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Mayline Group. Who Is The Mayline Group? Mayline Company Kwik-File Tiffany Industries Niche Market Manufacturer More Than 80 Years Experience Multi-Channel

Mar 29, 2015



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Mayline Group Slide 2 Who Is The Mayline Group? Mayline Company Kwik-File Tiffany Industries Niche Market Manufacturer More Than 80 Years Experience Multi-Channel Distribution Globalized Supply Chain Slide 3 Introduction to Mobile Aisle 820 Mechanical Mobile Aisle compacts shelving on wheels, turning wasted & unused aisles into productive filing and storage space. Slide 4 Product Features/Benefits Re-levelable, non-grouted steel track Modular designed bases allowing reconfiguration All steel end panel assemblies Manual and Mechanical Assist options Various mechanical drive assemblies (1 lb of effort easily moves 10,000 lbs with...) 820 S - Single Drive 820 D - Dual Drive 820 H - Heavy Duty Drive ADA design options Slide 5 Non-Grouted Track Non-grouted track, totally re-levelable during & after installation Levelers in pairs of two, positioned on 6 centers Two point contact to floor for weight load distribution Tracks interlock and overlap at track joints Attachment to floors only at track ends & joints (Hardware: hilti expansion bolt) Low Profile - 1.5 overall height of standard ramp In-track anti-tip ALWAYS included Slide 6 Modular Bases/Carriages Non-welded base allows easy re-configuration Base wheel channels include all steel 4.625 diameter wheels (both drive & idler wheels) Wheels are dual flanged (provides better transition/ movement on track) Full length drive shaft runs entire length of carriage (prevents carriage racking) Anti-tip attaches base to track Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 820 Mechanical Assist Mechanically driven system - 3 spoke handle w/ergonomic knobs - Complete w/ range safety locks on each mobile range 1 lb of effort is required to move 10,000 lbs Full length, all steel drive shaft powers systems up to 30 feet in length Additional Security Options: - Floor lock (most positive security lock) Slide 11 Drive Assembly Options 820 S - Single Drive - requires 5 revolutions to open a 36 aisle 820 D - Dual Drive - requires 16 revolutions to open a 36 aisle 820 H - Heavy Duty Drive - requires 24 revolutions to open a 36 aisle Slide 12 ADA Options 820 & 810 systems available w/ADA options: ADA base designed with handicap wheel channel Incline ramp is provided (1 to 12 degree incline designed to provide slopping entrance into mobile system - Easy cart or wheelchair access - ALL incline occurs inside system) Suggested aisle width: 42 Slide 13 Additional Features All steel end panel assemblies - no particle board Decking provided - 3/4 plywood available finished or unfinished (Carpet Tiles available) Low profile steel ramp included for easy entrance into system Seismically Rated - Approved by California OSHPD authority - R number:0609 Slide 14 Market and Distribution Typically Markets/Users Medium to large size centralized filing departments Governmental agencies - federal & state Medical facilities including hospitals, clinics, private practices, pharmaceutical and research facilities Judicial/Legislative - Including courts and police departments (evidence storage) Schools, libraries, universities/colleges Manufacturing/Industrial/Commercial Slide 15 Specialty Clients Specialty Markets: Mobile - USNS Comfort & USNS Mercy (Mobile on a Ship) Items stored - Drugs/medications, pharmaceutical supplies Mobile - Boston Pops (Director) Items stored - Musical scores Mobile - MIT University - Items stored - Antique Record album collection Slide 16 Slide 17 Slide 18 Competitors Mobile Filing Competitors: Space Saver Richard Wilcox Tab Montel Smart Space Borroughs (formerly White Aisle Saver) Kardex Datum Slide 19 Kwik-File vs Mobile Competition Typical mobile manufacturers provide the following: Flat steel or aluminum track - no levelers Track requires shimming for leveling Track requires grouting for leveling & anchoring Bases are welded - not easily re-configured Drive wheels - not always same size as idler In-track anti-tip - often optional Slide 20 How to Present to the User Review Kwik-File (Acme) History!!! Kwik-File - one of the oldest manufacturers of high density filing equipment Multiple solutions - Kwik-File offers a variety of choices: 4-Post Shelving, Kwik-Track, Mobile Lite, Mobile 810 & 820, File Harbor, ARC Rotary, Flip N File Cabinets, Forms Storage Cabinets, Support & Experience of Manufacturers Representatives Slide 21 How to Present to the User... Exceptional lead times on any high density solution Local dealership support including delivery & installation service Lifetime Warranty