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MediaMosa – BasicLTI Provider A single MediaMosa tool for multiple LMSs Central Computer Services

MediaMosa – BasicLTI Provider - Community day - 8 december 2011

Jan 18, 2015




RoC Westerschelde
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  • 1. Central Computer ServicesMediaMosa BasicLTI ProviderA single MediaMosa tool for multiple LMSs

2. What is BasicLTI? Basic Learning Tools Interoperability IMS Standard Run a tool as if it is in the application Consumers and providers Available as consumer in current version ofBlackboard, Sakai, uPortal (as Portlet), Moodle MediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 2 3. Why BasicLTI? Same tool functionality has to be coded for multiple LMSplatforms. Requires vendor specific knowledge on how to build atool (or module, or buildingblock) and incorporate it ina specific LMS. The proprietary interfaces are very similar but different.And involve high costs of integrating. BasicLTI provides a simple common plugin system. MediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 3 4. Provider and ConsumerMediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 4 5. MoodleUPortal BasicLTI Sakai BlackBoardCONSUMERSBasicLTI Provider wrapperBasicLTIPROVIDER MediaMosa Tool5 6. MediaMosa tool features Role based (Instructor, Student) Play, upload, edit metadata, search mediacontent Internationalization (i18n)MediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 6 7. Lessons Learned Using BasicLTI servlet filter, instead ofdedicated provider application Servlet filter is opensource MediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 7 8. Lessons Learned Consumer tool differ in attributes they pass A few are required rest is optional (but usefull) Consumers can restrict passing of personal info Application internal userids needsynchronisation Deeper level of integration desiredMediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 8 9. Future uPortal BasicLTI portlet Bugfixes SURFconext BasicLTI MediaMosa?MediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 9 10. Demo MediaMosa BasicLTI in SakaiMediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 10 11. Demo MediaMosa BasicLTI in BlackboardMediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 11 12. Download and Documentation MediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 12 13. Questions Contact MediaMosa BasicLTI Provider 13