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MediaMosa and Webservices easy access to MediaMosa content & Connect Communicate SURFnet relatiedagen – 8 & 9 december 2010 - Herman van Dompseler

MediaMosa and Open Webservices - SURFnet Relatiedagen 2010

Jul 01, 2015




MediaMosa and Open Webservices - SURFnet Relatiedagen 2010.
Presentation by Herman van Dompseler at the SURFnet Relatiedagen, December 9, 2010

  • 1. MediaMosa and Webservices
    easy access to MediaMosa content
    SURFnet relatiedagen 8 & 9december 2010 - Herman van Dompseler

2. Big roleforwebservices
Webservices are the onlymeans of communicationbetweenMediaMosa and End User Applications
Thats a goodthing,
seperation of concerns
Frontend: presentation
Backend: data
3. How do theyconnect?
Trust relation
End User Applicationsapplyfor a key to useMediaMosa.
End User Applicationsauthenticateusingthiskey and DBUS authentication
End User Applications have access to their part of MediaMosa data
4. How do theycommunicate?
Webservice request
REST url
GET /asset (with a lot of parameters)
Webservice response
MediaMosa XML format
5. MediaMosa XML
Example: /asset
6. and itworks
7. And itworks NOT likethis
End usersdo notcommunicatedirectlywithMediaMosa
All communications is doneusing End User Applications
There is nopublic entranceto MediaMosa (entrance is basedon the trust relation)
There is nostandard XML response format
8. Technology scouting
Open Webservices
to provide an open interface forsharing data stored in anMediaMosa environment
to consume data from other open platforms and to integratethis in MediaMosa
Side effects:
New target audience: end users
Public entrancewith easy access
Standard XML response
9. What is needed?
Open API
10. How to connectto Open API?
Public Access
The Open API is public withanurllike:
11. How to communicatewith Open API?
Webservice request
REST url
GET /search with standaard parameters like query, limit, order.
Webservice response
Standard XML format
12. Atom
Example: /search
13. demos
for end users & developers
14. A couple of examples
Have younoticedthis?
The difference in XML response
MediaMosa XML:
Atom XML:
ComparewithYouTube XML
End users
UseAtomfeed in iGoogle
15. Wrap up
The current status
Open Webservices givenewfunctionality to MediaMosa
Public entrance
Standard XML response
Open webservices introducenewaudiences:
End users
(Mashup) developers
The Proof Of Concept shows thatitcanbedone.
Its nothereyet, but we keep youposted.
16. Easy access to MediaMosa Content
Whats in itfor me?
End user
direct access to
MediaMosa content
easy integration of
MediaMosa content
in SURFnetconext,
website, ELO, etc.
17. Questions ?
Orask later.
Herman van Dompseler

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