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Manisha Bhatia: Brand Stylist

Jun 26, 2015




  • 1. n order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different Coco Chanel

2. My name is Manisha BhatiaI am a brand strategist 3. My name is Manisha BhatiaI am a passionate brand strategist 4. My passion for strategy comes from an unconventional source. Fashion. 5. Yes. Fashion. 6. I was 15 when I designed my first outfit.There were three main reasons. Necessity. I belonged to a social circle that could afford to buy into the latest trends.I had to find alternatives.Art I loved doodling, sketching, drawing patterns and playing with colors.Also, I always imagined having a secret power that brought everything I drew to life. This got me closer.DefianceI rejected conventions. I always carried a need to disrupt regularity and create something out of nothing (and sometimes out ofother things). Also, from where I come, getting an outfit stitched is more economical than buying one. 7. Soon, I realized that my passion was for something more than designing.It was about Self-expression and interpretation. 8. Soon, I realized that my passion was for something more than designing.It was about Finding a way to tell my story through a personal style. 9. Soon, I realized that my passion was for something more than designing.It was about Being able to create conversation without actually saying anything. 10. Soon, I realized that my passion was for something more than designing.It was about Watching trends and adding a flavor to call it my own. 11. Soon, I realized that my passion was for something more than designing.It was aboutMost importantly it was about observation and a consequent creation. 12. Four years ago, I found the perfect field to extend my passion: Advertising. Starting my career as a junior planner, I understood how brands were like people. The ones that stood out were those that found a way to express their feelings and point of view through a personal style. I also came to understand that like every individual, every brand is unique. And, like a very few individuals, only a few brands tend to live up to their uniqueness.20072008 2010 2011Dubai, UAE Dubai, UAE Richmond, Virginia Dallas, TexasBest decision to enter Best decision to grow Best decision to learnBest decision to polish my skillsMy motive is to help brands decode their unique style. To design ideas that they can call their own. This is my journey toward becoming a brand stylist. 13. MarpacBrandcenterMarpac asked us to Increase market share of their number one selling product: SleepMate 14. They put you to sleep. Literally.Story of the inventorMarpac, a 48-year old company, are the original Online surveysResearchinventors of sound conditioners. The companyPersonal interviewshas done a great job at keeping the product their Mintelhero with very little attention to the brandSimmonsMarpac needs to build a story for their brand.Adults between the ages 25-34 sleep-relatedGen Yiredproblems most frequently. They are gearedtoward maximum productivity and minimumBrand TruthSleep Mate or Sound Screen is the star productwaste of time for users of sound conditioners, primarilybetween the ages of 35 to 65.Young adults tend to choose a quick energy fixInsightas opposed to sleep: Caffeine. This quick-fixsolution creates a vicious circle effect.ChallengeSleep Mate lasts for 30 yearsThe target is loyal to the product not the brand.Category Truth: Target Truth:By consuming large amounts of quick-fixes,young adults are constantly battling with sleep.They are fighting it.OpportunityTalk to an audience where perceptions of sleepare different.Dig a different hole altogether instead of diggingMarpacs actual competition are the quick-fixes,deeper. a.k.a. Coffees and energy drinks. 15. Our light bulb momentTo end the ongoing battle between Gen Yired and sleep, Marpac should take the role of becoming a peace-maker. Strategy Platform Sleep is NOT the enemy. 16. Preconception Introduction InteractionPurchaseI want to fight sleepTell me more How does it work? I want itRecommendation Display messages thatBuild an online platform Tryvertising:Use packaging as achallenges theirencouraging the Gen Yiredexpand medium to furtherpreconception when andto come up with the most distribution toconverse with the Genwhere they are actively creative ways to fight sleep.retail platforms Yired by stating funfighting sleep (i.e. coffee Marpac would partner upand make themfacts about sleep.shops, convenience stores,with experts to find anavailable foretc)solution to counter everydemonstrationtechnique.Creative Examples 17. BMWBrandcenterWe were asked to launch an Integrated Campaign as an encore to the successful BMW Films. 18. We had to work on four things: 1. Create a campaign that not only acted as the encore to BMWFilms, but outdid it. 2. Create a long-term brand effect, not just a short- term sales effect. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge 3. Support a hugely diverse range of products. 4. Create genuinely breakthrough advertising stuff that would succeed amongst the luxury car media clutter, with an audience thats increasingly unwilling to give up any of their spare attention. What did BMW stand for?Brand Truth: Though #1 - Luxury, quality, and of course consistency. Thought #2 - our first instinct is rubbish. Thought #3 Goldmine within their corporate culture. As a freewheeling idea factory, much of BMWs success stemmed from an entrepreneurial culture. Individuals from all levels of BMW worked side by side to consistently produce an ever-changing product line. What they dont know Consumer Truth: When they slide behind the wheel, they are driving a because knowledge is limited vehicle born of thousands of impromptu brainstorming sessions. They are driving a vehicle born out of imagination more than just knowledge 19. Our Brief 20. Why are we advertising? To create a successful sequel for BMWFilms.Background: BMWFilms turned the brand into a cultural phenomenon by mixing luxury with entertainment on adigital platform. It entertained and generated a strong fan base of owners and aspirers alike.Whom are we talking to? Affluent Male or female between the ages of 35 and 65They are leaders and an achievers who believes in working hard and playing hard.They are creative and have an eye for detail.They are fascinated by how things are assembled and respects everything to do with innovationand moving ahead.What do they currentlyBMW stands for quality, luxury and consistencythink?What do we want them to think? BMW stands for imagination. Yours. Mine. Everyones.How do we achieve this? Make the internal entrepreneurial culture externalMain Idea Imagine with BMW. Imagine for BMW.UniversalTonePassionateInteractiveCreative GuildelinesBuild a globally interactive campaign 21. Snapshot of Global Innovation. Our campaigns core focuses on a worldwide touring exhibit. This event will work like a chain reaction traveling to 17 citiesThe creative across the world. It will honor and invites creative thinkers (i.e. fashion designers, artists, architects, etc.) from around the world to their city of preference to display their revolutionary ideas for the next BMW series. The final The winning idea will result from votes. The winner will then work with a team of BMW designers to create the first peoples car. The campaign will be divided into three phases over a span of three months. . 22. Online BannerPhase 1:An open invitation will be released in the form ofonline banners, print ads and flyers.The ideas will be submitted to a panel of judges(BMW designers) who will work on a shortlist for Website Linkevery city before public voting begins. 23. Digital BillboardPhase 2 awareness and call to action.Through various forms of non traditional media,BMW will inform the general audience about theevent in the city.A call to action message will be attached to eachmedia form encouraging the audience to followthe selection process on online portals.Selected participants can have a conversationwith the audience on the micro site developed toshowcase their ideas. Ambient InstallationPhase two will also include ticket sales for thosewho want to attend and vote for the best ideas. 24. Phase 3: The EventThe actual eventThe touring exhibit will display live models ofthe selected pieces. It will be held on aweekend in each of the selected cities acrossTicket for the eventthe globe.Voting can only take place at the event.The winning two pieces will move along to thenext touring exhibit to keep the audience fromthe previous cities engaged.The exhibit will end at the BMW museum wherethe most voted idea will be picked.. 25. Ferrari WorldDisruption WorkshopTBWARAADPreparation and participation of a mini disruption workshop 26. Who are they:Ferrari World is the worlds largestindoor theme park created by Ferrari inAbu Dhabi.Task:United Arab Emirates was turning intothe next destination for major themeparks like, Six Flags, Disney World,among others. With various sources ofentertainment scheduled to openaround the same time, Ferrari Worldhad to make its mark and stand out.The Agency recommended conducting aworkshop to undergo the process ofseeking conventions and uncoveringways to disrupt them.During my time as an Account Managerat the Agency I was asked to lead ateam in the preparation beforeworkshop and participate in conductingexercises during the workshop. 27. Before the WorkshopWe built market segments and collected verbatim for each to be explored during the workshopsThey are spectatorsAn Italian word to describe avisiting the theme parkgroup of supporters/cult.without engaging in anyUsually a part of a Ferrariactivity Club. They may not own a Ferrari but want to be able to sit behind the wheel in the theme parkOther TifosiFansOwners Passive and autoAdmirers geeks They usually own a Ferrari or are planning to own one. They want toThey are parents, or justbe able to make theirjust friends looking tovehicle a part of theexperience the story of atheme park experience.Ferrari