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Lohs historical fiction

May 13, 2015




  • 1.Ms. Doyle District Librarian Historical Fiction Research

2. Image Attibution: 3. 4.

  • What do you think about using these sites for research?
  • Thumbs up, down or sideways:
  • Wikipedia CNN
  • Yahoo Answers Gale PowerSearch
  • The New York Times Printed book
  • The World BookPersonal website
  • Encyclopedia


  • Evaluating Information
  • Dont believe everythingyou read
  • Who publishes the site?.gov, .edu, .com? Who wrote it and what makes them an expert?
  • Always comparemultiple sources

Image Attribution: 6. Image Attribution:

  • Take 1 minute to talk to the person sitting next to you:
  • When should you use Wikipedia?
  • To get a quick overview of your research topic?
  • As the main source of information for your research paper?
  • When reading about a pop culture topic of personal interest?
  • When making an important decision about your health?
  • To see what sources the articles authors used?
  • Share opinions with the class.


  • 1. Get basic information about your topic: Grolier, World Book, Culturegrams
  • 2. Go more in-depth:
  • ABC-CLIO History databases
  • 3. Find very specific information/articles:
  • Gale PowerSearch
  • DO NOW: Find these five sources on your bookmark.
  • -- Mark Culturegrams, Grolier or World book with the number 1
  • -- ABC-CLIO with a 2
  • -- Gale PowerSearch with a 3

Recommended Sources 8. How toFind Databases/Catalog A. Goto yourschool website B. ClickLibraryin the menu, then chooseLibrary Home Page You can also find link to database passwords on Library Home Page (must log in to Edline) 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Other Resources

  • Library of Congress (U.S. history)

21. Other Resources

  • Library of Congress (U.S. history)
  • Look for terms like narratives, primary sources, documents, diaries, journals, voices of. . .

22. Other Resources

  • Museums & university websites


  • Contact me atdoylem @ loswego
  • At LOHS on Mondays (usually) and Fridays (sometimes)

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