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Matrix Fitness Group Training Brochure 2014

Jun 19, 2015




Group Training demands the right balance of products,
programming and people. Without all three, it’s just plain exercise. It isn’t just the desire, but also the will to push on when others would happily stop and congratulate themselves on a job well done. Our strategy is about combining a talented development team with exclusive partners that excel in their fields and, together with Matrix, are helping to reshape the fitness industry.
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  • 1. GROUP TRAINING // 2014

2. // 2STRONG. SMART. BEAUTIFUL.Matrix is among the worlds premier and fastest-growing commercial fitness brands. While our risehas been quick, it has not been accidental. Our culturepiques innovative thinking, applauds fresh ideas andvalues creative problem solving. As a result, in a littleover a decade, weve not only set the design standardfor which others now strive, but weve breathed newlife into an industry where customers were offered thesame tired products, year after year, by meeting customerneeds like no one else can.Leading clubs and fitness facilities around the worldare choosing to partner with us because Matrix delivers.We show our strength through top-notch quality: our beltslast longer, our motors run smoother, and we deliver totalcost of ownership thats among the lowest in the industry.Smart is about interfaces that are optimized for fitnessenvironments; low weight stacks that dont block sightlines; and incredible attention to detail on every producttouch point. Beautiful? Thats a story in itself.It began when we pioneered the use of oversized, tubularconstruction in strength equipment. From there, we redefinedindustry standards not only in industrial design, but alsothrough a series of industry firsts. We introduced newfitness modalities with the Hybrid Cycle and AscentTrainer products; raised the bar for user experience withour ClimbMill models; and took care of the details with theUltra series of strength products. Weve motivated andinspired Group Training with the Krankcycle and Matrixpowered by ICG lineup. Now, Matrix continues to deliveron innovation with our mPower Integrated TechnologySolutions. And it keeps getting better.AN EXERCISEIN PASSION+ 3. // 3About Matrix FitnessMatrix is a brand of Johnson Health Tech, Ltd. (JHT).Johnson Health Tech has been producing premiumfitness equipment since 1975 and is the fastest-growingmanufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. It hasearned both ISO 9002 and 9001 certifications. A trulyglobal company with 20 subsidiaries worldwide, JHT hasthe intellectual resources necessary to produce the mosttechnologically advanced equipment on the market and theeconomies of scale needed to deliver the best value possible. 4. GROUPTRAININGGroup Training demands the right balance of products,programming and people. Without all three, its just plain exercise.It isnt just the desire, but also the will to push on when others wouldhappily stop and congratulate themselves on a job well done.Our strategy is about combining a talented development teamwith exclusive partners that excel in their fields and, togetherwith Matrix, are helping to reshape the fitness industry.+ 5. // 7IC7 Indoor Cycle+WattRate (power) meter accurately measures powerwith a margin of error of just +/- 1%Coach By Color console displays bothWattRate (power) and heart rate with five coloredzones to help users hit training targets300-degree magnetic resistance adjustment lets ridersquickly dial in the perfect resistance level with just aflick of the wristself-powered flywheel generatorfuels all bike electronicstwo-stage drivetrains 1:11 gear ratio and innovative belttechnology transfer extreme levels of torque andgenerate an incredibly fast flywheel speed foradvanced performancegas-assisted seat post provides members an effortless,stepless adjustment range for optimal performanceand maximum comfortadvanced ergo-formed handlebars deliver a comfortableride while integrated bottle holders are sleek and durablenarrow 155mm Q factor offers superior biomechanicsthat improve comfort and efficiency 6. MAKING FITNESS MORE COLORFUL, POWERFUL AND ORIGINALThe IC7 Indoor Cycle and its Coach By Color power program brings optimal performance and opportunity to group exercise, team coaching, personal trainingand even individual use. World-class technology and member-centric coaching will make your program more colorful, more powerful and definitely more original.That means better experiences and better results for your customers to keep them coming back.COLORFULThe IC7s Coach By Color training console uses one of the worlds most simple, universal and powerful forms of communication to maximize instruction,motivation and reward during your members workouts. The consoles display lights up in one of five colored zones that matches the users WattRate (power)reading or heart rate output so they know immediately whether they need to ratchet up or dial back their effort. Plus, the integrated front LED display on eachconsole tells instructors when certain students are working too hard or not hard enough.POWERFULIC7s WattRate (power) meter provides your members with immediate and precise feedback on the direct efforttheyre putting in, to ensure they have absolute control of the results they get out. Power-based training with WattRate the markets most accurate power meter- provides the ultimate way for your members to see results and reach goals faster.ORIGINALThe IC7s advanced ergonomics, superior biomechanics and precision engineering provide your members withmaximum comfort and performance by being fully and correctly connected to the bike and their body. Its when users are connected to their workouts that wewitness more positive psychological and physiological experiences, which promotes faster results and happier members who aspire to train more at your facility.TWO EXPLOSIVE POWER-BASED COACHING PROGRAMS TO OPTIMIZE RETURNS FROM GROUP CYCLING IN THE STUDIO, AS WELL AS PERSONAL ANDTEAM TRAINING ON THE CARDIO FLOOR:POWER:PLAY FOR GROUP CYCLINGGroup cycling classes using Coach By Color are enhanced, not changed. The Power:Play program makes it simple and fun to add power-based coaching to allinstructor styles, freestyle classes and choreographed third-party programs with explosive results that improve revenue through retention and new memberacquisition. Members will experience how Power:Play connects them to their workout, their instructor and their friends to maximize the training experienceand reach their goals faster.POWER:DRILLS FOR PERSONAL AND TEAM TRAININGOn the cardio floor or in the studio, the Power:Drills program puts the power of power-based training into the hands of coaches, personal trainers and gyminstructors in a practical, colorful way. As the ultimate tool to train and test teams (small groups) or individuals for sports and fitness goals, Power:Drills willadd a new dimension to coaching, member experience and increased revenue through personal training, retention and new member acquisition. The foundationbehind Power:Drills is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) incorporating strength, speed and endurance athletic protocols. HIITs advanced form of intervaltraining is results-oriented and reduces session time to maximize a facilitys opportunity to train more members, more of the time with optimal success.COACH BY COLORFour workoutdisplay optionsprovide real-timebiofeedbackDisplay 4 Display 3 Display 2 Display 1// 8 7. // 9Maximum Hard Moderate Light Very Light 8. // 10IC5 Indoor Cycle+narrow 155mm Q factor offers superiorbiomechanics that improve comfortand efficiencyadvanced ergo-formed handlebar delivers acomfortable ride and features an integrateddevice tray and bottle holdertwo-stage drivetrains 1:11 gear ratio and innovative belttechnology transfer extreme levels of torque and generatean incredibly fast flywheel speed foradvanced performance300-degree magnetic resistance adjustment lets ridersquickly dial in the perfect resistance level with just aflick of the wristgas-assisted seat post provides members an effortless,stepless adjustment range for optimum performance andmaximum comfort 9. // 11IC3 Indoor Cycle IC2 Indoor Cyclenarrow 155mm Q factor offers superiorbiomechanics that improve comfortand efficiencybelt drivetrain requires less maintenanceand improves pedaling techniqueergo-formed handlebar with integratedbottle holder offers superior comfortfour-way adjustments (saddle height,saddle fore/aft, handlebar height,handlebar fore/aft) ensure a finelytuned fit for all riderspremium, form-fitting protection plates athigh touch points minimize signs of wearand keep bikes looking newdual-sided SPD pedals allow riders towear either cycling or athletic shoesbelt drivetrain requires less maintenanceand improves pedaling techniquealuminum posts reduce weight, improveadjustment and enhance bike durability15-kg (net weight) perimeter-weightedflywheel helps riders improve pedal-strokemechanics and develop overallbetter techniquefour-way adjustable saddle (height, fore/aft) ensure a great fit for ridersdual-sided SPD pedals allow riders towear either cycling or athletic shoes 10. // 12INDOOR CYCLINGEDUCATIONMatrix is proud to partner with the industry pioneer, Team ICG. For two decades, the Indoor Cycling Group has globally motivated, mentored and measured positive change in the lives and rides of the fitness and sporting community. Striving for excellence in indoor cycling has made Indoor Cycling Group (ICG) the worlds largest corporation specializing in the design, manufacturer and programming of indoor cycling equipment. With morethan 250 dedicated staff in Europe, North America and Asia, united they ride as oneteam Team ICG.PRICELESS ONLINE EDUCATIONOver 322,240 course views tell us that its priceless. Team ICG offers a market-leadingonline continuing education program that is 100% free. Team ICG is passionate andunmovable in its efforts to remove the barriers to a better education for all. Thesebarriers are cost and access. With a program team of education and program directors, international fitness presenters and cycling coaches, every step is taken to advance our educations quality and value by assuring the highest possible credits are awarded bythe worlds leading providers: ACE, AFFA, NSCA, REPs and more.PRODUCT-BASED LIVE EDUCATIONThe value of any product is its ability to drive a positive impact on membershipacquisition and retention. To this end, Team ICG master trainers, product specialists and program directors are focused on product-based programming, innovative certifications and practical workshops to enhance knowledge, delivery technique and in-club promotionto maximize commercial success.Online and Live Certification CoursesICG StagesICG WattRate Power certificationOnline Continuing Education CoursesICG Coach by Color Power programICG Myride+ LiveICG Competitive CyclingICG Dri TriICG CyclewellICG Aging and AdaptionICG StretchingICG NutritionICG (Cancer) SurvivorICG Music & MotionICG OvertrainingICG Periodization in TrainingICG Heart Rate Training & Energy ZonesICG The Ergogenic Effect ofCombining Video and MusicICG Myride+ Coaching1-Day WorkshopsICG Coach By Color Power program Power:PlayICG Coach By Color Power program Power:DrillsICG Myride+ Live 11. // 13Group ExerciseANT+ Indoor CyclingComputerintegrates individual feedback withina group dynamic, allowing users to measuretheir progress and track their intensityenables instructors to deliver a uniform class basedon heart rate and cadencedelivers a personalized experience that leads togreater class participationincludes large 8 x 4 cm / 3.2 x 1.6 display screenthat is easy to viewcompatible with the IC5, IC3, IC2 and Krankcycle+ 12. Myride VX ConsoleVIRTUALLY EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLESelect, play and control video on a big screen for group or team participation. Instructors can use apps to enhance live training sessions, and facilities can use them to schedule virtual classes online or offer classes on demand. Driving more people through the door more often has neverbeen so simple. And for a personal touch on the cardio floor, one-to-one workout apps put the power of group exercise in your members hands.Group Exercise// 14MYRIDE STUDIO COACHImmersive on-screen coach workouts deliver results. Riding to world-class instruction and chart-quality music your members will get fitter, faster and strongerand love every minute of it. Our three different program formats appeal to all kinds of members. No matter who they are, how much time they have or what class style they prefer, weve got it covered. Available as personal or group apps.MYRIDE TOUR COACHTerrain-focused footage from all over the world paired with chart-quality music andworld-class voice-over coaching delivers fun yet fierce workouts. The exclusive,speed interactive scenery is stunning, but these are not sight-seeing tours.Customers ride it like they see it. Available as personal or group apps.MYRIDE WORLD VIEWYour customers love your classes, but sometimes they just want to ride free of coaching, music and any distraction other than the beautiful view ahead. When your members cannot hit the road or the trail, they have World View. Available as personal app only.MYRIDE+ LIVEThe worlds first app to enhance live indoor cycling classes with forward-motion video uses ICGs pioneering Simulation, Interaction and Telepresence (SIT) teaching methods to improve a users fitness outcome and entertainment. To reach a fitness and cycling audience with imagery and music creates a synergy that lifts indoor cycling to new heights.Some say visualize it. Some say reference it. We say see it. Then ride it.Available as group app only.+ 13. // 15REAL GAIN, ZERO PAINMaximize studio and cardio space at off-peak times with world-class, highly motivating virtual workouts withoutincreasing your operational budget. Group exercise is globally proven to positively impact club acquisition andretention. Through live video you can virtually expand and enhance your live program to stay aheadof competition. Youll never have to cancel class again. The virtual offering is always available with world-classpresenters to deliver the most premium programming when you cannot get coverage. Personal apps offer aninnovative, interactive workout experience on the cardio floor. These are proven to increase awareness ofand participation in your group exercise program.PERSONAL & GROUP APPSMyride VX software delivers two solutions. First, the personal apps playvideo on the console screen and deliver programming to an individual useron the cardio floor. Group apps play video on an external screen in front ofmany users, typically in a studio. Myride personal apps are includedwith console purchase. Myride group apps are available separately.GROUP X ALLIANCE APPSThese apps for multi-use studios include offerings for group strength, combat, step, dance, plyometrics and other genres. Myride VXs open architecture and content deployment network allows for a constantly expanding slate of programming. HARDWARE FEATURESCustom software design delivers reliable always-on operation and rich feature set.Responsive capacitive HD touchscreen is easy to use.Data storage allows virtual class libraries to grow over time.Audio jack compatible with both Apple and Android platformsallows users to listen to their own music on select apps.Durable, fully assembled out-of-box steel framesupports heavy commercial use.+ 14. Ideal for professional athletes, wheelchair users and everyoneelse looking for a unique cardio workout, the innovative Johnny GKrankcycle by Matrix is an upper-body stationary cycle forbuilding aerobic capacity, strength and endurance.Johnny G Krankcycle by MatrixKrankcycle+crank-and-flywheel assembly rotates toaccommodate forward and reverse movementsshorter crank arms and narrow crank axis encouragespeed and power trainingwheelchair accessible when purchased without the seatindependent crank arms for greater variety ofmovement to keep users engagedergonomically designed saddle allows easy transitionbetween seated and standing exercise positionsadjustable crank-arm height encouragesgreater range of muscle activation// 16 15. // 17KRANKING EDUCATIONKNOWS NO BOUNDARIESKranking unites education, philosophy and machine. The first exercise program to focus on the upper body as a way to build cardio fitness, Kranking increasesaerobic capacity and upper-body strength, burns calories and builds core stability. At the heart of Kranking is Johnny G Kranking Education, an institution thatdevelops, researches and oversees all aspects of Krankcycle instruction.Also available free of charge is the Krankcycle Activation Program. While not an official certification, the activation program offers a series of online learningtools that make it easy to get up and running with your Krankcycle. Register for the Activation Program at METHODS OF IMPLEMENTATIONKRANKINGKranking classes offer a wide array of training intensities including: strength training, high intensity, endurance and basebuilding. Kranking classes can vary in length and should be led by a qualified instructor.KRANK FusionThe Krankcycle can be easily integrated into indoor cycling classes, providing a full-body workout and also giving users withdisabilities the opportunity to participate in an indoor cycling class.KRANK ExpressKrank Express is done in a small-group setting on the main cardio floor, making it very visible and highly accessible.There is no microphone or studio music required.KRANK PTPersonal trainers can use the Krankcycle to work one-on-one with their clients to restore balance and symmetry in theupper body, increase strength and endurance, and effectively manage weight.KRANK Boot CampThe Krankcycle is a great addition to any circuit training program by providing an upper-body strength or cardio station for greater training variety.JOHNNY G KRANKING INSTRUCTOR TRAINING WORKSHOP.8 ACE CECS, .8 NASM, 7.5 AFAA CEUs, CAN FIT PRO 4 FIS / 4 PTS CECs Teaching Methods & Class Design Krankcycle Setup, Fitting & Operation The Johnny G Energy Training System Personal Training Applications Biomechanics & Physiology of Kranking Implementation & Integration Kranking & Special Populations 2-3 Hours of Practical Training 16. // 18Group Training SpecificationsFEATURES IC7 IC5 IC3 IC2WattRate Power Meter (Watts) Yes; +/- 1% tolerance, direct at spindle No No NoConsole Integrated Coach By Colortraining consoleANT+ console (optional) ANT+ console (optional) ANT+ console (optional)Power Supply Self-powered generator Batteries Batteries BatteriesResistance System Magnetic Magnetic Friction FrictionEmergency Stop Push Push Pull PushFlywheel Rear aluminum evenly-weighted Rear aluminum evenly-weighted Front steelGross weight 20 kg / 44 lbs.Net weight 18 kg / 40 lbs.perimeter-weightedFront steelGross weight 18 kg / 40 lbs.Net weight 15 kg / 33 lbs.perimeter-weightedAdjustment Type Over-cam low pressure flip levers Over-cam low pressure flip levers Dials and levers Dials and leversPosts & Sliders Aluminum; gas-assisted Aluminum; gas-assisted Aluminum AluminumSaddle Unisex ultra padded sport saddle Unisex ultra padded sport saddle Unisex padded sport saddle Unisex padded sport saddleSaddle Adjustments Vertical and horizontal Vertical and horizontal Vertical and horizontal Vertical and horizontalHandlebar Advanced ergo-formed,multi-position, soft PVCAdvanced ergo-formed,multi-position, soft PVCErgo-formed, multi-position,soft PVC Multi-position, PVCHandlebar Adjustments Vertical and horizontal Vertical and horizontal Vertical and horizontal VerticalWater Bottle Holder Dual, integrated on handlebar Dual, integrated on handlebar Dual, integrated on handlebar Single, on frameDRIVE SYSTEMDrivetrain 2-stage hybrid Poly-V & tooth belt 2-stage hybrid Poly-V & tooth belt Poly-V belt Poly-V beltDrivetrain Gear Ratio 1:11 1:11 1:3 1:3FRAMEQ Factor 155 mm / 6.1" 155 mm / 6.1" 155 mm / 6.1" 173 mm / 6.8"Pedal Type Dual-sided SPD & toe cage Dual-sided SPD & toe cage Dual-sided SPD & toe cage Dual-sided SPD & toe cageFrame Color Matte slate Matte slate Matte slate Matte slateFrame Material Steel Steel Steel SteelFrame Design Off-set Off-set Parallel ParallelShrouds & Guards Full frame Full frame Drivetrain andresistance technologyDrivetrain andresistance technologyProtection & Stretch Plates Molded form-fit with stretch plate Molded form-fit with stretch plate Molded form-fit with stretch plate N/ATECH SPECSMax User Weight 150 kg / 330 lbs. 150 kg / 330 lbs. 130 kg / 287 lbs. 130 kg / 287 lbs.Assembled Weight 54 kg / 119 lbs. 52 kg / 115 lbs. 57 kg / 126 lbs. 48 kg / 106 lbs.Assembled Dimensions 132 x 52 x 102 cm /52" x 20.5" x 40.2"132 x 52 x 102 cm /52" x 20.5" x 40.2"120 x 52 x 110 cm /47.2" x 20.5" x 43.3"120 x 53 x 110 cm /47.2" x 20.9" x 43.3"FEATURES KrankcycleDrive System Chain driveFrame Steel base frame with cast iron drive frame treatedwith zinc oxide and polyester powder coatingTECH SPECSOverall Dimensions L x W x H 144 x 68 x 105 cm / 56.5 x 26.8 x 41.5Weight 159 kg / 350 lbs.Max User Weight 57 kg / 142.4 lbs.FEATURES Myride VXOperating System 44 cm / 17.3 capacitive touchscreen HD LCDComputer / OS Linux Ubuntu Intel Atom, ION2, 500 GB HDD, 2GB RAMAspect Ratio 16:9Video Resolution 1280 x 720Internet Connectivity WiredTV Coax YesUSB 2.0 YesHDMI ReadyAudio Port 3.5mm input/outputTECH SPECSAssembled Dimensions 86 x 56 x 150 cm / 34 x 22 x 59Assembled Weight 42 kg / 92.5 lbs.Power Requirements 110-220v AC input 17. Strong Smart BeautifulMatrix Fitness1600 Landmark DriveCottage Grove, WI 53527 2014 Matrix Fitness. All Rights Reserved.AUTHORIZED MATRIX FITNESS DISTRIBUTORPart# YMXCA0016 v1.0May 30, 2014