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Jan 27, 2015





  • 1. MakingContact withthe RSPCA

2. Contact Features Contact link on thehome page. Mailing Address listed. Telephone and faxnumbers listed. State and Territory telephone numbers emails &addresses. Google maps with locations of shelter locations. Interest specific email contacts. 3. Contact Links on the homepageEasy to find!3 separate links on the homepage - strategicallyplaced at the top, bottom and center of thepage.The center link is clear and hard to miss.Contact PageOpens by welcoming visitors to make contactwith specific areas of interest.Provides very clear list of interests and links topages to contact different areas of the RSPCA. 4. Contact page Helpful in finding specific contact details, eg donating,adopting, membership etc. Attractive page and easy to follow. For visitors who are not able to find a relevant departmentto email, a general enquiry form is also available at the the bottom of the contact page. A mail address is provided for written correspondence along with telephone and fax numbers. 5. State Societies Contact Page Lists each states contact office in a very simple and userfriendly form. Provides full address details including mailing address,street address, phone, fax, website and contact email. Interactive Google map with shelter locations all overAustralia that feature further RSPCA offices and contactinformation. Map can be zoomed in close enough to seestreets and map directions to the office. 6. Helping Animals & Pet AdoptionVisitors to the site wanting to informof stray animal sightings or reportcruelty to animals are directed to theirnearest RSPCA society branch withfull contact details available via thestate societies page.Families looking to adopt a pet aredirected to alongwith their nearest RSPCAsociety available from the statesocieties page. 7. Donations and BequestsVia the contact page, users are directed to a page enabling them todonate to the RSPCA. Another link takes them to a bequest formto sent to the contact details provided. 8. Employment and VolunteeringPeople seeking employment withthe RSPCA are able to viewpositions available and applicationand contact details. 9. Membership & EnquiriesVisitors seeking membership to the RSPCA are directed tocontact their local RSPCA branch. General and studentenquiries are also directed to this area as well as the RSPCA knowledge base. 10. LimitationsOverall, the contact page is helpful andinformative, however it is slightlyoverworked. The areas of interest often leadcontacting the same areas and there are up to8 links for the same contact area on the onepage. Perhaps the contact information couldbe presented initially along with reasons forcontacting these people. 11. ReferencesSlide 1Tonys monthly mouthpiece:July. [Image]. Retrieved on May 13, 2012. Retrievedfrom 2Just another lazt Wednesday afternoon. [Image]. Retrieved on May 13, 2012. Retrieved from 3Paw Prints Pet Salon & Boutique. [Image]. Retrieved on May 13, 2012. Retrieved from 4Rabbit Behavior. [Image]. Retrieved on May 13, 2012. Retrieved from 5Murrinh-Patha Peoples Country. [Image]. Retrieved on May 13, 2012. Retrieved from 12. ReferencesSlide 6Beths Thoughts. Sad Dog. [Image]. Retrieved on May 13, 2012. Retrieved from 7Shares beat horses by a nose, analysis of Melbourne Cup payouts shows. [Image]. Retrieved onMay 13, 2012. Retrieved from 8Working with animals. [Images]. Retrieved on May 13, 2012. Retrieved from 9Colorful parrots seating in one row. [Image]. Retrieved on May 13, 2012. Retrieved from 10Paw Prints Pet Salon & Boutique. [Image]. Retrieved on May 13, 2012. Retrieved from

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