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Oct 31, 2014


Monic Paul

Magic MasterMinds is powered by Marcomtec Group, a team of experienced marketing professionals with more than 20 years experience. Artists are individuals that are usually looking for the way to promote their work; sometimes an artist just need a little push to boost and get amazing results from their audience. Magic MasterMinds exists to give this push. We help artists positioning their work in Magic MasterMinds, where art lovers can find high quality art and get the contact to purchase them.
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  • 1. Magic MasterMinds The Place for Artists to Be
  • 2. Welcome to Magic MasterMinds The Artists Showcase
  • 3. Who we are Magic MasterMinds is powered by Marcomtec Group, a team of seasoned and experienced marketing professionalswith more than 20 years experience building marketing strategies for a wide variety of companies,from SMBs to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500. Visit Marcomtec Goup
  • 4. Marcomtec Group 20 Years developing marketing strategies and campaigns, locally, regionally and globally. Magic MasterMinds is powered by Marcomtec Group Consultancy & Strategic Planning Content DevelopmentMarcomtec Public Relations Group Market Analysis Social Media Translation Creative services and advertising
  • 5. Why do we exist? Our Mission is to help you to position your work in the Magic MasterMinds as a cultural websitewhere art lovers can find high quality art and become In contact with you to purchase it. Whether it is literature, painting, sculpture, music, photography; we will design the best commercial strategy along with the artist, set up a micro site, and a digital marketing strategy to take the correct message to the correct target audience.
  • 6. Magic MasterMinds today Our AuthorsOur Painters Our MusiciansMagic Masterminds Magazine
  • 7. Digital Marketing
  • 8. Public RelationPublic Realtion Campaign about to start!
  • 9. Advertising Coming soon!AdWords and Google Ads Magic MasterMinds Magazine
  • 10. Contact us! Monica PaulMonic(at)magicmasterminds(dot)com