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LIVE - Creative Communities

May 30, 2018



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  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    lord mayors welcome

    Welcome to the rst editionof Brisbane City CouncilsLIVE: Arts Culture Events.

    LIVE is a new name for an oldfavourite City Entertainment.Brisbane is leading the charge tobecome a creative and vibrant newworld city, and our thriving arts andcultural scene helps highlight this.

    Since 1941, Council has had aproud history of delivering a freeand much acclaimed program of

    city entertainment. Today, LIVErepresents an evolution of thatentertainment to an innovative,socially inclusive and diverseprogram that embodies manyfacets of music, festivals, culturalactivities and projects.

    LIVE provides musicians, artists,performers and anyone with acreative air with a credible outletto perform to an audience anddevelop their talents.

    For the people of Brisbane, LIVEevents are there to enjoy. Tensof thousands of members of thecommunity attend Council eventsevery year and get a taste of whatthe Brisbane arts and entertainmentcommunity has to offer.

    LIVEs new format includes regularsections where you will nd oldfavourites including Councils longestablished Tuesday lunchtimeconcerts, now known as Music thatResonates or Bands in Parks, alongwith an exciting new program inKing George Square.

    In the features section youlldiscover highlights for the season,including Get Loud NationalYouth Week, a program lled withhip-hop demonstrations, markets,workshops and a youth artsshowcase featuring Brisbanes youthat their very best.

    In 2010, the award winning hip-hop and R&B festival Stylin UP

    notches up its 10th year. Working inpartnership with the Inala Stylin UPCommunity Crew, this imaginativefestival sees our Indigenous youthshine and provides them witha forum to translate traditionalstorytelling and dance into newgenres of dance and performance.

    Councils Senior Superstarquestthrows the spotlight on the talentand energy of our over 55s.Through a series of auditions,heats, semi-nals and one glitteringgrand nal, Senior Superstarhasproven an enormous hit since beingestablished in 2005.

    LIVE is for Brisbane. Whether youentertain or want to be entertained,LIVE is for you to enjoy.

    Campbell Newman



  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    quickguideGet Loud National Youth Week 04

    Silent DJ Party 06

    Battle City 10

    Talkin Jazz 12

    Senior Superstar 14

    Corroborree 16

    Stylin UP 17

    Big, Bold and Brassy 20

    Art Bites 21

    Inhabit Fiesta 22

    Saviours of the Lost Arts 28

    Fte de la Musique Brisbane 30

    World Refugee Day 32

    Out of the Box 35

    Live in the Libraries 36

    Brisbane Powerhouse turns 10 38

    Live @ King George Square 40

    Bands in Parks 50

    Music that Resonates 58

    Community Festivals 62









    To receive your own copy of LIVE in the post call 3403 8888

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    GET LOUD is the Brisbane arm ofNational Youth Week a chancefor Brisbanes youth to let looseand open their creative minds.

    King George Square, BrisbaneSquare Library and many suburbanlibraries will become a bustling hubof activity and events showcasingthe energy and enthusiasm ofBrisbanes young people.

    For information about theworkshops (including mangaworkshops, short lm makingworkshops, song writing andperformance workshop and heapsmore) visit

    Presented byBrisbane City Council

    get loud -nationalyouth

    weekDATE Friday 9 Saturday 17 April


    04 05

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    silent dj party

    DATE Friday 9 April VENUE King George Square


    Brisbane will dance to thenew craze sweeping the world the silent disco.

    Silent discos have become thebiggest and most unusual sensationat festivals around the world.

    Tune into your favourite DJ fromwireless headphones DJ Baconspins old school hip-hop, funk andsoul, rivalled by DJ Danny Coolplaying contemporary pop, rockand R&B, and get set to dance outof sync and sing out of tune.

    sports day

    King George Square will betransformed into a schoolyardplayground with handball, elastics,board and computer games andother activities to get active andhave a laugh.

    DATE Saturday 10 April VENUE King George Square

    TIME 10am 6pm COST FREE



    06 07

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    youth arts showcase

    Brisbanes young and emergingartists come out to shine.

    See their work, hear them play andwander amongst their wares ondisplay. Music, circus, visual arts andcomedy: is there a better way tospend the last Saturday of National

    Youth Week?

    DATE Saturday 17 April VENUE King George Square

    TIME 2pm 7pm COST FREE


    battle city

    DATE Friday 16 April VENUE King George Square


    The ultimate hip-hop block partyinvades Brisbanes CBD.

    Now in its ninth year, Battle Citysees b-boys and b-girls in teamsof four face off to a soundtrackof high energy hip-hop and funkas all endeavour to take out thecash prize.

    Turning up the volume will besome of Australias best established

    and emerging artists includingDJ Mathmatics, Rainman, B GirlDemilition, Yuinhuzami, Liones,

    MC Que, DJ Bacon and more.

    Free open air event for the wholefamily to enjoy.

    Presented by Brisbane City Councilin association with Knee Deep




    10 11

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Presented by Brisbane City Council inassociation with Brisbane Jazz Club

    DATE Third Saturday of each month. 17 April, 15 May, 19 June

    TIME 2pm 5pm

    VENUE Brisbane Jazz Club, 1 Annie Street, Kangaroo Point

    COST Jams are free, however bookings essential

    Jam sessions

    Budding musicians and singers

    are invited to the world of jazz.Professional artists lead participantsthrough interactive discussions,hands-on workshops and a guided

    jam session.

    DATE Monday 28 June Sunday 11 July

    TIME Various

    VENUE Brisbane Jazz Club, 1 Annie Street, Kangaroo Point

    COST $110 visit and download a

    registration form

    Performance Intensive

    High school aged musicians and

    singers can register for a two weekintensive workshop, mentoring and

    jamming culminating in a showcaseperformance.

    talkin jazz

    Learn about jazz, meet like-mindedindividuals, form groups andlearn from the best.

    12 13

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    senior superstar

    When the curtain goes up each yearon Australias largest establishedtalent contest for seniors, Senior

    Superstar the talent and energyof Brisbanes over 55s goes on showwith spectacular fun and energy.

    Whether it be a Frank Sinatrarendition, a classic from LesMiserables, high energy tap ortango dancing, a poetry readingor even a farmyard yodel, theseseniors prove life at 55+ is anythingbut dull and mundane.


    Have you got what it takes to

    win Brisbanes largest talentcompetition? Go on have a shot,strut your stuff or encourage yourfriend, neighbour or family memberto enter.

    All auditions and heats are freeto register and attend with nobookings required.

    Presented byBrisbane City Council

    WHEN 9am 1pm, Saturday 15 May

    VENUE Ground Floor, Wesley House, 140 Ann Street, Brisbane City

    WHEN 2pm, Sunday 13 June

    VENUE Arana Leagues Club, Dawson Parade, Keperra

    WHEN 2pm, Sunday 20 June

    VENUE Geebung-Zillmere Services Club, Corner Newman Road andCollings Street, Geebung

    WHEN 2pm, Sunday 27 June

    VENUE Norths Leagues Club, Corner Franklin and Amelia Street,




    14 15

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities



    DATE Friday 28 May VENUE King George Square

    TIME 5.30pm 9pm COST FREE

    Corroboree brings together manyof the traditional Aboriginal andTorres Strait Islander dance groups

    from across South East Queensland.

    This event is an opportunity fordancers to showcase their danceskills and diverse styles and foraudiences to celebrate with pridethe culture of Australias FirstPeoples.

    Presented by the Aboriginal andTorres Strait Islander traditionaldance groups of Brisbane and

    proudly supported by BrisbaneCity Council.

    stylin up

    DATE Saturday 29 May VENUE CJ Greenfelds SportsComplex, Inala

    TIME 12noon 8pm COST FREE

    Pride in Self, Pride in Community,Pride in Culture

    Now in its 10th year, Stylin UPboasts a proud history of presentingAustralias nest Indigenous hip-hopand R&B artists. Emerging artistsperform alongside nationally-established and internationally-

    recognised musicians in a programdesigned to nurture the nextgeneration of Indigenous talent.

    An initiative of the Indigenouscommunity of Inala and BrisbaneCity Council.

    16 17

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    in ocus: stylin up

    Now in its tenth year, Stylin UPis Australias largest Aboriginaland Torres Strait Islander hip-hop

    and cultural festival, proudlyowned by the Aboriginal andTorres Strait Islander Communityof Inala through the Stylin UPCommunity Crew in partnership

    with Brisbane City Council.

    Dr Chelsea Bond, who has beenattending and involved in the eventsince its inception, is amazed with

    its growth. Not only has it grown,it has matched the changing face ofour community, she explains.

    The award winning program, whichhas been lauded as a successfulcollaboration between thegovernment and the community, ismore than just a festival presentingtop quality acts. Behind the scenesa series of workshops engage

    local children and young people

    throughout the year and seekto give them the condence toperform in front of thousands.These workshops instill the festivalsethos ofPride in Self, Pride inCommunity, Pride in Culture.

    The workshops culminate withyoung people performing as partof Stylin UP at the end of May.

    Young people have grown throughthis process. Ive seen youngparticipants in workshops whoare now working as arts workers,helping the next generation comethrough, which is really exciting tosee that theyve travelled with theprogram over a number of years,Dr Bond explains.

    Community elder Kelvin Lui haswatched the program develop over

    the last decade and is proud ofthe festivals impact on the youngpeople in the South-WesternSuburbs. Ive seen positive thingshappen from Stylin UP for youngpeople, which has always beena priority for the elders in thecommunity, he emphasises.We like to see our young peopledoing positive things, keeping outof trouble its the changing, new

    face of Inala.

    Its a sentiment echoed byDr Bond, who explains thesuccessful collaboration betweenCouncil and the community. Thisis one of the rst events that Iveseen thats actually engaged withour community, with our strengths,and thats really unique. Stylin UPover the last ten years has askedthe community what is good about

    your community that we can usefor this major festival, and thatto me changes the psyche of acommunity.

    The festival now attracts over15,000 people annually from allover Australia, and is recognisedas the largest Aboriginal andTorres Straight Islander youthhip-hop event in Australia. And

    while its roots will always centreon Aboriginal and Torres StraitIslander culture, both Kelvin andChelsea agree that its an event forthe entire community. Inala todayis a multicultural community, saysKelvin, so its for young peopleright across the board.

    Stylin UP 2010 takes place atCJ Greenelds Sports Complex,Inala, on Saturday May 29.

    18 19

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    big, bold and brassy

    Witness Brisbane bands in alltheir glory.

    Brass bands, 60 piece concertbands, pipe bands, stage bandsand a calypso steel band getmobile and take to the streets,led in parade by giant colourfulpuppets.

    Sing, dance and marvel at a diverseand distinguished repertoire ofmusic from latin to jazz, swing

    to blues.

    Presented byBrisbane City Council

    DATE Saturday 19 June VENUE Starts Reddacli Place,through Queen StreetMall, fnishing at King

    George Square

    TIME 11am 2pm

    art bites

    I like cars.

    I like gardening.

    And I like making art.

    Get in touch with your creativeside at these free community artclasses. With everything from lifedrawing to metal sculpture on offer,

    and friendly facilitators guiding youthrough every step of the way, nowis the perfect time to create.

    For more information call Councilon 07 3403 8888

    Presented by Brisbane City Council

    DATE May June VENUE Community halls,shopping centres andarts spaces across



    20 21

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities




    Brisbanes hottest artists reclaimthe lonely spaces and unexpectedplaces of our city.

    Over three huge weeks in June ourlaneways will come to life with yingcircus performers, indie bands,multi-media, roving artists andmuch more.

    Inhabit Fiesta is a celebrationof laneways, hidden nooks andcrannies of our city centre. Ignite

    your imagination as these spacesare transformed through a colourfularray of events, performances andoutdoor exhibitions.

    Presented byBrisbane City Council

    DATE Friday 11

    Sunday 27 June

    WHERE Brisbane CBD Laneways



    22 23

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    sounds like brisbane

    Brisbanes best independent recordlabels showcase Brisbanes greatmusical talent to bring a number

    of the citys most intriguing andquaint laneway spaces alive all inone big night.

    Sounds Like Brisbane is a collectiveof labels such as Dew Process,Plus One, Valve, Starving Kids,

    SUGARRUSH, Room 40, SomeoneGood, Red Tape, LoFly Pinnacles,Turkeyneck, Mere Noise, El Nino

    El Nino and more.

    In association withSounds Like Brisbane

    alleyway 109

    DATE Friday 18 June WHERE CBD Laneways

    DATE Friday 11, 18 and25 June

    WHERE Metro Arts Lane,109 Edward Street,

    Brisbane City

    Brisbanes home for independentartists, Metro Arts, is handing overits laneway to three different artistic

    collectives over three Friday nights.

    Journey through this unique space retted and remixed for yourimmersion and spill out into the

    FreeRange Bar to relax under thestars in Metros backyard.

    In association with Metro Arts






    24 25

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Admire quality crafts, purchase your

    very own Brisbane-made creationand enjoy the winter sunshine atthe Lost Arts Craft Fair.

    If youre a craft enthusiast keen

    to display your wares wed loveto hear from you, email

    Craftist = a creative and

    crafty personFrom craft masters to starters,come and learn new skills, sharecreative ideas and make beautifulthings at the Saviours of the LostArts workshop program a series of

    talks, demonstrations and hands on

    sessions about arts, crafts and socialenterprise.

    For more information call Councilon 07 3403 8888.

    Presented by Brisbane City Council.

    DATE Monday 24 May Saturday 5 June

    VENUE Various, or more inormation call 3403 8888


    DATE Tuesday 1 June VENUE King George Square

    TIME 10am 6pm COST FREE

    lost arts crat air workshop program


    saviours o the lost arts

    28 29

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Make music everywhere!

    Brisbane joins the worldwide chorus

    of the largest international livemusic event. Originally establishedin France in 1982, today Fte isheld in more than 350 cities acrossthe globe.

    Hundreds of musical acts signedand unsigned, established and new,famous and emerging all performfor the community in the true andunique spirit of Fte de la Musique.

    With no auditions, no critics, justsimply a celebration of music,Fte de la Musique Brisbane is

    accessible to any musician orperformer regardless of musicalstyle or ability.

    Presented by Brisbane City Councilin partnership with BrisbaneMarketing and Alliance Franaiseand in association with Starving Kids.


    To perform, volunteer, or get your venue or school involved,

    register online for performers and venues close Friday 7 May.

    DATE Monday 21 June

    TIME 7am till late

    VENUE Locations across Brisbane including untraditional venues,visit or more details


    te de la musique brisbane


    Did you know?

    Across the world, Fte de la Musique takes place every year on21 June, the day of the northern hemispheres summer solstice.For Brisbane, it is our winter solstice, and luckily for us, ourtropical weather is perfect for outdoor celebrations.

    This year it is on a Monday!

    30 31

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    DATE Sunday 27 June VENUE Annerley Soccer ClubFields, Ridge andJuliette Streets, Annerley

    TIME 10am 5pm


    Brisbane celebrates its newlyarrived refugee communities ina festival of sport and culture.

    World Refugee Day CommunityFestival is a colourful and engagingfamily event showcasing thediversity and talent of refugeecommunities in Brisbane.

    Experience both traditional andcontemporary music and song,costume and dance, visual artsand crafts exhibitions. Sample

    delicious food from around theworld and participate in a variety ofworkshops.

    Community teams will competefor the World Refugee Day SoccerCup cheered on by crowds ofenthusiastic fans.

    Watch the volley ball competition ortry out many of the other activitiesavailable on the day includingamusement rides, an animal farm,and traditional handicrafts.

    world reugee day

    Presented by Brisbane City Councilin association with MulticulturalDevelopment Association



    32 33

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    cultural connections

    Discover and celebrate thediverse indigenous culturesof Burma.

    Find out more about thesefascinating cultures and theirpeople, with a plethora of activitieson offer including workshops,performances and childrens events.

    For more information call Councilon 07 3403 8888.

    Presented byBrisbane City Council

    DATE April June VENUE Across Northside Libraries:Chermside, Zillmere,Banyo and Nundah

    TIME Check Northsidelibraries or details


    out o the box

    QPACs festival for childreneight years and under.

    Featuring a week of performancesand workshops including WindmillTheatres Grug, Lemony SnicketsThe Composer is Dead, Piratesby Flying Fruit Fly Circus, PatchTheatre Company production ofMr McGee and the Biting Flea,

    Circa On Airplus arts, craft andmusic workshops, free exhibitions,lms, and loads of storytelling,

    music and dance.

    Presented by QPAC and supportedby Brisbane City Council

    DATE Tuesday 8 Monday 14 June

    VENUE QPAC and Cultural Centre,Southbank


    34 35

    t th lib

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Brisbane libraries are not connedto books and reading. Brisbane CityCouncils ever popular free musical

    program in libraries will continue toradiate and sound off through June.

    Presented byBrisbane City Council

    composers go to the library

    Ever wondered what Beethoven read? Music and literature have longbeen intertwined.

    Donald Hall, performing on the rarely heard chromatic harp, presentsa program written by famous composers in response to literary works.

    the baritone hero or villain?

    Opera Queensland baritone Jim Coady recalls the music which inspiredhim from the golden era of Nelson Eddy, Peter Dawson and John CharlesThomas.

    the vibes tales o a modern instrument


    The vibraphone, popularised during 1930s jazz, was invented in 1921to add to the range of sounds and effects used in vaudeville. Join DavidMontgomery, Principal Percussionist with The Queensland Orchestra,lecturer in percussion at the Queensland Conservatorium and ArtisticDirector of Isorhythmos Percussion Ensemble, as he talks and playsthrough the history of this wonderful instrument.

    WHEN 11am Tuesday 8 June VENUE Everton Park Library

    WHEN 11am Thursday 10 June VENUE Grange LibraryWHEN 11.30am Thursday 17 June VENUE Nundah Library

    WHEN 11am Tuesday 22 June VENUE Chermside Library

    WHEN 11am Friday 18 June VENUE Inala Library

    WHEN 11am Monday 21 June VENUE Sunnybank Hills Library

    WHEN 11am Wednesday 23 June VENUE Bracken Ridge Library

    WHEN 11am Monday 28 June VENUE Toowong Library

    WHEN 10.30am Wednesday 16 June VENUE Wynnum Library

    WHEN 1.30pm Wednesday 16 June VENUE Bulimba Library

    WHEN 10.30am Thursday 17 June VENUE Faireld Library

    WHEN 1.30pm Thursday 17 June VENUE Carindale Library

    live in the libraries

    36 37


  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    This year marks the tenthanniversary of BrisbanePowerhouse opening as a

    contemporary arts centre.The past decade has seen theformer power station rapidly growinto the cultural icon it is todaythrough its commitment to creatingand presenting world class eventsranging from dance and theatre tomusic, comedy, lm and more.

    As part of its 2026 Vision for acreative, vibrant and world classcity, Council has developed the

    Creative Substation Strategy.

    The strategy continues to transformdisused substations into creativearts spaces for artists, designers, orarts organisations, with the intentionto facilitate young and emergingartists to grow and develop theirown creative initiatives.

    Everyone is invited to celebrate byheading to Brisbane Powerhousefor their birthday party. An

    exciting program of free eventswill be available, check

    Brisbane Powerhouse is anot-for-prot organisationowned and supported by theBrisbane City Council.

    Currently Substation No.7(Paddington) houses a number ofarts organisations, while Substation

    No.9 (Norman Park) is a partnershipbetween Council, Arts Queenslandand Metro Arts, providing low rentstudio spaces for artists.

    In 2010 Substation No.8 (Kedron)will become the third Councilowned facility in the vibrant andcreative substations network.

    An initiative ofBrisbane City Council

    brisbane powerhouse is ten subarts

    In 2000 Brisbane City Council converted a decommissionedpower station in New Farm into a contemporary multi-artsvenue. Ten years on Brisbane Powerhouse has become adistinct landmark, both as a stunning industrial creation

    and as a hub for everything creative.


    DATE Sunday 16 May VENUE Brisbane Powerhouse,New Farm


    38 39

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Brisbanes civic heart has a newlook. Brisbane City Council isturning our much loved square intoa playground of culture, markets,activities and events in a programdesigned for all ages to embracethis special place.

    Try out dance workshops, enjoyan afternoon band, celebrateBrisbanes young artists, or relaxwith a coffee. King George Squarehas a little something for everyone.

    Presented byBrisbane City Council.

    live kinggeorgesquare



  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities



    Look out for the red square withthis exciting new theatre programfeaturing specially commissioned

    works by local performancecollectives.

    Each night a different group willcreate brand new, original work thatresponds to King George Square

    and the audience.

    Presented by Brisbane City Councilin association with Metro Arts andPlaylab Inc

    DATE Fridays: 7 May,21 May, 4 June

    VENUE King George Square

    TIME 6pm, 7pm and 8pm COST FREE

    bands in the square

    WHEN 2pm, Sunday 11 April

    Brodie Mcallister Jazz Orchestra

    A dynamic and exciting jazz outt.

    WHEN 3pm, Sunday 9 May

    Brisbane Brass

    One of Australias premierbrass bands.

    Queensland Wind and Brass

    Almost 60 musicians playing lightclassics and jazz standards.

    WHEN 3pm, Sunday 6 June

    WHEN 6pm, Friday 30 April

    Ensemble Satsang

    A mix of jazz standards and theirown new work.



    VENUE King George Square COST FREE


  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    square eyes

    Dr No (1962)Starring Sean Connery andUrsula Andress

    WHEN 7pm, Friday 23 April

    Brisbane City Council bringsmoonlight, under-the-stars moviemagic to King George Square

    each month. Bring your own picnicblanket and cushions to sit back andenjoy these classics.

    Limited seating available. All lmssuitable for all ages PG or G rated.

    VENUE King George Square


    The Adventures ofRobin Hood (1938)Starring Errol Flynn, OliviaDeHavilland, Claude Rains.

    WHEN 7pm, Friday 18 June

    The Awful Truth (1937)Starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunn

    WHEN 7pm, Friday 21 May

    Board games are universal,timeless and fun. Each month,play on large-scale classics or

    bring your favourite board game.

    These workshops are a great wayfor young people from differentcultural backgrounds to meet

    others, express their stories andlearn new creative skills.

    Presented by Brisbane City Councilin association with Contact Inc

    DATE Thursday 29 AprilThursday 27 MayThursday 24 June

    TIME 5pm 9pm

    VENUE King George Square


    DATE Saturdays10 April 5 June

    TIME 10.30am 2pm

    VENUE King George Square


    games night decisive


  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Join the festivities as we reecton the last 80 years and share ouraspirations for the future as we work

    toward restoring Brisbane City Hallfor future generations.

    City Hall will be opening its doorsfor free guided tours, allowingpeople to see the progress of therestoration and get an appreciationfor the task ahead.

    Presented byBrisbane City Council

    DATE Thursday 8 April VENUE King George Square

    TIME 7am 2pm COST FREE

    city halls 80th birthday

    These twilight markets are forbudding ethical consumers lookingfor gifts and treasures that are

    unique, well-made, with a little souland a lot of style.

    Local designers and crafters will setup and sell their wares every threemonths on a Friday evening in KingGeorge Square.

    Presented by BrisStyle Inc andsupported by Brisbane City Council.

    DATE Friday 30 April VENUE King George Square

    TIME 5pm 9pm COST FREE

    twilight markets


    circus break

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Brisbane City Council invites youto get energised, inspired andconnected with free or low cost

    tness activities for everyone of allages and all tness levels.

    Learn circus moves such as juggling, hula-hoops, balancing and more.Great for all ages and abilities.

    DATE Tuesdays from 13 April

    TIME 12pm 1pm

    VENUE Near the Coffee Hit, King George Square

    COST Gold coin donation, no booking required

    lunchtime ftness class

    Get out of the ofce, move and be re-energised. Boxing, weights, circuittraining and active games suitable for all tness levels. BYO towel andwater bottle.

    DATE Wednesdays from 14 April

    TIME 12pm 1pm

    VENUE The Deck, King George Square

    COST $5 per person per class, bookings essential, call 0415 823 192

    bollywood un and ftness

    Bollywood dance fuses Indian classical and folk forms with Western dancemoves, producing a fun and energetic dance style. BYO water bottle.

    DATE Wednesdays from 21 April

    TIME 5.30pm 6.30pm

    VENUE The Deck, King George Square

    COST Free, bookings essential, call 07 5495 5458

    DATE Thursdays from 15 April

    TIME 12pm 1pm

    VENUE The Deck, King George Square

    COST Free, bookings essential, call 0410 645 552

    sel deence

    Learn to move your body and break free from any attackers grasp withminimal damage. BYO towel, water bottle and comfortable clothing.

    active and healthy KGS


    Friday 2 April All About KidsIma

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    bands in

    parksree music in your avourite brisbane parks

    Brisbane City Council has onceagain composed a program ofrelaxing outdoor concerts in someof Brisbanes best loved parksin Bracken Ridge, the City,

    East Brisbane, Holland Park,

    Kangaroo Point, Paddington,Manly, New Farm, Newstead,Seventeen Mile Rocks, andShorncliffe.

    Presented by Brisbane City Council.

    y p

    Band concert and screening ofMamma Mia in the park

    Brisbane Symphonic Band Swing!conducted by Terry Million playingfavourite Abba tunes from themovie. Night markets, food stallsand kids amusements.

    TIME 6pm

    VENUE Little Bayside Park,Manly Esplanade, Manly

    Sunday 11 April

    Caribbean Cocktail

    River City Steel Band playingcalypso, reggae and favouritepop tunes.

    TIME 2pm

    VENUE Captain Burke Park,Holman Street,Kangaroo Point


    The St John Ambulance ConcertBand conducted by Major IvanCocking with a repertoire of tunesfrom favourite Broadway musicals.

    TIME 2pm

    VENUE Riverside Rocks Park,Counihan Road,Seventeen Mile Rocks

    Brisbane Brass 3 conducted by BillBarker. Dance and sing along to therhythm of a brass band or have a goat conducting a band, help out thepercussion section with lots of funinstruments to shake and hit.

    TIME 2pm

    VENUE Gregory Park, BaroonaRoad, Paddington

    Sunday 18 April

    Music of the Battalions

    Brisbane Brass conducted byJon Christo will commemoratethose who served.

    TIME 2.30pm

    VENUE Newstead House,Breakfast Creek Road,Newstead

    Psalm for Brass

    Brisbane City Temple SalvationArmy Band conducted by StuartLang.

    TIME 2pm

    VENUE City Botanic Gardens,Alice Street, Brisbane


  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Brass Class for Kids Sunday 16 May

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Tijuana Brass

    Sunnybank Brass conducted byLouisa Smith with a selection oftunes from south of the border.

    TIME 2pmVENUE Captain Burke Park,

    Holman Street, KangarooPoint

    South Brisbane Federal Bandconducted by Ben Crocker withchildrens favourites, Disney tunesand cool percussion.

    TIME 2pm

    VENUE Riverside Rocks Park,

    Counihan Road,Seventeen Mile Rocks

    Latin Celebration

    St John Ambulance Concert Bandconducted by Major Ivan Cockingwith lively Latin rhythms and SouthAmerican moods from tango tobossa nova.

    TIME 2pmVENUE Mowbray Park, Park

    Avenue, East Brisbane

    City Beat Brass

    The sensational Brisbane Brassconducted by Jon Christo,playing a blend of traditional andcontemporary brass arrangements.

    TIME 3pm

    VENUE King George Square,Ann Street, Brisbane City

    Arks, Parks and Indiana Jones

    Brisbane Symphonic Bandconducted by Stefanie Smith,playing tunes from Indiana Jones,Raiders of the Lost Ark as well asFanfare for the Common Man.

    TIME 2.30pm

    VENUE Newstead House,Breakfast Creek Road,Newstead

    Brass by the Sea

    Brisbane Brass 2 conducted byJosh McKechie playing easylistening favourites from the50s, 60s and 70s.

    TIME 2pm

    VENUE Upper Moora Park,Park Parade, Shorncliffe

    Sunday 23 May

    Island Vibes

    Soak up the sounds of the

    River City Steel Band playing aselection of calypso rhythms andreggae classics.

    TIME 2pm

    VENUE New Farm Park Rotunda,Brunswick Street,New Farm

    Sunday 9 May

    Mothers Day in the Park Manlys music and arts markets

    Sunnybank Swing play a toe-tapping concert of big band chart

    toppers harbour side at Manly fora Mothers Day treat.

    TIME 11am

    VENUE Little Bayside Park,Manly Esplanade, ManlyHarbour Village


    Double Feature Brass Band Boogie

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Yellow Cabs Bayside Brassconducted by Ivan Cocking and

    joined by special guests IonaCollege Concert Band conductedby Peter Francis.

    TIME 1.30pm

    VENUE Bandstand Park, UpperEsplanade, Wynnum

    Backyard Bonanza

    Tony Ashbys All Stars entertaincrowds at Backyard Bonanza.

    TIME 12pm

    VENUE McPherson Park, DenhamRoad, Bracken Ridge

    Sunday 30 May

    Beach Boys to Basin Street

    Brass Roots Live with the fabulousPeter Vance singing tunes from theBeach Boys to swing classics.

    TIME 11am

    VENUE City Botanic Gardens,Alice Street, Brisbane City

    Windsor Brass conducted byMichael Purtle

    TIME 2pm

    VENUE Mt Coot-tha BotanicalGardens, Mt Coot-thaRoad, Toowong

    How Sweet It Is!

    Still Standing, a six-piece band thatrocks with soul.

    TIME 1pm

    VENUE Bulimba Memorial Park,Oxford Street, Bulimba

    Sunday 6 JuneClassics of Wind and Brass

    Queensland Wind and Brassconducted by Paul Kucharski (withnearly 60 musicians) will present avaried repertoire of light classics,

    jazz standards and movie themes.

    TIME 3pm

    VENUE King George Square,Ann Street, Brisbane City

    Sunday 20 June

    La Musique Magnique

    Windsor Brass conducted byMichael Purtle presenting a

    French avoured program.

    TIME 2.30pm

    VENUE Newstead House,Breakfast Creek Road,Newstead

    Sunday 27 June

    Train Day

    South Brisbane Federal Bandconducted by Ben Crocker.

    Kids can enjoy real steam trainrides organised by the BrackenRidge Central Lions club from10am 3pm.

    TIME 11am

    VENUE McPherson Park, DenhamRoad, Bracken Ridge


    Jazz Ladies Tell Heaven

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    music that resonates

    Free Tuesday lunchtimes harmoniously

    connecting music and architecture.Despite City Halls temporaryclosure, Brisbane City Councilcontinues its much loved Tuesdaylunchtime concerts in the Citysbeautiful churches and cathedrals.

    Doors open 30 minutes prior toconcert.

    Amazing melodies, chamber musicor classic sounds reverberate inthe acoustic and majestic settingsof lofty cathedral ceilings, facetedstone and elegant calm.

    Presented byBrisbane City Council.

    Presented by Clare Hansson andLyn Gillett.

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 6 April

    VENUE City Tabernacle BaptistChurch

    On Angels Wings

    A classical concert with sopranoDana Kingsford performingalongside classical guitarist JosephMeyers and ute/harp duo, SophieManoharan and Ingrid Bauer.

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 13 April

    VENUE Albert Street UnitingChurch

    World music concertfeaturing Mzaza

    This six-piece Brisbane groupcombines sounds from East andWest with a repertoire spanningclassical Turkish tunes fused with

    jazz-style improvisation vocals, toFrench chanson, and interpretationsof Sephardic/Spanish songs.

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 20 April

    VENUE St Andrews UnitingChurch

    Brisbane singer-songwriter andveteran performer, Leah Cotterellperforming gospel greats with JohnRodgers (ddle and vocals), CoojeeTimms (guitar and vocals), JamieClark (lead guitar and vocals), HelenRussell (bass guitar and vocals) andKym Ambrose (drums).

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 27 April

    VENUE City Tabernacle BaptistChurch

    Australian Army Band Brisbane

    WHEN 11am, Tuesday 4 May

    VENUE St John Anglican


    In Exaltation of Harps andTrumpets

    Harp duo, Sebastien and SayoLipman perform with Clint Allen(trumpet), Lisa Holownia (Frenchhorn), Adrian Head (trombone),Tim Weal (tuba) and Jon Nelson(trumpet).

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 11 May

    VENUE Albert Street UnitingChurch

    58 59

    Talkin Jazz Allstars Opera HourImag

  • 8/9/2019 LIVE - Creative Communities


    Jazz vocalist Melissa Westernsmoothes out some cool jazz withTrevor Hart (trumpet), Tnee Dyer(keys), Locky Hawkins (drums), LukeCarbon (sax), and Max Fowler-Roy(double bass).

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 18 May

    VENUE St Andrews UnitingChurch

    Light Piano and Organ

    Members of the Theatre OrganSociety of Australia (QueenslandDivision Inc), Arthur Midgley andLance Hutchinson will move thewind through the pipes of theorgan creating some grand soundsaccompanied by some light piano.

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 25 May

    VENUE City TabernacleBaptist Church

    World music concert

    The nine-piece Pantastic Steelbandperforms material ranging from

    pop, jazz, calypso, reggae andLatin plus original pieces.

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 1 June

    VENUE The Deck,King George Square

    A melodious hour of favouriteopera, operetta and songtunes from Rising Stars OperaQueenslands Young andDeveloping Artist Program.

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 8 June

    VENUE City Tabernacle BaptistChurch

    Latino Swing

    Tropical Dance Quintet,Queenslands prestigious Latinand swing ensemble, features theelegant and luxurious sounds ofa ve-piece string section playingsome of the greatest jazz swingclassics and Brazils best music.

    WHEN 12pm, Tuesday 15 June

    VENUE Albert Street UnitingChurch

    Sounds of the Organ

    Members of the Organ Societyof Queensland, President StevenNisbet, Director of Music at

    St Andrews.

    WHEN 12pm, Monday 21 June

    VENUE St Andrews UnitingChurch

    Albert Street Uniting Church

    319 Albert Street, Brisbane City

    City Tabernacle Baptist Church

    163 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill

    St Andrews Uniting Church

    299 Ann Street (cnr Ann and CreekStreets, Brisbane City

    St John Anglican Cathedral

    373 Ann Street, Brisbane City

    The Deck

    King George Square, Ann Street,Brisbane City

    venue addresses:


    Sandgate Bluewater Festival

    www bluewaterfestival org au

    Sri Lankan Vesak Festival

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    estivalsAs a new world city, Brisbanestages some spectacular andworld-class events and festivals.Brisbane City Council proudlysupports many of the Citys bestloved events. Entry to most of thesmall suburban festivals is free,

    however those listed at venues mayincur an admission charge, pleasecheck with the festival organiserbefore you arrive.

    DATE Thursday 1 April Friday 2 April

    VENUE Foreshores Sandgate/Shorncliffe

    Buddhas Birthday

    DATE Friday 30 April Sunday 2 May

    VENUE South Bank,South Brisbane

    4MBS Classics

    DATE Throughout MayVENUE Throughout Brisbane

    Caxton Street Seafood Festival

    DATE Sunday 2 May

    VENUE Caxton Street,Petrie Terrace

    Zillmere Multicultural Festival

    DATE Friday 14 May

    VENUE OCallaghan Park,Zillmere

    DATE Saturday 15 May

    VENUE Brisbane MulticulturalArts Centre,Kangaroo Point


    DATE Saturday 22 May Sunday 23 May

    VENUE Musgrave Park,South Brisbane

    Backyard Bonanza

    DATE Sunday 23 May

    VENUE McPherson Park,Bracken Ridge

    Crackerjack Festival

    DATE Friday 4 June Sunday 6 June

    VENUE Clem Jones SportsCentre, Carina

    Brisbane Cheese Tastes

    DATE Monday 13 June Tuesday 14 June

    VENUE Royal on the Park,Brisbane City

    Brisbane Chinese Cultural Festival

    DATE Wednesday 30 June Sunday 4 July

    VENUE Various


    program partners

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    For events and concerts that are

    free no ticket is required, unlessstated. At events, concerts andperformances listed in this brochureNO holding seats for others ispermitted. Patrons are encouragedto arrive on time to secure seating.

    Lunchtime concerts lastapproximately 60 minutes. If late,please wait at the closed doorand an usher will escort you to aseat during a suitable break in theperformance.

    To ensure that you and others getfull enjoyment from a performance,please remember to turn off yourmobile phone and other messagingdevices.

    Council also respectfully remindsyou that, for the composure andconcentration of performers and

    for copyright reasons, taking

    photographs and the use of audioand video recording equipment isstrictly prohibited.

    Information contained in thisbrochure is correct at the time ofprinting. Please note, performancesare subject to change.

    Contact Council on (07) 3403 8888prior to a performance to check ifany changes have been made, or in

    the case of inclement weather.

    For public transport information,visit or phone13 12 30.

    For more information, orcall (07) 3403 8888.

    media partners