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Manifestations of-the-moon-of-prophethood

May 16, 2015




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2. ManifestationsOf The Moon Of Prophethood Compiled byHazrat Maulana Haafiz Mohammed Idrees RazviKhateeb & Imam Patri Pul Jaame Musjid (Kalyan Mumbai)Translated through the Blessings of Ghaus-ul-Waqt Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam Hind By a humble servant of ALLAH Muhammad Afthab Cassim Razvi Noori On the request of Hazrat Moulana Qaisar Ali Razvi Misbahi Imam-o-Khateeb Musjid-e-Khalid (Unit 9, Chatsworth) PublishedFOR FREE DISTRIBUTIONBY: IMAM MUSTAFA RAZA RESEARCH CENTRE OVERPORT DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA2 3. ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this publication may be produced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted inany form or by any means, electronic, mechanical photocopying or otherwise without the prior permission of the Copyright Owner.First Edition: 1000 copies Islamic Date: Muharram 1431English Date: Dec 2009 / Jan 2010 The PublishersImam Mustafa Raza Research Centre P.O. Box 70140, Overport, 4067 Durban, South Africa Visit our Offices at: Suite 9, Atomic Centre, 275 Sparks Rd,Overport, Durban Tel/Fax: 031 2081045 * Email: [email protected] Website: www.noori.orgCONTRIBUTE TOWARDS A NOBLE CAUSE:Our Banking Details are as follows for those brothers andsisters who wish to contribute towards our workNAME: IMAM MUSTAFA RAZA RESEARCHCENTREBANK: NEDBANKACC. NO : 2034044606BRANCH: SYDENHAMCODE: 103409SPONSOR THE PRINTING OF A BOOK FOR ESAAL-E-SAWAABContact us if you wish to sponsor the printing of a book for the Esaale Sawaab of the marhooms in your family. Sponsor the printing of a bookand send the sawaab to your marhoom family members. This is Sawaab-e-Jaariyah and a means of educating the Ummat. Knowledge is Power!3 4. CONTENTSCRITICAL APPRECIATION5FOREWORD 6TRANSLATORS NOTE10SINCERE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT12BEFORE THE BIRTH OF RASOOLULLAH 15THE MOST EXALTED BIRTH17THE NAME MUHAMMAD 17IDOLS FALL OVER18DAAI HALEEMA SUCKLES RASOOLULLAH AS A BABY19THE PASSING AWAY OF RASOOLULLAHS MOTHER 20THE HAASHMI FAMILY 21DEMISE OF ABDUL MUTALLIB23RASOOLULLAH IN THE CARE OF ABU TAALIB23HAZRAT KHADIJAS PROPOSAL OF MARRIAGE24INCIDENT RELATING TO THE PLACING OF THE HAJR-E-ASWAD 24COMMENCEMENT OF REVELATION (WAHI)25LUSTRES OF PROPHETHOOD 26THE CRUELTY OF THE KUFAAR (INFIDELS) OF MAKKAH 27THE SPREAD OF ISLAM28THE EFFECTS OF RASOOLULLAHS TEACHINGS 29RASOOLULLAHS PUBLIC INVITATION TOWARDS DEEN 30CRUELTY INFLICTED UPON THE MUSLIMS 31THE MUSLIMS JOURNEY TO ABYSSINIA 32SAYYIDUSH SHUHADA ACCEPTS ISLAM 34RASOOLULLAH IN THE VALLEY OF ABU TAALIB34THE COMPASSION OF RASOOLULLAH 35A TIME OF IMMENSE SADNESS36MERAJ-UN-NABI (THE ASCENSION) 36THE FIRST AND THE SECOND PLEDGES OF ALLEGIANCE 37EVIL PLOT TO ASSASSINATE RASOOLULLAH &THE MIGRATION TO MADINAH 38HAZRAT ABU BAKR SIDDIQUE AND THE SNAKE 40THE LUAAB-E-DAHN OF RASOOLULLAH 41A SPIDER SPINS ITS WEB OVERTHE MOUTH OF THE CAVE 41ISLAMS FIRST MOSQUE 42THE TYRANNY OF THE KUFAAR-E-MAKKAH 43REVELATIONS WHILST IN MAKKAH 454 5. RASOOLULLAHS LIFE IN MADINA45CONSTRUCTION OF MUSJID-UN-NABAWI46A HISTORICAL VICTORY TO THE MUSLIMS 48THE BATTLE OF BADR50THE CONDUCT OF THE MUSLIMS TOWARDS THE PRISONERS52THE BITTER END OF THOSE WHO INSULTED RASOOLULLAH 53THE DIRECTION OF QIBLA IS CHANGED 54THE BATTLE BETWEEN THE MUSLIMS AND BANU QAINUQA 55THE GHAZWA (BATTLE) OF SAWEEQ 55GHAZWA BANU SALEEM56GHAZWA-E-UHUD 56THE SECOND BATTLE OF BADR 60THE BATTLE OF KHANDAQ 60GHAZWA-E-BANU QURAIZA 62GHAZWA DAUMATUL JANDAL63THE ACCORD OF HUDAIBIYAH64INVITATIONS TO WORLD LEADERS66THE VICTORY AT KHAIBAR71THE VICTORY AT MAKKAH MUAZZAMAH73HISTORICAL INFORMATION REGARDING THE GHILAAF75GHAZWA-E-HUNAIN AND TAAIF76THE BATTLE OF TABUK 77HOW MANY TIMES DID JIBRAEEL DESCEND INTOTHE HOLY COURT OF NABI ? 80REVELATION AND THE KAATIBAAN-E-WAHI 81RASOOLULLAHS WAFAAT86CONSTRUCTION OF THE SACRED GREEN DOME 87THE HOLY QURAN, GATHERED INTO MANUSCRIPT88HISTORICAL FACTS89HUZOOR MUFTI-E-AZAM HINDS LIFE AT A GLANCE 97MANQABAT IN PRAISE OF HUZOOR MUFTI-E-AZAM HIND 98MUNAJAAT DUA99ESAAL-E-SAWAAB100 5 6. CRITICAL APPRECIATIONMy brother in spiritual allegiance, Maulana Muhammad Idress Saahib RazviDarbhangwi (Bihar), is the Khateeb and Imam of the Patri Pul Musjid in Kalyanand has been blessed with being the disciple of Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam Hind .He has just compiled his latest book, which he has named Mahtaab-e-Risaalat KiJalwa Rezyaan (Manifestations of the Moon of Prophethood), which I have hadthe opportunity of perusing.The author has presented the History of Islam in a very easy to understand and,beautiful manner in the Urdu language. He has compiled in it, incidents from thevery beginning of Islamic History, including the Holy Migration and Rasoolullahs blessed life in Madinah Munawwarah. He has also discussed numerous battlesetc. There was a dire need for such a book to be compiled.During this era of disorder and deterioration it is found that not only the generalpublic are unaware of the issues relating to the History of Islam, but there are alsothose amongst the ones regarded as being amongst the elite, who are also unawareof basic Historical Facts. Either they are unaware or they just intentionally dontpay much attention to it.They are taking the cover of the so called Freedom and mocking the truth of Islam,the result of which is that Muslims today are faced with numerous difficulties andare falling into many situations that cause them embarrassment and destruction.We have no care whatsoever regarding our basic morals and this too we aredestroying. They have become totally heedless to the Divine Commands of Allahand the Sunnah of Rasoolullah . (Many) wish to remain Muslim just by name.The heart grieves, after looking at the moral weaknesses and improper practices of(some) Muslims today. I sincerely make Dua Almighty Allah blesses the Muslimswith being freed from this neglectful way of life.I pray that the Author is blessed with the reward for his efforts and I pray that thisbook is a means of benefit for the Muslims. Muhammad Zafruddeen Razvi Al QaadriKhateeb & Imam Memon Musjid, Kalyan6 7. FOREWORD TO THE ORIGINAL URDU BOOKTo the contemporary youth!It is the Tragedy of the Era that many of these characteristics,which were regarded as being our special traits, have left us andother nations are now benefiting and taking lessons from them. Oursuccess has turned to degeneration. My young contemporary youth!Did you ever ponder over why this has happened? The answer to thisis rather clear. It is because of our heedlessness and ignorance.Today, people have left studying the authentic books which discussthe Exalted Life of Rasoolullah . We have caused a great vacuumto be left in the field of research, thereby giving the enemies of Islamthe opportunity to use this platform to their advantage, by publishingand spreading the History of Islam in every nook and corner, whichthey have done based on their own views and interpretations. Inorder to cause harm to Islam, they have made use of numerousdeceptive and false traditions.Unfortunately, many of our well read and educated youth have nointerest in studying Deeni (Religious) material and waste much timeabsorbed with reading literature that is offensive and crude. Theyhave made such literature their life companions and thus, it has led togrief and misery in their lives. Today, we are able to find suchliterature and other such literature in the possession of our youth.With the exception of temporary pleasure and delight (which itself isnot acceptable), what else can be found in such books? However,once the taste and the habit for this crude and vile literature sets in, itbecomes very difficult to control ones desire. Today, all theprogressive powers of the world are celebrating our ignorance. AnEnglish Historian has mentioned as follows: The Quran wasrevealed for the Muslims but the Quran has been split into two parts.One part has been taken by the Muslims, whereas the other portionhas been taken by the West. The Muslims were unable to come close7 8. to progressive success, but the West has attained progressive successthrough that which they have taken from the Quran.That which is mentioned above is not our words, but is the word of anon-Muslim Historian. What did he really mean by this? Tounderstand better, let me present the second portion of his quotation,wherein he says: Muslims have tried to practise in accordance withthat which has been mentioned in their Holy Quran, such as infulfilling their prayers (Namaaz), Fasting, (Roza), Pilgrimage (Hajj)and Alms giving (Zakaat), but (it does not seem like) they have beenfully successful in fulfilling these practices. The Quran hasmentioned We have made the moon and the sun subservient to youand we have concealed Our treasures in the inclines and heights ofthe earths. The people of Europe (The West) have taken note of thisimportant pointer in the Quran and acted accordingly, and this hasbecome the means of their progressive success.If we really think about it, it is something we need to ponder. Welook at the massive World Muslim population and this brings usgreat joy, but it saddens us on the other hand to note that we are sucha massive population, yet there are so few Namaazis in the Musjidstoday. Today, we look at some Muslims blatantly eating andsmoking cigarettes in the Month of Ramadaan as they walk thestreets. Such blatant acts cause those who have modesty and shynessto lower their heads in shame due to the behaviour of their fellowMuslims.Why are our Muslim Sisters swaying towards Modern ways?Before the appearance of Rasool-e-Haashmi women wereoppressed and treated with cruelty. Neither would a father run hishand over the head of his daughter, to show his compassion towardsher, nor would a man show any courtesy towards his own sister. Andas a wife, no women was shown any respect or given any dignity.Men did not even value their mothers or award them the respect thatthey deserved.8 9. Today, our women have given precedence to the pomp and splendourof the world. They have become followers

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