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Aug 29, 2020


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As the first Europeans settled the land that would come to be called the United States of America, the newspaper was an essential medium. At first, newspapers helped the Europeans stay connected with events back home. But as the people developed their own way of life—their own culture—newspapers helped give expression to that culture. Political scientist Benedict Anderson has argued that newspapers also helped forge a sense of national identity by treating readers across the country as part of one unified group with common goals and values. Newspapers, he said, helped create an “imagined community.

Forty thousand years ago, some human ancestors painted on the walls of a cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. They left stencils of their hands and other markings.

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We use different types of media to find out news, learn new things, and entertain ourselves. With the advance in technology, we can choose the type of media we want to use, no matter the time or place. So, we can hear the radio while driving to work, we can watch our favorite show on our phone, and we can find out any information and news on our laptop or mobile device, thanks to the Internet. Who knows where technology can lead us in the future.