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Loveland herald 012016

Jul 25, 2016






    Your Community Press newspaperserving Loveland, Miami Township,Symmes Township

    Vol. 97 No. 34 2016 The Community Press

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    The call for new blood on multipleLoveland City Council committees andcommissions resulted in the entire Beau-tification Committee resigning andraised tensions on council.

    (The Beautification Committee) isbut one of many committees where the

    excuse of new blood atthe expensive of experi-ence has prevailedthroughout this entirecommission and commit-tee list. If you go throughthe committee list you willsee the tremendousamount of experience thathas been thrown under thebus, Councilman RobWeisgerber said.

    Five residents spoke atthe Jan. 5 meeting in pro-test of long-term Beautifi-cation Committee Mem-ber Donna Bednar beingthe only person not reap-pointed to the committee.

    I find it quite astounding that this de-cision was made without even consultingour committee chair. Our committee hasbenefited greatly thanks to Donnas skillsand dedication. Her dedication and ser-vice to the city of Loveland is wellknown, said Becky Giver, a member ofthe Beautification Committee.

    When nothing was done by the Jan. 12meeting, the seven appointed members,with a total of 99 years of service to thecity, resigned from the committee.

    We cannot in good faith continue toserve in this role that we truly love. And

    we do, know that. We simply refuse to beidentified with a governing majority thatresorts to petty, vindictive actionsagainst citizens with long-standing, stel-lar records of service to the community.Long-serving volunteers should not becallously cast aside and used as pawns forpolitical gamesmanship, said Lynn Ou-ry, chair of the Beautification Committee.

    Weisgerber pointed out long-time Fi-nance Committee member Mike Colan-gelo and long-time Recreation Commis-sion Member Dave Bednar were also notreappointed.

    If anyone provides resistance to(Fitzgerald), now or then, he will removethe obstruction. Example: (Dave) Bednar

    was on council when (Fitzgerald) as ourcity manager was removed from his posi-tion. Political payback is to remove Davefrom recreation and remove his wifefrom beautification, Weisgerber said inan email after the meeting.

    Donna and Dave Bednar declined tocomment.

    Weisgerber added Fitzgerald re-moved Colangelo from the finance com-mittee so the remaining members wouldagree with him.

    Removing Mr. Colangelo from the fi-nance? Someone who has tremendous ex-perience with municipal finance and un-derstanding what the city of Loveland isin regards to our budget. He is very

    thoughtful. He brings great new ideas.Gone. That is a huge loss, Weisgerbersaid at the meeting.

    Committee and commission are ap-pointed by the mayor and voted on bycouncil.

    The appointments passed with a 4-3vote of council. New Mayor Mark Fitz-gerald, Vice Mayor Angie Settell, Coun-cilwoman Linda Cox and CouncilwomanPam Gross voted for it. Weisgerber,Councilman Ted Phelps and Councilwom-an Kathy Bailey voted against it.

    Change does come about and there isno right of kings in any of this just be-



    Members of Loveland City Council and residents expressed concern over those left off Mayor Mark Ftizgeralds list of committee and commissionappointments. The appointments passed with a vote of 4-3.



    See RESIGNS, Page 2A

    The Loveland Area Chamber ofCommerce along with local groceryshoppers celebrated the kick off of theannual Valentine Program in LovelandJan. 9.

    There are several components to thecelebration:

    Election of 2016 Valentine Lady:Laurie Gordon.

    Nominees: Nancy Garfinkle andDonna Bednar.

    Art Contest: Donna Treinen win-ner.

    Notecard sales: Cards for sale lo-cally at Kroger, Pizazz, Vintage Market,Loveland post office, Busy Bee Bou-tique and www.withlovefromloveland-

    .com. Business Window Decorating Con-

    test: Loveland area businesses deco-rate their windows to reflect the theme:Theres Nothing in the World so Sweetas Love. Sponsored by Loveland ArtsCouncil

    Kick Off Program at Loveland-Ma-deira Kroger: Art work revealed, 2016Valentine Lady Introduced along withformer Valentine ladies. The LovelandStage Company dancers perform. May-or Mark Fitzgerald presents all the Val-entine Ladies with a flower and pre-sents 2016 Valentine Lady.

    2016 Valentine program under way


    The artwork of Donna Treinen was selectedfor the 2016 Loveland Valentine Card.See VALENTINE, Page 2A



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    Valentine Poetrycontest: Area schools andlocal residents are en-couraged to present a po-em to the Valentine Com-mittee focusing on thetheme: Theres Nothing inthe World so Sweet asLove. The winners of thevarious age groups will beinvited to read their poemlive at the ValentineBreakfast celebrationclose to Valentines Day.The poetry contest is

    sponsored by the City ofLoveland.

    Valentino ColoringContest is an opportunityfor student (and adults) inarea schools to color andcreate their best stick fig-ure Valentino. Coloringsheets can be picked up atschool or at the LovelandChamber office.

    Residents can say,Happy Valentines Dayto that special someonewith a heart sign. Buyyour personalized heartsign at the LovelandChamber and surpriseyour Valentine by puttingit at their home or busi-

    ness. Get your

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