure, and mega-event security. Since 1982, ISDS has developed an admirable track record in planning, developing, integrating and operating security projects. ISDS provides a range of security and defense services, including threat and risk assessment, security planning, system design and implementation, training, and equipment procurement. ISDS specializes in anti-terror defense, homeland, critical infrastructure and mega-event security.


Contact: Mr Alon Slonim VP Marketing Tel: +972 9 955 5464 Mobile: +972 52 392 6665 Email: [email protected] Web:

Founded in 1969, ISPRA is a global leader in developing, manufacturing a