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Mag analasys

Aug 05, 2015


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1. The Masthead uses bold white writing in contrast to the black and grey background to stand out, stretching across the whole magazine this draws the public attention to the title notifying them what magazine it is. The freebie right at the top is free CD. The graphology of the capital black letters on a yellow background draws the reader in. And promotes the fact that there is a free CD inside which will make people want to buy it. The main image is a medium close up of Bob Dylan. It takes up the majority of the magazine front cover and firmly promotes Bob Dylan. All the writing on the magazine ovoids covering his face. They made the image black and white adding definition to the red writing around it. This is the date, it doesnt promote the magazine in anyway it is purely for informative purposes. So that people know how old the magazine is. So they will know if its the most recent copy and so that they can catalogue the magazine This is the barcode it is a common convention amongst magazines. Like the date it doesnt persuade the reader but it is essential and will be on every magazine. In black and white, always in the bottom right corner, where it can be easily located. The sub heading is the Word Dylan. The colour scheme runs in correlation with the masthead. White on a black background stands out and attracts the readers attention, to the word Dylan. With the picture and the subheading, this will inform any fans of Bob Dylan that there will be an article about him inside. The sub image is located in the top right corner. The magazine uses a sub image so that at a glance if the reader is not interested In the person on the main image then you might be intrigued by the person on the sub image. The buzz word is Revealed. The red writing on a pale back ground stands out and the fact that its all in capitals as well. The word revealed promotes exclusivity to the reader, making them wan to buy it. 2. The masthead used I bold capital red writing on a light back ground standing out and attracting the reader to the magazine. The title is in the top right corner which is a recurring pattern with NME magazines. The main image is of The band Arctic monkeys. This will inform any arctic monkeys fans that there will be an article on them inside. The main image is a medium long shot so that it can include all four members in rather than the usual medium close up when there is just one person. It is aesthetically pleasing for women because it has four men on and the men will aspire to be like them. It has palm trees in the background to portray arctic monkeys san Franciscan style sound. The four band members are looking directly into the camera creating a bond with audience. The main cover line is AM. The line is in clear white on a darker background standing out and attracting the reader. It is in the same font as the masthead. If the audience doesnt know who the main image is of AM will give them an idea. The letter A is placed in front of the lead singer of arctic monkeys, whose name is also Alex Turner, this is placed here on purpose to make a reference to Arctic monkeys fans creating a bond between the editor and the reader. The buzz word is verdict. Verdict implies importance to the reader making them think if they dont buy it they are missing out. It also offers exclusivity to the reader as it implies that the magazines say is important. It is black writing on yellow background standing out. The yellow box is the most vibrant colour on the cover so it draws the reader into this point. The barcode is in the bottom left it ads nothing to the promotion of the magazine but is a necessity and a convention in front covers. And is vital to buy the magazine. The date is also in the bottom left corner and like the barcode offers nothing to promote the magazine but is important to archive the magazines and to know if its the most recent magazine for sale. The date sis also something you will find on every magazine. The sub heading is the final chapter this implies that this is the last you will see of The Arctic Monkeys, making the audience think it is important. The sub heading follows the colour scheme of the main cover line. The final chapter implies the end of the arctic monkeys career but they use a reading metaphor as its in a magazine. This is subtle technique that the reader will relate too. 3. The masthead is Q. It is always white on a red background in the top left corner. These colours are being red and white are patriotic to the English flag. This will entice the reader to buy it by subconsciously advertising to the re patriotic side. The white writing on a red background is the biggest writing on the page and the one that stands out the most. It will draw the readers attention in. The main cover line is kasabian. It follows the same colour scheme as the masthead . It tells you who the main image is of as well. It stands out as it is red on white background. This is the barcode it is always in the bottom right on Q magazines. It like on other magazines offers nothing to promote the magazine, it doesnt stand out or distract the reader. But is easily locatable. The main image is of the two front men from Kasabian. They keep the red theme going with Sergios jacket however stay true to the black clad rock associated style. The two front men are looking directly at the camera connecting with the audience. The date is located in the bottom right of the magazine , the date offers nothing to the promotion of the magazine but it can be used to archive the magazine and inform the reader on whether this is the most recent issue. The sub heading is Amy Winehouse. This is in white writing in on gold background standing 0out and appealing to the audience. The golden colour applies royal connotations adding a premium quality to the heading. The fact that most writing is in squares following straight lines., and this is in a circle makes it stand out like its been stamped on the magazine. The heading is also placed on top of the Amy herself linking picture to heading. The title also covers up the centre of Amy Winehouse keeping her from nudity. This gives a revealed feel as if its an exclusive, inviting the reader in. 4. The contents page main image is located in the middle of the page with all the information around it, like the cover page. The image is edited to emphasize the reds and blues, with the white of the page adds a patriotic feel, regularly used by NME. The heading NME this week is white writing on a black background, with the NME in its usual colour scheme of red and white, having this colour scheme makes it easier for the audience to associate text or front covers with their magazine. This week also tells the audience that their will be new news in the magazine and also tells you that this magazine has been running for some period of time. The band index follows the same colour scheme of red, white and black, making it fit into the page well. It runs down the whole of the left side of the page catching your eye as you scan the page for information. The advert at the bottom of the page is in a completely different colour scheme of yellow and white. Which makes it stand out as appose to blending in with the rest of the page. The contents are listed down the right hand side of the page paralleling the index being paralleled down the left hand of the page. The text is in simple black, on white background making it easy to read so that you know what features in the magazine. The sub- headings for the contents are in a black background to stand out also. The sub-heading is also in plain black writing on a white background making it easy to read. It also references the picture so that if you do not know the band in the picture the sub- heading make sit more clear. 5. The main image is a medium close up of Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner. The image slightly overlaps the title linking the word contents to the image of Alex implying that the content of the magazine will revolve around Alex Turner to an extent. The contents title is in thin black style demonstrating the class and quality of Q and also the smooth elegant tones of Arctic monkeys themselves. Its in red white and black in theme with the rest of Q. The red colour gives connotations of love and desire subconsciously making the reader want to buy the magazine. The sub image is of two bands fitting all four members in each shot. These two pictures run alongside the band index so that if you dont know who the band is the picture offers some assistance. The two pictures are also somewhat smaller than the main image showing the audience that these are going to be smaller stories. The band index follows the same color scheme with the titles all in red making them stand out and follow there own personal theme with the numbering in black making them stand out and giving them there own theme also. The index moves in and out of the images giving it a last minute pieced together creative effect. The contents is in mainly white and black but underlines the different categories by using bright colors which draws the reader in. It is also minimalist not intending on dragging on but getting straight to the point as of to not loose the readers attention. 6. The title of the contents page Is in white on plain black once again giving an elegant stylish feel. White on black also stands out significantly drawing the readers attention. The black and white also gives it a newspaper feel The main image is unlike any of the images Ive explored on any previous pages. The image is integrated into the page making you feel like the image is apart of the magazine or that the magazine is more real enticing the reader. Trent Reznor in the photo is also wearing all black as to fit in with the color scheme making him blend in even more. The contents is the only writing on the page coupled with the black theme and white plain writing all together gives the page a