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Jul 22, 2016




  • Cora and Noel Metteyspent an April week-end in a Haitian or-phanage.

    They are the 11-and 9-year-old daughters of TimMettey, Matthew 25: Ministriespresident. They were there on ahumanitarian mission withtheir father and a few otherM25M volunteers. It was theirfirst international mission trip,but not their first mission.

    I was really little when Ifirst went, said Cora, whodoesnt remember if she was 6,7 or 8 on that first mission toWest Virginia.

    I was 5, said Noel, like in2011 or something like that.

    Cora is older and went toWest Virginia first, but bothserved on missions there. Nosurprise, after all, their grand-father Wendell Mettey is thefounder of Matthew 25: Minis-tries. Theyre the third genera-tion of the Mettey family totravel internationally to deliverhumanitarian aid.

    It was exciting, but I wasnervous at the same time be-cause I didnt know what itwould be like, Cora said.

    It was hot. The airport was along hallway with lots of win-dows, lots of people, and not a lotof doors. While they waited forthe rest of their group to gather

    together, Noel watched throughall those windows as peopleboarded planes They made itthrough all the bag checks andthen it was time for their realjourney into Haiti.

    Maxime, which is a goodfriend of my dad that livesthere, Cora said, he came andgot us. We got on a bus and droveto Belfle, which is the hoteltheyre building.

    The hotel is being built byM25M to provide housing formissionary workers. It wastheir first stop. While there, Co-ra and Noel met 18-year-oldKentia and 20-year-old Naicatwo girls from the orphanagehelping to build the hotel.

    We helped get plants for thelandscaping because we need itto look really nice so people willwant to stay there, Cora said.

    Next stop was the orphanagediscovered by Matthew 25 vol-unteers following the earth-quake. It was in poor conditionthen. Girls and little boys werebeing neglected while the olderboys got better care. Theyveimproved conditions there now.

    We finally have a nicerbuilding for the girls to be in,Tim Mettey said. It has been awork in progress. Its finallygetting to the point where itsnicer for the kids.

    There are 200 kids of all agesfrom infant to 22 years-old.They always ask Mettey whenhis kids will come. Upon arrival,

    they were immediately sur-rounded and swept away.

    There were all these littlekids just surrounding the bus,Noel said. You could barely getoff. They just wanted to hug youand hold you. These girls werejust rushing out of the orphan-age coming to see us.

    It was a weekend. Cora andNoel were there to play and tomake them happy. Cora broughtbouncy balls, hair ribbons andties from her classroom at Ma-son Intermediate School. Herclass also sent flash cards tohelp the kids learn English. No-el brought Frisbees, jumpropes, and 200 letters from stu-dents at Western Row Elemen-tary school.

    We played with the girls andthe boys and made them happy,

    Cora said. It made me feel hap-py to know that I was makingthem happy.

    It wasnt all play, they didsome work too. Cora and Noelhanded out sandwiches and spe-cial nutritious shakes afternearly emptying the shelves ofa local market. They gave awayeverything they brought. Atfirst there was some fightingover the Frisbees, but eventual-ly the kids, used to having tofight for anything, began toshare the gifts.

    Cora said she was surprisedat how nice things were, andhow good the food was. They aterice and chicken while there. Itwasnt all nice. She noticed theorphanage is not clean, thereslots of mud and rocks. Noel sawno computers, no electronics,

    no shoes, and their feet whitewith dust. The bunk beds hadmats, not fluffy mattresses likeshe has at home. They do have abasketball hoop and they playsoccer. Whats the lesson?

    Be grateful for what youhave, Cora said. When youlook at them, and they donthave that much stuff, yourelike Wow; I have a lot more thanI thought I did.

    On Sundays they go tochurch and read the Bible in awhite tent. During the week,school starts late morning andgoes into the afternoon. Theylearn English along with theirnative Creole. Most of the oldergirls understand English. Theyasked Cora and Noel a lot of

    Threegenerations ofhumanitarian



    Matthew 25: Ministries President Tim Mettey is surrounded by Haitian children and his own daughters duringthere April mission trip there. No names provided for the two Haitian girls.

    Chuck [email protected]

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