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Jul 08, 2018



  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC


    Organizational Learningand

    Knowledge Management Subject:

    Professor :

    Organizational Design & Change

    Prof. A. K. Jain

    Group 8:

     Aditi Wahi  – !P"## $ama%sh Chhara – !P"'

    Kesha( )a*a* – !P"+" $an*eet Math,r – !P"#

    P,sh%ar $ingh – !P"" -an(in $ingh – !P'

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC



    Summary McKinsey & Company Case

    Knowledge Management Teory

    McKinsey & Company Knowledge Management

    !"aluation and #utloo$/

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC


    0 McKinsey & Company was founded under the name James O.

    McKinsey & Company in 1926 by James McKinsey, a professor of accountin at the !ni"ersity of  Chicao

    0 #tarted out as an $accountin and manaement firm%, ater

    became in to a oba ma'or in consutin

    0 Commission on firm (ims and )oas* 0 ( +ecade of +oubt

    0 Commission

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC


    on +anie

    -red )uc

    /1906 /1934

    5ed a /19914

    0 (ppointed McKinsey7s first fu time director for trainin

    0 8ndustry4based cientee sectors

     Consumer products, banin, insurance etc.

    0 +e"eop nowede in two areas  stratey and orani:ation

    0 Knowede buidin aenda

     )uc 'oined in 193

     1; centers of competence


  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC


    on +anie


    -red )uc


    5ed a /19914


    (rri"ed from =e

    >abs in 1960. ?anted to brin an

    [email protected]y stimuatin en"ironment

    (sed by on +anie to 'oin a

    sma roup in"o"ed with

    Knowede buidinaenda in 193

    Centers of Competence

    Created 1; centers /"irtua of


    5he roe is two4fod. ep de"eop consutants and ensure

    continued renewa of firm7s inteectua resources

    8dentified hihy moti"ated and reconi:ed eAperts in each fied

    and named them Bractice >eaders

    Knowede 8nfrastructure )uc aunched a Knowede Manaement Bro'ect in 190.

    5hree recommendations* 1. Common

    database of nowede

    2. +atabases were maintained and used

      . +e"eop 84shaped consutants

    =i Matassoni was made in chare of impementin the

    recommendations. e de"eoped and aunched


  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC



    efinin Knowede Manaement a too o"er eadership

    of Cientee andBrofessiona +e"eopment Committee /CB+C in 1991

    Oriina 11 sectors and 1; centers eApanded to 02

    isands of acti"ity

    CB+C bean interatin

    the di"erse roups intose"en sectors and se"en functionaity roups.

    5hese were ed by teams of ;40 partners

    Cient 8mpact

    )uc now focused his

    attentions on Cient 8mpact and made it a centra theme in his eary speeches. (so

    created a Cient 8mpact Committee.

    One of the initiati"es was to persuade the

    partners to redefinetheir consutin unit from Enaement 5eam /E5 to Cient #er"ice

    5eam /C#5

    on +anie /1906

    -red )uc


    5ed a /19914

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC


     Jef Peters and Sydney Oce 0 Invited to bid or a nancial services growth strategy study or

    one o Australia’s most resected comanies! 0 Almost all with nancial industry e"ertise had been #con$icted


    0  Jef Peters& a 'oston(based senior engagement artner was identied ater some lobbying and numerous hone calls

    In site o numerous constraints and limited availability& the ro)ect was comleted successully& than*s to +,- and which had /0&111 documents

    2eavy reliance on internal e"ertise revented them to come u with a radical brea*through

    One Firm Strategy

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC


    3arwic* 'ray 4 5uroean 6elecoms

    0 3or*ed on engagements related to the imact on

    deregulation on the Asia( Pacic telecom industry! 0 7rom his e"erience& 'ray has written a P- document and

    resented it at the rm’s annual telecom conerence

    0 Patsalos(7o" identied 'ray’s *nowledge and invited 'ray to wor* with him on a study!

     6he was crucial in 'ray being identied and given a osition that is benecial to both the

    comany and himsel!  6he *nowledge reository was not suciently addressing all the concerns and thus a new ractice(secic intranet lin* was develoed! In addition to the and +,-& it also had e"ternal *nowledge resources and client base!

    Departmentaliz ation

    B l b

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC


    Stehen -ull 4 'usiness 8ar*eting 9ometence 9enter

    0 -ull ocused on

    develoing his own e"ertise & however he ac*nowledged that he did not ay enough attention to develoing strong client relations!

    0 Interested in

    develoing ' to 'initiative& which was later declared a center o cometence0  6he rm within the ne"t :(; years want to ma*e /:(01< as unctional e"erts& highlighting the

    imortance o domain e"erts0 2is lac* o client service restricted his romotion to a rincial as serving clients is what really mattered in the rm

    Balance between Knowledge and Client Service

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC


    A unique source of competitive advantage

    0 5he BeopeF

    0 McKinsey recruitin and trainin stratey

    0 EAperiences eAecuti"es

    0 5he enera sur"ey outine

    0 =ower refined and de"eoped the %One firmG stratey 0 ecruitin into the firm, and not the office

    0 Made nowede transfer throuh the mobiity of peope

    0 Beope and profits are firm wide resources and not specific to one specific

    office of indi"idua

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC


    % ' (s )*AM!+#*K

    =>/?>/ ?


  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC



    $in1e its in1e2tion M1Kinse3 had se(eral leaders ,t all of them fo1,sed on ser(ing the 1lients (er3


    James M1Kinse3 fo1,sed on training as well s3nthesizing data & inde2endent thin%ing  Mar(in )ower ro,ght ,2 one form 2oli13 with fo1,s on geogra2hi1 e42ansion

    5on Daniel fo1,sed on tho,ght leadershi2

    6red 7l,1% de(elo2ed 1om2eten1e se1tors

    5a*at 7,2ta 1arried on with %nowledge de(elo2ment.

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC



    M1%inse3 started with hiring e42erien1ed e4e1,ti(es and training them in an integrated a22roa1h

    t aimed at attra1ting 3o,ng men of o,tstanding 8,alifi1ation to t,rn them into well trained 9highl3

    intelligent generalists who 1o,ld 8,i1%l3 gras2 the sit,ation. -ill earl3 ;"

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC



    Pre=:#"9 highl3 intelligent generalists who 8,i1%l3 fo,nd sol,tion thro,gh dis1i2lined anal3sis

    :;"s – 7eneralist 1ons,ltants with one ind,str3>f,n1tional s2e1ialt3

    ::"s – en(ironment for dee2 f,n1tional s2e1ialists

    =>/?>/ ?


  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC



    n its earl3 da3s M1%inse3 had a (ision to fo1,s on iss,es of im2ortan1e to to2 management while

    adhering to highest standards of integrit3 92rofessional ethi1s and te1hni1al e41ellen1e.

    -his entailed a generalist a22roa1h to 1lient iss,es $in1e ;" ,nder the leadershi2 of 5on Daniel this model of 1lient relationshi2 was 1hanged to

    tho,ght leadershi2 whi1h led to 1reation of ind,str3 ased 1lientele se1tor as well the de(elo2ment

    of 2ra1ti1e se1tors.

    Moreo(er em2hasis was laid on indi(id,al 1ons,ltant training with a renewed fo1,s on %nowledge

    de(elo2ment and organization learning

  • 8/19/2019 McKinsey ODC



    M1%inse3 started with a One 6irm Poli13 where it re8,ired all 1ons,ltants to e re1r,ited and

    ad(an1ed on firm wide asis

    -he 1ons,ltants 1o,ld mo(e a1ross offi1es and 1ollaorate with offi1es in other lo1ations -ill ;" the firm followed a 1lient relationshi2 model of 1ons,lting where em2hasis was on lo1al

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