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Aug 19, 2014


Documents CRUCIAL STEP TO A GREAT CAREER Prospectus - Fall 2010SMU-DEManipal University, ManipalFirst doomod Univorsity witn 3 oampusos and 20professional collegesSikkim Manipal University, GangtokGroup was invitod by tno govornmont o Sikkim, to orm aunique public-private partnership with the objective ofprovidingthe best in education for the studentsDistanoo oduoation dolivorod tnrougn 700+ autnorizod learning centresAmerican University of Antigua, Antigua vibrant modioal sonool witn ovor1,600 studontsTno only intogratod modioal sonool in tno CaribboanIndiaSkills Tno group nas joinod nands witn City & Guilds, UK to orm aunique initiative called IndiaSkills to offer professional skillseducationAims to provido world olass skills training tnat onablos pooplo to gain respectable employmentWido rango o qualiioations and oortiioations aoross dioront industry verticalsMeritTrac Providos rooruitmont, omployoo and oduoation assossmonts toour institutes and some of the top corporations in the worldOther Initiativesnvostmont in U21 Global - tno world's promior onlino graduatoschoolPartnorod witn CC Bank to ostablisn tno CC ManipalAcademy of Banking and FinanceSikkimManipalUniversity-Distance Education (SMU-DE) the beginning of the journey that will prepare you foragreatcareer.SMU-DEhasa vibrantstudentcommunitywith over 4 Lakh* students across India. Salient featuresSikkim Manipal University isrecognized by:UGCMinistry of HRDMember of Association ofIndian Universities (AIU) Distance Education Councilfor three academic years from2009-10 to 2011-12Classroom environment createdon EduNxt with anytime accesswith the help of Industry Mentorchat, discussion groups,Videos,Blogs, news, case-studiesandprojects.Winner of e-India ande-Rajasthan awards for DigitalLearning ICT Enabled Universityof the yearOver 1,500 scholarships offeredfor meritorious students Education loans facilitated to enable students afford highereducation * On rolls SM|spartoftheMan|pa|Educat|onandMed|ca|group|MEMG wh|ch |s one of lnd|a`s |ead|ng educat|on prov|ders w|th over 50 years of exper|ence |n mou|d|ng the m|nds and careers of asp|r|ng students. The group |nc|udes campuses |n Man|pa|, Banga|ore, S|kk|m, Ant|gua, Duba|, Ma|ays|a and Nepa|. At present students from 53 countr|es are study|ng at var|ous |eve|s across 14 profess|ona| streams. The groups foray in education encompasses:Sikkim Manipal University, GangtokWHATTHE LUMINARIESHAVETO SAY ManipalisliketheNalandaofyore.Iamhappytosee engineering,medicineandotherdisciplinesbeingtaught in the same campus, an ideal environment for research to flourish.Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India WhenDr.TMAPaidecidedtobuildamedicalcollegein Manipal, it sounded like an impossible dream. In the space of50years,Manipalwastransformedintoaneducation capital, which is proof enough of a powerful vision.Mr. Azim H Premji, Chairman, WiproMr. Dinesh Trivedi,Hon. Minister for State for Health and Family WelfareGovt. of India Therightthingtodoformarginalizedsocietywouldbeto providethemeducation. Todothisatascaleneeded,we needtoenlistprivateinitiativeasmuchaspossible.The example of Manipal serves as a beacon which could guide both Central and State Governments on what can be done. Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Dy Chairman, Planning CommissionWishManipalUniversityallthebestandtheCountryneeds suchInstitutionsinallStates-speciallyinruralareas-so hope Manipal will expand its facilities all over the Country.5ItiswithgreatpleasurethatIwelcomeyouto theportalsofthisleadingUniversiyinthe North-East,theSikkimManipalUniversity. Sikkim Manipal University - Distance Education has been at the forefront of distance education since 2001.Itisestimatedthatin2012,over14million studentswillbeenrolledinsomeformof distanceeducation.Thegovernmentplansto increase the number of students enrolled in the distance education system from16 lakh to over 80lakhinthenext5yearsandtheplanning commissionhasrecommendedthatdistance educationmeet40%ofthehighereducation requirement.Tomeettheseambitiousgoals, having a quality distance education institute is of paramount importance.Sinceinception,SMU-DEssoleaimhasbeen toprovidequalitydistanceeducationto students. In order to ensure that more students haveaccesstodistanceeducation,Manipal alsooffersvariousscholarshipstoenable students of all backgrounds to have access to qualityeducation.SMU-DEofferscareer orientedprogramsviaitsDirectorateof DistanceEducationandthelecturesforthese programsaredeliveredatourauthorized Learning Centres. Withafacultythatiscommittedtoexcellence, yourlearningisfurtherstrengthenedbythe diversityofthefacultyandstudentbody. This makes the journey of education more exciting. I look forward to welcoming you to the World of Manipal!Dear Student,PRO CHANCELLORS MESSAGEDr. Ramdas M PaiPro Chancellor, Sikkim Manipal University9IwelcomeyoutotheworldofSikkimManipal University.TheUniversitydrawsuponthe expertiseoftheManipalEducationand MedicalGroup, whichisanestablished global leaderinhighereducationandhealthcarefor overfivedecades.Thegroup'seducation network comprises 3 Universities, 9 campuses, 30professionalcollegesandover4lakh students on rolls.Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU DE) offers distance education programs asapartofitsefforttobringeducationto massesandfulfillthegrowingdemandfor technical and management professionals.SMU DEhasawidenetworkofauthorized Learning Centres for guidance and counselling of students of our career-oriented programs at the Diploma, Bachelors, Postgraduate Diploma and Masters levels. Our main focus is ensuring that students receive education that is relevant totheindustryandthehighlycompetitive globalmarketplace.Byintegratingahighly researchedcurriculumwithindustryrelevant concepts and practices, the University offers a uniqueblendoftheoreticalandcuttingedge functional inputs to students.Recently,SMU DEhasintroducedthenext generation learning system called EduNxt. This interactive learning system has garnered many accoladesincludinge-Indiaande-Rajasthan awards.SMU DEalsooffersmany scholarshipstostudentsofallbackgrounds; which help them fulfill their dreams of receiving a quality education.Hereshopingyouwillfindourprograms rewarding, informative and fulfilling. Looking forward to seeing you in SMU-DE.Dear Student,VICE CHANCELLORS MESSAGEBrig. (Dr.) S. S. PablaVice Chancellor, Sikkim Manipal University 10DISTANCE EDUCATION - THE WAY FORWARD Sikkim Manipal University is a unique PPP model.Mr. Narayana Murthy,Chief Mentor, InfosysThedistanceeducationinschoolingisofferedmainlyby theNationalInstituteofOpenSchooling(NIOS).Some statesalsohavetheirownopenschoolinginstitutes.Of onecrorechildreninthe14to18agegrouppursuing secondary education, roughly16 lakh are enrolled through open schooling system. This number [16 lakh] is not good enough. It should be increased to about 70-80 lakh by the end of the11th Five Year Plan and should be1.5 crore by 2020.Mr. Kapil SibalHon. Union Minister for Human Resource DevelopmentTechnologyisagreattoolavailableforexpansionto improvingqualityofhighereducation,vocational educationandevenschooleducation.Iwouldliketo complimentyoufortheeffortandwishyoulotofluckin your future endeavours.Mr. Sam Pitroda,Advisor to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations(Speaking at the SMU-DE case-study contest & awards function at EDGE, Delhi) 11Sikkim Manipal University is recognised by the University GrantsCommission(UGC)andisamemberof Association of Indian Universities (AIU).SMU-DEisrecognisedbyDistanceEducationCouncil (DEC) for three academic years from 2009-10 to 2011-12.SikkimManipalUniversity,DirectorateofDistance Education offers programs spread across10 disciplines in Masters, Bachelors, Diploma and PG Diploma levels in InformationTechnology,Management,Journalismand MassCommunication,Biotechnology,Bioinformatics, Apparel&FashionDesign,AlliedHealthSciences, Hospitality, Telecom and Commerce.Theprogramsaremadeaccessiblethrough700+ University authorised learning centres across the country.TheDistanceEducationprogramshave65corefaculty members and 6,300 supporting faculty members. ApartfromthewidespreadpresenceinIndiacovering 247districtsand303townsandcities,University authorizedLearningCentresarealsopresentinover20 countries, with 25 Learning Centres.WHY CHOOSE SMU-DE?12WIDESPREAD RECOGNITIONThe Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok is incorporated undertheStateLegislative Act(ActIXof1995)ofthe Government of Sikkim.RecognisedbyDistanceEducationCouncil(DEC)for three academic years from 2009-10 to 2011-12.AllprogrammesofferedbytheSMUintheDistance mode have been approved by the DEC vide their letter No DEC/Recog/2009/4250 dated 06 Nov 2009ISO 9001 Certified. 13Distance Education the SMU-DE way Inthelastfewyears,SMU-DEsinnovativeapproachtothe development and delivery of education has made it one of Indiasleadingdistanceeducationproviders.SMU-DEhas developedaneducationsystemwhichisinnovativeand effective.Ourdistancelearningexperienceblendsflexibilityand conveniencefromthelearner'sperspectivecombinedwith academic rigour and quality in instruction. SelfLearning:Highqualityselflearning material ismade availableboth in print and digital form.CounsellingatLearningCentres: Students can avail counselling at any of our learning centres located across the country.VSATdeliveredlectures:Supplementary instructionandexpertsessionsdelivered across our VSAT network. EduNxt:Makestheinnovativeuseof technologyanessentialelementofthe learningexperienceusingtheManipal Education Technology Network for Learning Optimised (MENLO) platform. TheSMU-DEwayislearner-centricand combinesfourdistinctlearningdelivery systems:14SMU-DE - CHANGING THE FACE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION How EduNxtmakes learning fun EduNxt: a spice for every recipeEduNxtisthenext-generationinteractive learningsystemthatisdesignedtochange thewayastudentlearns.Convenientand easytouse,EduNxtcreatesavirtual classroomenvironmentusingsimulation,