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Nov 12, 2014





  • 1. Full Sail University EDM641 Learning Management Systems and OrganizationMarch-2009-Shawn Starling Business Tactics For A Recessed Economy Maintaining Focus In A Struggling Economy

2. Business as Usual My learning course is Business Tactics for a Recessed Economy- Maintaining Focus in a Struggling Financial System. A business leader or manager would benet from my training. For example, it would take a person that is trying to drive a business to implement the provided ideas. I chose my learning scenario because it is a real world situation that more than ever needs to be implemented to a fading economy. 3. Facebook EngagementThe promotion of my lesson on Facebook was supported by sending out invites to friends to take my course using Udutu Teach. Invites were sent to my friends in Facebook, but I did not get any curious course takers before my deadline of tonight. This was a task that I took upon myself to check the availability by taking the course to get the only test result for my assignment. When you see some of the students reports, you may see my name on their reports because I took some of my classmates courses. My report is on the next page, it has one score which is my score. 4. Udutu Course Report 5. Shawn Learning Prole 6. Education in the FutureThe learning transaction as a structured conversation between teacher and student for a specied purpose. This involves ve kinds of conversations between teacher and learner: telling, showing, asking, responding, and giving feedback. (Gilbert, 2005). With the help of technological based learning tools the model of teaching has become even easier to implement to eager minds. The learning platform relies or partly relies on web based presentation and distribution of educational content that requires communication between learner and teacher via computer.The growing market of Course Management Systems (CMS) provides easy to use, template-based designs that will be a part of this growing need to reduce costs offering a simple to learn and easy to use course authoring environment (McGee, 2005). Just recently, the learning environment has been faced with a growing requirement, which is rapidly, developing new software applications that can keep up with the sophistication among todays clients. 7. The Future of Education The Semantic Web Framework (the intelligent web) allows data to be shared and revised across application, enterprise, and community boundaries (Fiegenbaum,2008). The main goal of this system is to link communities worldwide and provide easy access to the full range of intellectual resources such as library materials, research facilities, and colloquia (McGee, 2005). Colloquia was the rst peer to peer learning system that provided an environment where learners could communicate with others in the process of learning. This type of learning provides an effective environment for individuals to come together and combine ideas. Giving this type of ownership to the learner will allow them to make decisions and provide opportunities for independent or collaborative thinking and reection. The next generation of CMS must be a engine framework that can think, reason, and ultimately make decisions based on the preferences of an individual user. 8. The Future with Web 3.0The future for the web will be Web 3.0, the advent of a brave prototype where we will interact and solve problems together through a network. The platform will bring together advanced technologies that include the semantic web, adaptive data mining, and shared micro-tasking where all of us will build the next layer of intelligence into the web with new integrated tools for social networking.(Web 3.0, 2006) Thus relieving all of the burdened and bogged down individuals with the scheduling, management, and coordination of work between people; much of which is unnecessary duplication of effort. One of the huge benets of Web 3.0 will be: virtualization of software development and the modularizing of human intelligence will be automated cataloging and reuse of solutions(Web 3.0, 2006).In conclusion, Web 3.0 will be the answer for schools, companies, and professionals as this will allow us to truly leverage the skills and talents of every individual and distribute those skills at light speed on a global scale. 9. Implications for Thesis DevelopmentThis Month Ten course was very exciting and fundamental to my next step of learning with Full Sail. I thought the readings this month gave a great background for Learning Management Systems (LMS) that can be applied to my thesis writings. I especially liked the Udutu Project because it is the type of learning activity that I wanted to try and create for my thesis project. For instance, there were some things that I wanted to do with Dreamweaver application that Udutu made easy and readily available during the construction of my LMS. 10. REFERENCES (2006). Web 3.0- The bridge to the singularity. web 3.0, Retrieved 03/26/09, from http:// Fiegenbaum, L. (2008). W3C Semantic Web Frequently Asked Questions. Retrieved March 27, 2009, from W3C Semantic Web site: Gilbert, L., Sim,Y. &Wang,C. (2005). Modeling the learning transaction. Published article from Learning technologies group, school of electronics and computer science. McGee,P., Carmean, C. & Jafari,A.(2005). Course management systems for ?learning: beyond accidental pedagogy. Hershey, A: Information Science publishing. Graphic on slide #2 from Superhero on slide #3 created in Keynote and graphic used from blogdavidbruce, Graphics on slide #6, #8 from making_sense_of_new_technologies.htm Graphic on slide #7 from Slide #9 photo of me created in iPhoto