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Management dream team

Jun 18, 2015



  • 1. The Right Style Dream Team

2. Introduction Introduction Every business must and will have anature and style all of its own. A culture.Any and every group of people that co-exists for any length of time has a culture,whether it chooses to or not. 3. Culture - Values Values It is because values are so important thatwe have heard some say hire on intuition,not paper qualifications. Sharing a cultureis about agreeing on what matters and whatis trivial, what is good and what is bad. 4. Culture - Mythology The mythology of your business is important. How did the company begin? What were its darkest moments, and how did you get out of them? What was the biggest lucky break? Mythology supports values by embedding them in stories, and by giving those stories value. 5. Culture - Rituals Rituals are hugely important, for reminding people of the cultures values and mythology and of their shared membership of the group. The original meaning of the word Religion was binding together again, which is exactly what ritual does. 6. First: Select the right people Your cornerstones should be people youtotally trust, ideally because you haveknown them for awhile. The difficulties arisewhen you come to selecting the DreamTeam. Select on character, not on apparent merit. Key virtues are enthusiasm, optimism andhonesty. 7. Second: Having selected well, set out dos, and donts from the start. Reward teamwork, mucking in, imagination, extra effort and, most important of all, anyone who encourages or helps a colleague in difficulty. Anyone who engages in point-scoring, one-upmanship or mind games the expression of hidden agendas should be given a warning, then dismissed. 8. Second Cont.. You should have a vision of what the new company means. What it does, for whom, why people should buy from you, what kind of place it will be to work in. The more the company has real character, the more people will be prepared to subsume their personal interests to company ones. 9. Have a culture of Success Visualize success, and make sure your team does the same. Celebrate success whenever it happens. Professional sports people do this,visualizing success via videos of their owngreatest moments, and celebratingoutrageously whenever they succeedagain. Can you create a similar feel in your office? 10. Dream Team Your Dream teamers are doers, remember, so encourage this. Have a can-do culture, where people get praised for having a go at something. If the start-up is busy, there will be more jobs to be done than people to do them, so let people have ago if they think they are up for it 11. Dream Team Clarity Clarity is a much undervalued management virtue. Tell people what they are supposed to be doing and why. This sounds obvious, but surveys often reveal managers to be mired in uncertainty about what the hell their actual job is. 12. Leadership Dream Team Select wisely The one cost that Set clear rulesyou cannot get Have a vision (and around is the communicate it)opportunity cost of Have a culture ofnot having able successpeople working with Be clear on theyou. The payback in objectives (do not terms far outweigh the move the goal posts) costs. Lead by example