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Mbombela State of Readiness: 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Tournament
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  • Mbombela State of Readiness:2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Tournament

  • City ObligationsMain focus of the City:To provide a FIFA compliant stadium to be used as a venue for World Cup matches;To prepare the city to such an extent that visitors to the city have a pleasant stay at the city in accordance with the expectations of FIFA; To plan the facility and supporting infrastructure in order that a lasting legacy is created for the residents of the city

  • ProgressStadium construction forms the critical path of the project;Project manager and Professional team were appointed;Platinum Sport ConsultingLefika Equity ConsortiumStadium designs were approved by City Council , Provincial Cabinet and stakeholders;EIA Approval expected shortly;Site has been cleared


  • ProgressTenders to invite contractors for fencing, earthworks and construction of the facility have been issuedMain tender closes on 28 September;The estimated construction period is 22 months. Estimated date of completion Dec 08.The contractor to be appointed has to comply to the requirements of a CIDB Category 9 contractor;

  • ProgressTwo schools have to be relocated and agreement has been reached between the Provincial Government and Municipality in this regard;Department of Public Works manage the process of relocating the schools.

  • ProgressA precinct plan has been developed to guide future development in the vicinity of the Stadium.The precinct plan aims to leverage the infrastructure as a catalyst for economic growth in the area.The precinct plan has taken into account proposals regarding accessibility from the Traffic EngineersThe plan will form the basis for a Township to be established.

  • City Preparation Transport Mataffin Access Road System primary and secondary roads around the stadium which will serve as boulevard linking the N4 and the planned by-pass. These roads will link the public-taxi rank earmarked on the southern side of the stadium including the railway station.

  • Transport ( Cont)Upgrades public routes in Eastern Areas including bus/taxi interchanges and public transport ranks, namely Matsulu, Lehawu, Kabokweni, Kanyamazane and Swalala. It also include installations of CCTV cameras in major traffic interchanges and areas of high pedestrian concentration.

  • TransportConstruction of public transport taxi rank and CBD and upgrade pedestrian walk ways December 2009 Upgrade access road to the airport (KMIA) December 2009.Upgrade the R40 into HOV lane December 2009Construct the N4 by-pass with or without interchange December 2009

  • Costs

  • Costs

    ItemTOTAL PROJECT COST EXCL. FEES Total Cost 1.00Estimated Building Cost 663,450,044 1.01Add Contingency Allowance 16,586,251 2.00Sub-total excl Escalation 680,036,295 2.01Escalation Pre-award 6,800,363 2.02Escalation Contract 48,962,613 3.00Sub-total Building Cost (excl Fees) 735,799,271 3.01Add VAT @ 14% 103,011,898 4.00Sub-total Project Cost (incl VAT) 838,811,169

  • Costs

    ItemTOTAL PROJECT COST INCL. FEES Total Cost 4.00Sub-total Grey Area Cost (excl Fees) 735,799,271 4.01Professional Fees Design 107,426,694 4.02Professional Fees PM 12,876,487 5.00Sub-total Project Cost (excl VAT) 856,102,452 5.01Add VAT @ 14% 119,854,343 6.00Sub-total Project Cost (incl VAT) 975,956,795

  • Hospitality/ AccommodationAn assessment will be done to determine the exact numbers of available accommodation and categories of accommodation;Information was provided to the DBSA ,will be verifiedThe City was visited by Match AG ,the official ticketing and accommodation agent of FIFA and information is collated to provide and to determine gaps.Local Business community and hospitality sector will be involved in this regard

  • Important IssuesSafety and security:Entertainment VolunteersCommunication

    Task teams will be established to deal with each of the above categories

  • ChallengesThe main challenge is no just the infrastructure provision but to ensure that the maximum economic benefit is derived from the project and to ensure that the city is ready.Important to establish an efficient institutional arrangement that would ensure quick decision making and involvement of relevant stake holders.

  • ChallengesResidents need to be kept informed and involved in process through efficient communication process.Vast numbers of visitors will be in the city for the period during the event and especially during match days.Will challenge the ability of the city iro, cleanliness, crime, entertainment information centres etc.

  • ChallengesProper business case with scenario setting will be developed as basis for planning,Profile of visitors depend on the teams playing:

  • ChallengesFIFA Philosophy is that as many fans as possible should enjoy the event and soccer should be exposed to as many persons as possible.Public viewing is an important part of the event and purpose is to expose locals to the event.

  • Training Venues4 Training venues should be provided and exact requirements in this regard has not yet been provided.

  • ConclusionImportant to understand the spirit of a World Cup and plan accordingly;The basis has been set and city in cooperation with its partners will succeed in preparing itself for the event;Single biggest event in the World and it depends on the level of preparedness of the City will determine if the maximum benefit will be derived.