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Jul 15, 2015




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    INTRODUCTION SAP stands for System Application and Products in data Processing FI stands for Financials CO stands for Controlling Version : ECC6 ECC stands for ERP Central Component SAP was released in 1972 It head quarters in Germany What is ERP? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource planning, it is integrated all functions in one system. Organization | --------------------0---------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | Purchase Dept. Store Dept. Production Dept. Accounts Dept. Will have no of departments in organization. ERP integrate all the functions into one system. It will facilitate free flow of data among the departments. Advantages: Once stores person updates in the system It can be shared by account person. No mismatch in reporting Data Source is only one once updation. Store Department at Factory: Where the material is received are updates his records send the bill to account person. Accounts department at City office : Pass an entry in the books


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    CUSTOMISATION PART 1. DEFINE COMPANY: Path: Tools - Customizing IMG (implementation guide) - Execute project (trns.code SPRO) SPRO stands for SAP Project Reference Object Select SAP reference IMG button: This is called customization area or configuration area or implementation area Select IMG activity button Path: SPRO- Enterprise structure - Definition - Financial accounting - Define company (Tr code is OX15) It we select IMG activity documentation button: It gives description part about company To select IMG activity button: To do customization Select new entries button

    Company : VMH


    Name of company2 : Blank

    Street : Ameerpet

    Postal code : 500034

    Country : IN

    Language key : EN

    Currency : INR

    Select save button or Ctrl+s By default it gives the latest request we have to create our own request and afterwards to transport to production clients Select create request button (F8) Give the short description : FI basic settings for MAHESH NAIDU Mills Ltd Press enter


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    Press enter once again to save in the request. We get a message data was saved: Data was saved in two places: 1. Development client 800 2. In Transport request 2. DEFINE COMPANY CODE ( Tr code is OX02) Path: Enterprise structure - Definition- financial accounting - edit, copy, delete, check company code Edit company code data Select new entries button Give company code : VMH City : Hyderabad Country : IN Currency : INR Language : EN Select save button or Ctrl+s Title : Select company Name : MAHESH NAIDU mills ltd Street : Ameerpet Post code : 500034 City : Hyderabad Country : IN Press enter To select our request number select dropdown button beside request number. We can see here number of requests. Select request number by seeing the description. Press enter to save in the request. Description can be same should be different 3. ASSIGN COMPANY CODE TO COMPNAY Path: SPRO - Enterprise structure - Assignment - Financial accounting - Assign company code to company ( Tr code is OX16) Select position button give the company code VMH enter

    For company VMH assign company VMH


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    Select save button or Ctrl+s

    Select dropdown beside request number

    Select your request number & Press enter to save in the request

    4.Define Business Areas path: SPRO- Enterprise structure- Definition -financial accounting- define business area ( Tr code is OX03) Select new entries button Business area : VMHH Description : Hyderabad VMH Business area : VMHB Description : Bangalore VMH Select save button or C trl+s Press enter to save in your request 5. CREATION OF CHART OF ACCOUNTS

    path: SPRO - Financial accounting- General ledger accounting - GL accounts - Master Data-Preparation - Edit chart of accounts list (TR.CODE.OB13) Select new entries button. Chat of accounts : VMH Description : Chart of Accounts for MAHESH NAIDU group Maintenance language : English Length of GL account no. : 6 (min 6 max 10) Controlling integration : select manual creation of cost elements Group chart of accounts : Blank Under status deselect blocked check box (do not select blocked check box) Select save button or Ctrl+s Select your request and press enter to save in your request 6. ASSIGN COMPANY CODE TO CHART OF ACCOUNTS Path: SPRO- Financial accounting - General ledger accounting- GL Accounting- Master data-Preparation-Assign company code to chart of accounts. (Tr .code OB62) Select position button


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    Give the company code : VMH Press Enter Select save button or Ctrl+s Press enter to save in your request 7. DEFINE ACCOUTN GROUP

    CUSTOMIZATION (TR.CODE.OBD4) path: SPRO-Financial accounting-General ledger accounting- GL accounts-master data-preparations-Define account group select new entries button Chart of accounts

    Account group

    Name From account

    To account

    VMH SCPL Share Capital 100000 100099 VMH RSPL Reserves & Surplus 100100 100199 VMH ACDN Accumulated depreciation 100200 100299 VMH SCLN Secured Loans 100300 100399 VMH UNSL Unsecured loan 100400 100499 VMH CLPL Current Liabilities and

    Provisions 100500 100599

    VMH FAST Fixed Assets 200000 200099 VMH CAST Current Assets loans &

    Advances 200100 200199

    VMH SALE Sales 300000 300099 VMH OTHER Other Income 300100 300199 VMH INCR Increase / Decrease in

    stocks 300200 300299

    VMH RMCL Raw material consumption 400000 400099 VMH PRSN Personnel cost 400100 400199 VMH MFRG Manufacturing Expenses 400200 400299 VMH ADMN Administration Expenses 400300 400399 VMH INTR Interest 400400 400499 VMH DEPR Depreciation 400500 400599 Select save button on Ctrl+s Select your request and press enter and save in your request 8. Retained earnings accounts: Path: SPRO Financial accounting General ledger accounting GL Accounts Master Data Preparations Define retained earnings account.


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    Give you chart of accounts VMH enter. The transaction code is OB53 . Account assignment P & L Statement type X Account 100100 Select save button or Ctrl+s Press enter to save in your request 9. Fiscal year Fiscal year Fiscal year variant Indian companies periods April to March +4 special periods V3 US Companies Jan to Dec.+4 Special Periods K4 July to June+4 Special periods V6 Oct. to Sep+4 special periods V9 SAP known only calendar year periods we have to convert calendar year periods to our accounting year periods. Month Days Periods Year shift January 1 31 10 -1 February 2 29 11 -1 March 3 31 12 -1 April 4 30 1 0 May 5 31 2 0 June 6 30 3 0 July 7 31 4 0 August 8 31 5 0 September 9 30 6 0 October 10 31 7 0 November 11 30 8 0 December 12 31 9 0 Path: SPRO Financial accounting Financial accounting Global settings Fiscal year Maintain fiscal year variant (Maintain shortened fiscal year) (Trs.code is OB29) Select position button fiscal variant V3 Press enter Select fiscal variant V3 Double click on periods folder


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    Select back arrow Select new entries button No. of posting periods : 12 No. of special periods : 4 Select save button or Ctrl+s Select your request press enter and press enter save in your request. Select Fiscal year variant :B1 Double click on periods folder. Select new entries button First column Month Second column Day Third column Period Last column Year shift Month Day Period Year Shift 1 31 10 -1 2 29 11 -1 3 31 12 -1 4 30 1 0 5 31 2 0 6 30 3 0 7 31 4 0 8 31 5 0 9 30 6 0 10 31 7 0 11 30 8 0 12 31 9 0 Select save button 10. Assign company code to a Fiscal year variant Path: SPRO Financial accounting Global settings Fiscal year Assign company code to a Fiscal year variant (Trs.code is OB37) Select position button Give your company code : VMH Press enter For company code : VMH


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    Assign fiscal variant : V3 Select save button Ignore the warning message press enter and press enter to save in the request. 11. POSTING PERIODS Define variants for open posting periods: Path: SPRO Financial accounting global setting Document posting periods-Define variants for open posting periods (tc is obbo) Select new entries button Variant Name VMH posting period variant for VMH Ctrl+s, press enter in save Assign posting period variant to company code: Path: SPRO-Financial Accounting- Fin