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Apr 02, 2016





    Your Community Press newspaperserving Loveland, Miami Township,Symmes Township

    Vol. 96 No. 11 2014 The Community Press

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    Food managers in severallocal school districts havebeen easing into the changesin nutrition requirements forschool-provided meals.

    Adjustments have includedvending machine restrictionsin 2011, to fruit-vegetable-whole grain requirements in2012, to caloric restrictions in2013, to this years sodiumcontent restrictions.

    The changes have impact-ed school lunch menus.

    Changes require a lot ofmenu engineering to offerfood items students will en-joy, Princeton City Schoolsfood service director JeanSparks said. Its an opportu-nity to try new recipes such

    salads to incorporate morefresh vegetables.

    The changes have in-creased the cost to Princetonand Winton Woods by about12-15 cents for each meal, andparticipation by students hasvaried at each district.

    Kris Tracy, district foodservice coordinator for Love-land City Schools, said thedistrict has been making thechanges slowly so studentswould not see a drastic differ-ence once the regulation wentinto place.

    Yes, products change andso do the students pallets foritems so we will continue towork diligently to servehealthy lunches that the stu-dents enjoy, Tracy said.

    Sycamore Community

    Schools Child Nutrition Ser-vices Manager Jessica John-son said the same was truefor her district.

    A lot of the vendors that Iuse have been knowing thiswas coming and have beengradually decreasing thesodium in their food. Thereare some menus that I willhave to change, Johnsonsaid, adding she hopes itdoesnt affect the districtmeal sales.

    She said Sycamore had notbeen regulating the amount ofsodium before, but had al-ready started using turkeymeat instead of beef for somemenu items, which has lesssodium. About 90 percent of

    Less salt, fat is more challenging for school lunch staffs

    Freshman Marjorie Anderson laughs while hanging out with friendTherese Kondash, left, and Allie Zisko during lunch at St. UrsulaAcademy in May.LEIGH TAYLOR/THE COMMUNITY PRESS

    Community Press Staff Report

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    Loveland Canoe & Kayakpresented the Loveland HighSchool 2013 Division II statechampion football team with acanoe to commemorate itschampionship season, and hon-or employee Andrew Alten forhis wrestling state champion-ship.

    The presentation of the ca-noe followed a morning canoetrip along the Scenic Little Mi-ami River for the Band ofBrothers 2013 state championTiger football team. Unknow-ing, the seniors from the 2013

    team were asked to line up be-hind a shiny black canoe par-tially covered with a largesleeping bag (hiding the in-scription).

    Loveland Canoe & Kayakowner Mark Bersani climbedup onto a picnic tablewith four-year employee Andrew Alten,to the sound of applause in rec-ognition of the state championfootball team. Bersani calledupon Mayor Linda Cox andLoveland Area Chamber ofCommerce President CeeCeeCollins to unveil the words2013 OHSAA State CHAMPI-ONS Wrestling State Champi-on - Andrew Alten along with

    the L-Paw Logo super-imposedover the State of Ohio on bothends.

    I was trying to get a read ifthe boys were surprised at thecanoe, Bersani said. The onlyone that knew about it was An-drew, but we were trying tokeep it hush-hush from the restof the guys.

    Surprised or not, coachesand players on hand to watchthe unveiling liked what theyheardand saw.DespiteBersanimaking every effort to hide itfrom him, Alten accidentallyran across it while working at

    The "Band of Brothers" 2013 Lovleand Tiger state championship football team overlook thecommemorative canoe presented by Loveland Canoe & Kayak. CHUCK GIBSON FOR THE COMMUNITY PRESS

    Canoe commemoratesLoveland state championsBy Chuck [email protected]

    See CANOE , Page A2

    MIAMI TOWNSHIP Despiteone of theworstwinters in dec-ades, Miami Township resi-dents and businesses saved arecord $206,000 in natural gasheating costs this past winterthrough a program offered bySycamore-Township based En-ergy Alliances.

    That savings was realizedfrom January through April,saidMiami Township Adminis-trator Larry Fronk.

    It was calculated by com-paring users fees with whatthey would have been underDuke Energys Gas Cost Re-covery Rate, Energy Alliancesofficials said.

    Wewere very pleased withthesavings,Fronksaid. Iwasactually quite surprised thatthe number was that large.

    Energy Alliances, acting asa broker, partners with Inte-grys Energy Services to offernatural gas to residents andsmall businesses in severalsouthwestern Ohio communi-ties, including Miami Town-ship. Miami Townships sav-ings was part of $1.7 million innatural gas savings realized by50,000 customers in 18 GreaterCincinnati communities be-tweenJanuaryandApril of thisyear, according to Energy Alli-ances.

    In another Greater Cincin-

    At a recent meeting of the Miami Township Board of Trustees inClermont County, officials celebrated the fact that 5,800 householdssaved more than $206,000 in natural gas costs during the past winterbecause of their involvement in a natural gas aggregation program.From left to right are Miami Township Fiscal Officer Eric Terry andMiami Township Trustees Karl Schultz, Mary Makley Wolff and KenTracy. PROVIDED

    Miami Township householdsrealize $206,000 in savingsBy Cindy [email protected]

    See SAVINGS , Page A2



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    LOVELANDHERALDEditor: Richard Maloney, [email protected], 248-7134

    Ursuline Academy gradu-ates Paige Kebe 14 of Lovelandand Alisabeth Marsteller 14 ofMason were the 2014 recipientsof the Linda Vester Ivy LeagueScholarship. This scholarshipprogram was made possiblethrough the generosity of LindaVester Greenberg 83 and herhusband Glenn Greenberg.

    This scholarship programwas established by Greenberg,a Fulbright Scholar and cele-brated TV journalist, and herhusband in 2001 to encouragequalified Ursuline students toattend IvyLeague colleges. Theidea came from Greenbergsexperiences as a student at Ur-suline Academy when she

    learned how financially prohib-itive it was for qualified stu-dents to attend Ivy League col-leges.

    After thecommitteeofUrsu-line administrators and coun-selors reviews applications andmakes a recommendation, therecipients are awarded $15,000per year for four years of un-dergraduate Ivy League study.The Greenbergs hope that suchscholarships will enable Ursu-line graduates to attend IvyLeague colleges or universitiesthat would be otherwise un

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