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Mar 14, 2016





    Your Community Press newspaperserving Loveland, Miami Township,Symmes Township

    Vol. 95 No. 29 2013 The Community Press

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    Contact usLOVELANDREMEMBERS B1Firefighters lay wreathto commemorate fallenbrethren.

    A BRISKET, ABRASKETTwo-way recipe can bemade in oven, slow cooker.See Ritas Kitchen, B3

    For the next four weeks, theLoveland Herald will ask theseven Loveland city councilcandidates about issues facingthe city. Candidates are beingasked to limit their responses to100 words.

    The seven candidates, in al-phabetical order, are DavidBednar, Linda Cox, Pam Gross,Barry Kuhn, Arthur Phelps,Rob Weisgerber and BrentZuch.

    This weeks question:What changes, if any, would

    youmake in the citys budget toensure financial stability?Would you support another at-tempt at an income tax in-crease?

    David Bednar

    Lovelands budget has beenstructurally balanced for manyyears, 2013 is no different.Members of council, city staffand the financecommitteehavemadespendingcuts, consolidat-ed services, collaborated withother municipalities, out-sourced services and priori-tizedspendingtomaintainabal-ancedbudgetwhilemaintainingour services at a high profes-sional level. In-light of strongincome tax collections, we need

    tomaintain our fiscal conserva-tive approach in years to come.I wouldnt change the budget aswe are on the right road.

    I heard the voice of the resi-dents about a tax increase andwill honor their voice going for-ward.

    Linda CoxThe budget is a plan, not an

    end in itself. Council must di-rect administration to plan to

    operate efficiently within ourmeans. There has been no dis-cernible loss of services overthe past few years. In fact, thecity has been able to tap its re-sources to begin filling thedowntown site to prepare it forredevelopment.

    Voters were absolutelyright in resoundinglyvoting 'nofor the 25 percent earnings taxincrease. The city tightened itsbelt and today revenues and

    housing and business starts areup.Thingsare trending inapos-itive direction, all without a taxincrease.

    Pam GrossThe 2013 budget was bal-

    anced; now we must initiatemeaningful changes in the waythe city does business: consoli-date services that lend them-selves to joint cost savings, de-velop partnerships with the

    Loveland candidates address budget

    See BUDGET, Page A2

    Bednar Kuhn Gross WeisgerberZuch Cox Phelps

    ELECTION PREPRead past election stories

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    Family fun, food, music, andfireworks will highlight Love-landFest2013,Saturday,Oct.12.

    Organized by the LovelandArea Chamber of Commerce,this taste of Loveland fall fes-tival has a variety of activitiesfor families, kids and adults.

    It really is coming togethergreat for an event that has somany moving parts and somany different aspects to it,said CeeCee Collins, President/CEO, Loveland Area Chamber

    of Commerce. I credit every-one in this community for that.The chamber cant do thisalone.

    Many Loveland area busi-nesses and restaurants helpedcreate and coordinate the eventto show off fall fun in Loveland.The fun begins at 2 p.m. with acostume parade for childrenfromNisbet Park.

    Along the way, kids will betrick-or-treating at area busi-nesses before ending up at theJackson Street Market. TheLoveland-Symmes Fire Associ-ation is celebrating the grand

    opening of the Jackson StreetMarket by sponsoring a varietyof kids activities there.

    Theyll try to have a little ofthat fall festival feel, Collinssaid. Therewill be local artistsbooths, some food booths, butmainly childrens booths withface painting and pumpkinpainting.

    Montgomery Cyclery andLoveland Canoe and Kayakhave teamed up for the Peddleand Paddle event kicking off at2:30 Saturday. Cyclists and ca-

    Cyclists will pedal five miles on the bike trail before paddling their way back to Loveland in the Pedal/Paddleevent during Loveland Fest 2013. CHUCK GIBSON/FOR THE COMMUNITY PRESS

    Loveland Fest promisesfall fun for everyone

    By Chuck [email protected]

    See FEST, Page A2

    MIAMI TWP. Miami Town-ship has a new fire chief, andhe comes fromWest Chester.

    Stephen Kelly, formerlythe captain of emergencymedical services for WestChester Township, was of-fered a conditional contractlast month.

    He targetedwhat wewerelooking for, said Trustee KenTracy.

    He came from an out-standing township WestChester Township, which isone of the largest townships inthe state of Ohio with greatexperience and knowledge.

    Kelly recently received hismasters degree in public ad-ministration from NorthernKentucky University and saidhe is excited to put it to use inMiami Township.

    As far as personally andprofessionally, Im a drivenperson very motivated. Ivebeen with West Chester for 17years, so Imverydedicated tothe organization I work for,Kelly said.

    Kelly, a Mason resident,takes over the position afterofficials bought 1.12 acres ofland on Sugar Camp Road topotentially be used for a newstation.

    I think initially (my chal-lenge) is going to be getting toknowthecultureof thedepart-ment and township as a

    whole, Kelly said.Getting with the depart-

    ment, I understand they haveacquired some landandare in-terested inaddinga fourthsta-tion. That presents a greatdeal of challenges ... as (to)how how we would go aboutdoing that in a fiscally respon-sible manner.

    ButKelly has been a part ofsimilar expansion during histime in West Chester.

    When I first started wealso had three stations. Thenin 1998, West Chester addedtwo stations, he said.

    With Miami Township po-tentially looking (to add a sta-tion), I feel like there are a lotof experiences I had there(will be beneficial).

    Miami Twp. hiresnew fire chiefBy Keith [email protected]

    See CHIEF, Page A2


    Fronk Kelly


    AT WARDS CORNER513-583-8900

    520 Wards Corner RdLoveland, OH 45140

    Happy Kids with Happy Smiles...Stop by and see!!!

    Were offering a fall enrollment incentivethat will make YOU happy!

    Call Kelly at 583-8900 for details!



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    OGrady, chamber boardmember. People canmake a really fun day ofit doing the Paddle/Pedalevent, finish in time, andjump over to run in the5K.

    The focal point forLoveland Fest is theLovelandStationparkinglot at the center of town.The bands Mt. PilotGirls and Three DayRule will be featured ona stage there. A taste ofLoveland ends with aboom from Rozzis Fire-works at 9:30 p.m.

    Theres somethingfor everyone, Collinssaid. Were focused onfamily early in the day,

    theactive sports throughthe midday, and moreadults later into the eve-ning, but certainly chil-dren can enjoy the fire-works as well. Fall festLoveland style is the cityevent you wont want tomiss.

    noe enthusiasts will ped-alout fivemilesalongtheLittle Miami ScenicTrail, leave their bicycle,and then paddle back tothe start in historic Love-land. Montgomery Cy-clery will safely trans-port the bikes back

    Were excited to bepartof it,saidMarkBer-sani, Loveland Canoe &Kayak owner. Its agreat way for Lovelandto get people down hereandexpose themtoallweoffer.

    Runners and walkerscould turn it into a mini-triathlonwith the5Krun/walk which starts at 5p.m. outside the Eaglesbuilding. It takes themalong the same courseused for the popularLoveland Rat Race runeach year in the spring.Participants will receiveaT-shirt, compliments ofBob Ronckers RunningSpot, and a drink ticketcourtesy of the chamberof commerce.

    Were real excitedabout adding a 5K to theactual premier LovelandFest, said Kay Bolin-

    FestContinued from Page A1

    LOVELAND FEST2013 Saturday, Oct. 12 Loveland Station

    Parking Lot (acros

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