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Making it fun for young learners to learn grammar

Feb 23, 2016




Making it fun for young learners to learn grammar. Adapting activities from textbooks using stories and games. TESOL 2011. Checklist of child-friendly activities. Does the activity . . . . . provide students with a meaningful context for using language? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making it fun for young learners to learn grammarAdapting activities from textbooks using stories and gamesTESOL 2011Checklist of child-friendly activitiesDoes the activity . . . . . provide students with a meaningful context for using language?interest and involve all students? focus primarily on meaning?let students pick up some language chunks naturally?provide students with opportunities to be creative, i.e. to go beyond what they have been taught?contain language for interaction, for fun/ play, for imaginary purposes? ( not only for linguistic purposes)

Use the checklist with this activity.

The Pied Piper


to be continued

From Tieng Anh 8Would your students enjoy doing this?articulationsquare rootvocal cordsinputaspirationlead-ininformation gapfricativefacilitatereceptive skillscapitalismequationcolonytop-downclimatecognitivenasal cavityoutputrainfallpresidentempirelabialparliamentfeedbackmultiplyStart this sideGet here

STEPPING STONErantookhadsatcameatedidwentflew

standwritelaughsingringdotellthinkcomespeakteachsayaskwashrunbeStart this sideGet here


rantookhadsatcameatedidwentflewstandwritelaughsingringdotellthinkcomespeakteachsayaskwashrunbeStart this sideGet here

How will you make this exercise fun?From Tieng Anh 11, unit 16

You may twist it into part of an adventure.Choose a door to enter the Pyramid.

Find out what is inside these coffins. -> complete the taskWith a little imagination, teachers canOnce upon a time there lived a bear named Yogi.One day he went into a room and found this piece of map.

Choose an object to see if it contains a piece of the map.12345678910

He got a complete map now.

Then Yogi prepared to start the journey.Ill give you a stick and a bag if you complete these tasks.

After a long journey, Yogi arrived at Successful Life Land andI will give the key to the best group!

Thanks for your attention!

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