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Lotus Education presentation with Sandy Carter

May 08, 2015



Lotus Education

When marketing with social media, what sets you apart is how effectively you use the technology to complement and enhance your marketing activities to drive greater results. Using her experiences at IBM, with customers, and with industry leaders, Sandy Carter will show you the critical success factors in adding social media to your marketing mix. Examples will cover blogs and microblogs like Twitter, viral videos with YouTube, social networking, serious games, and more. You will come away with a step-by-step framework to develop a plan that you can act on today. This is a great opportunity for the Lotus Education community to see how they can work together towards building a highly skilled Lotus professionals base !
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  • 1. Vice President, IBM Software Group Channels and Social Media Evangelist 2009 IBM Corporation

2. What is Marketing 2.0? A Powerful Mix of New and Traditional Marketing Tactics Social networks (e.g. Facebook, virtual worlds), gaming,Social Mediawidgets, wikis, Blogs, Twitter, RSS, podcasting, videocasting+Traditional Marketing Marketing 2.0Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Event Webcast Search Banner Blog Video Twitter Print ExpenseBuzz Conversion LoyaltyAdvocates 2Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 3. Why Now? In a tough economic climate The market has evolved Web 2.0 moves your clients to act fasterWeb 1.0 Access information, purchase online AwarenessWeb 2.0 Share, Collaborate, Experience, Interest Participate and Co-CreateDesireMessageMessageMarketingMarketing Action! GoalsGoalsAdaptiveRobustAudience Audience ParametersProfile Audience Audience 3Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 4. Growth in Social Media is Exponential 4 5. 5 6. Our Marketing 2.0 Strategy Delivers Results! 1 Delivered 41% leads from marketing 2 Achieved 15% YTY in new customers 3Highest SWG conversion of leads to win46% increase in leads from Web and 4 Impact event: lowest cost per lead 6 7. Tip #1: Recognize the new buyer: Generation CControl Content Communicate Creativity Channel Creative Class Community Connected Co-Creators Consumer 2.0 Conversation A Vision Of Students today! 7 8. Tip #2 Always begin with the Goal in Mind!What are your goals? Engagement I want xx people reading this blog by 2009Education I need to help x types of citizens understand yAwareness I want xx people to be aware of yy initiativeKnowledge I want employees to be able to use our zzz to yyyAreas of interest I want to understand what employees/citizens/xx group wantfrom usLeads/transactions I want xx residents renewing their passports online by 2011.8 9. Tip #3 Use a Marketing 2.0 Framework Framework for Implementing Traditional and Web 2.0 Marketing Analyze the Market Nail the RelevantStrategy & Story Go to MarketSocially Energize the Channel & Community Leads and Revenue Scream!9 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 10. New Research Methods: The Power of Social MediaBe Prepared to Monitor and RespondBANTER tool to help identify and listen to influencers and creators through blogs and communities 10Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 11. Analyze the Market & Create the Strategy: SegmentationDigital Citizens & General Population Vital Stats 20% of employees at large U.S. companies now contributing to Web 2.0U.S. Consumer Online Attitudes Survey, IDC 2008. N=3000US Census Bureau, 2000 Census Demographic Profile 11 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 12. Nail the Strategy and Tell the StoryBranded & Lightly Branded 12 Source: Intel, 2009Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 13. Go To Market SociallyValue Proposition RelationshipsInfluencer ValueDevelop your value proposition with yourcustomers 13Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 14. Go To Market SociallyBuilding relationships drives business valueCustomizationValue PropositionRelationships Co-Creation Influencer ValueCollaborationWebSphere CommerceWebSphere Ilog Over 10,000 conversations to date 14Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 15. Go To Market SociallyThe Wheel of Influencers Has Broadened Value PropositionEMPLOYEESCUSTOMERSRelationships LOCAL INVESTORS COMMUNITYInfluencer ValueCOMPANYACADEMICPARTNERS COMMUNITYGOVERNMENT MEDIA 15 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 16. Energize the Channels and the CommunityThe New Technology Vessels 16Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 17. Revenue in Social Media ConnectionsSocial networking affects your bottom lineEach person in your email address book at work is associated with $948 in annual revenue Knowing executives externalto project: $6,395 in revenueper executive/projectMultiple managers:$98 less revenue/moper weak tie Strong links to a manager:$588 more revenue/moFull text: 17 Source: Value of Social Network -- A Large-Scale Analysis on Network Structure Impact to Financial Revenue of Information Technology Consultants, 2009 18. Energize the Channels and the Community - EducationSerious Gaming Virtual SpacesSocial NetworksBlogsTwitter Vital StatsAverage age: 3347% in 18-49 bracket24% over 5018 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 19. The Cast 19 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 20. Teachable Moments Logans Scavenger Hunt 20Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 21. Energize the Channels and the Community - Education 21 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 22. Energize the Channels and the Community - SharingVirtual Event Serious GamingVirtual Spaces Social NetworksBlogsTwitter 22 Source:, 2008 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 23. Energize the Channels and the Community - SharingSearch Engine OptimizationInternet Lead Generator Position your site for optimal Transform your Web site hits from top search enginesfrom brochure-ware tolead-generation powerhouse Value: Value: Increased traffic to your site Prospects access compelling Ways to identify and capture leads contentThese are prospects who are alreadyCapture contact information for looking for you! follow-up23 24. Energize the Channels and the Community - Dialogue SOA Social Vital Stats50% of online Americans use social networking services (SNS)U.S. SNS users grew 10% last yearU.S. advertising spend on SNS will double over the next four years from $1.3 billion in 2008 to $2.6 billion in 2012Lotus Live Lotus ConnectionsSources: U.S. Internet Advertising 20082012 Forecast and Analysis: Defying Economic Crisis (IDC #212149, May 2008), U.S. Online Consumer Behaviors Survey (August 2007), U.S. Consumer Online Attitudes Survey, (June 2008) 24Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 25. Energize the Channels and the Community - Dialogue Serious GamingWidgetsSocial NetworksBlogs Twitter 25 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 26. Energize the Channels and the Community Dialogue Used for promotions, customer Links to Other service and community building Social Media activities Facebook Who you follow RSS Video influences your Idea Factory followers Flickr28 Twitter StreamsBoards Blogs 8 Non-EnglishGeo-Specific Tool Chest / search Tweets for company/keywords - See who follows you and follow them & - shorten URLs to a bare minimum - Schedule tweets & much more - Breaks Twitter feeds into bite-sized pieces 26Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 27. Energize the Channels: Streisand EffectDef. an attempt to censor or remove information thatbackfires, causing the information to be widelypublicized;The Net interprets censorship as damageand routes around it.quot;John Gilmore 27Source: Chris Muir / Tampa Tribune / CaliforniaCoastline.orgSource: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 28. Leads and Revenue Campaign EffectivenessShow Me the Money!ResponseSectionManagement Section Campaign Analysis Reports Leads & VLRDashboards The New Metrics Install Base ReportsPipelineContributionSection28Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 29. Leads and RevenueShow Me the Money! Frequency of relevant conversationsConversations mention the brand on popular communitiesConversions to Relationships relationships to purchasesSource: Forrester Research 29 30. Putting it All Together Basic RecipeGoals Greater volume of leads through more web trafficImprove conversion through positive experienceTraditional Tactics Add on Marketing 2.0 TacticsCo-sponsor events Online polling to build agendas, Facebook andLinkedIn profiles and groups help share information,offers and encourage conversations around targetedtopicsStatic web bannersBlog feed bannerNewsletters Interactive signature, drive to widget downloadSponsorshipsMicrosite Video/Blog comments, user ratings of offersEmail blast to rented lists Register for mobile alertsSponsored webcastsLive chat, user-generated forum30Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 31. Putting it All Together Advanced RecipeGoals: Greater loyalty through community collaboration Improve conversion through positive experience Traditional TacticsAdd on Marketing 2.0 TacticsSMEs speak or work peds at SMEs to post relevant comments, links,events podcasts, links on existing community sitesUser/Customer Group meetings Establish an online communitySet up a board of advisors (or Target specific focused blogs andsales focus group to get communities to help influence sentiment andfeedback on your strategy or get feedback on positioning and productstest your messagingPush branded messagesCreate two-way channel for your brand - Facilitate creation of community generated content - videos, podcasts and allow users to remix & comment socially31Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 32. Blogs and Education - Potential usesReplacing standard class web pagesProfessor-written blogs which cover interesting developments thatrelate to the theme of the courseOrganization of in-class discussionOrganization of intensive seminars where students have to provideweekly summaries of the readingsRequiring students to write their own blogs as part of their gradeHenry Farrell, Crooked Timber 32 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 33. SlideShare Potential UsesDisseminating lecture material for revision purposesDiscuss lecture material using the comments feature to aidunderstandingAs a student assignment assessing virtual presentation skillsFind other presentations on your topic - save reinventing thewheelBuilding up a body of resources over time on a particulartopicDrawing together conference / seminar materials using acommon tag or keyword33 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 34. 34 35. Twitter and Potential Uses Pointers to online resources based around acourseStudent reminders about deadlinesBreaking down barriers and getting to knowothers over this quot;virtual water coolerquot;Keeping up to date for you and studentsInstant lecture feedback - are you Twitteringabout this presentation?35 36. 36 Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 37. Top 5 Dos to Marketing 2.0 1. Keep your eyes on Profit Generation2. Remember Marketing is about intimate relationships3. Leverage the power of Web 2.04. Understand the value of the Influencer5. Tune your Marketing Mix 37Source: New Language of Marketing 2.0, 2009 38. How to Order the Book Available Now Amazon Kindle Barnes & Noble Borders IBM Press Books 38 39. Resources media links Motrim Moms ad: Moms backlash: Coke and Mentos experiment #137: IBM Virtual Data Center: SOA Swapd Video: Intel Centrino user-created video: My Virtual Model: SmartSOA Virtual Forum: Innov8 Intro: 39 40. Lotus Education in Social MediaLotus Education TwitterLotus Education User Group on LinkedInLotus Training YouTube ChannelLotus Training and Certification 40 41. Q&A 41