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List of Annexure - · PDF file List of Annexure 1) Environment Clearance vide F. No. J-11011/326/2005-IA II(I) Dated 2nd March, 2006. Annexure-1 2) Permission to Establish vide letter

Mar 25, 2020




  • List of Annexure

    1) Environment Clearance vide F. No. J-11011/326/2005-IA II(I) Dated 2nd March, 2006. Annexure-1

    2) Permission to Establish vide letter No.4900/TS/CECB/2004 Dated 29/11/2004 for existing Ferro Alloys Unit along with other manufacturing facilities in Phase-I Annexure-2

    3) Consent to Operate vide letter No.1160 & 1162/TS/CECB/2006 Dated 03/03/2006 under Water & Air Act for existing Ferro Alloys Unit along with other manufacturing facilities in Phase-I Annexure-3

    4) Valid Consent renewal vide letter No. 7696 & 7698/TS/CECB/ 2015 Dated 28/02/2015 under Water & Air Act for existing Ferro Alloys Unit along with other manufacturing facilities in Phase-I Annexure-4

    5) Water Permission Letter Annexure-5

    6) Compliance Status Report submitted to MoEF & CC, Annexure-6 Nagpur & CPCB, Bhopal vide letter dated

    7) Master Layout Drawing showing the location of Annexure-7 Ferro Alloys Plant

    8) Layout Plan of Ferro Alloys Division (Blow up) Annexure-8 with existing & proposed furnaces

    9) Flow Sheet Diagram of existing & proposed Annexure-9 Furnaces of Ferro Alloys Division

    10) Key Plan showing 10 Kms. of radius of the plant location Annexure-10

  • Gopal Typewritten text Annexure-1

  • Gopal Typewritten text Annexure-2

  • Gopal Typewritten text Annexure-3

  • Gopal Typewritten text Annexure-4

  • Gopal Typewritten text Annexure-5

  • Godaweri Pow~r &: lspst limite

    ClN L27105CTl9S9PLCOI37Sb Regislered Office" Work. : PIOl No. 42812,Pha.o I, IndUCI""! Aroa. SIIIRrn,flafpur· 1,03111, Crl,.llh'ju,ll, L,el.

    P: ~ 91 nl 41)$2333. F: +91 nl 408:1254 Corporate I\ddfOB,S: HiraArcade. Near ~;cwBus Stand, Pandri. R(u~jr· 49'2001.ChhaU:sgalh, tn~Hl

    P : + 91 771 40ezoOO,·F : + 5·' 771 40 nl 4057601 "'''\'''\·J.godawaIlpct''''~?81 com, \'\W\v·.h!r:lgroo.,xom

    Copy to: I.Zot1~1Officer CpeE. Bhopal (M.P.) 2. Member Secretary CECn, Raipur (C.G.)

    (General Menagcr-Envsronmcnt)

    Yours fairbfully, [VI. GOl)A'WAJJ/';£.\fS/]OI6·J7, .;?,.~G(,

    ---HIRA- •

    Gopal Typewritten text Annexure-6

  • Conlinuou~ \,\I:)tcr 'jpril'lfding S'y'ltel1i IIQ) u:cII 'nstclled at ali roarls &r,,\'i Inalcri.1 storage yarcl to sUPPiess fvg'itive emissions. BIasI furnace i~not installed In our pIMt:.., _

    WHR!l hild all reatly been ",stalled alonE ""lh FSP in .11 Kilns al'ld ESP ill AF3( Boil~r as pcr load mass based standards ncltir'ed ~y the I Min~;ry on is= Mav. 1993 and ,undards I prescnbed. All APCO'S is belne Jnointained reeularl'l to maintain the e'ni~s~o level \~..ithin the standards prescnbed by the scaro. Indust,y hns already inslalled live no:•. On·line conttnuous monitoring SYSI~m(opacltv rueter] for ccntlnuous rnonitoriog of particulate matt~' at followil\g localio",,·

    I. Chimney no. 1 (on nected with MBC UOII~I e. WURIH


    vf JuH >ulJlJlIO>,lulI 'ysecm COOSlstll'g oi water sprlnklln,!},suction hoods, tall" ~n(j l?agliilflf "" ~h.1I A be Installed atmaterial transfer points, blast furnace stock house and other enclosed raw maler;;,1I handling areas, Centrali1.p.o lleductinE. system i.e.. c

    ThC' gaseous emission (({_.m vanous process units shall ".) conform to the load/"'~ss basert standards notified I by this Ministry on 19" May, 1993 .nO standards prescribed from time 10 time. 1'he State Board may specify more stringent standards for the relevant parameters keeping in view IIIf> nature of industry 'j and lts size and location. At no time the emi>slon level shalf Co beyond the prescribed srancards. On line continuous -rnonltonng "y::trm shall be installed c In stacks to monitor SPM and interlocking facilities shall be provided S~ thaI iJmtcsS C2n be automa ticallv stopped in Cil se emission Ir'lel exceed" tllP-limit,



    2 ChImney no 2 connected willI WHRB· II &AFa(. .3. Chimney no, 3 -connected wil.h WHRB • III'S,

    WHRB· IV 4, Chimney no ~ connected with 0.6 MTI'A P~III'I

    Plnnt. S. Chimney no 5 cOII"~C1ed.vii;' 1.5 MTP,,-p"lIel .

    I'lam. The installation of (he On line conlju\lO!!:; monitoring syStem (op"nly meter) at twO Slacks (Ferro Alloy Division and SI~pl Melting Simp) is.m__. . __ under progrr:$~. The details of online comlnuous stack ern tsslon mcnttorlng s'Is;.elns is cncrosed d~ Anne~ure ·1. o fnterlockinr; facility has been provided between

    the EleCl'lJ~taHcsPI'£od~lrtiltors (£SP) and thC' process opera lion. Process will be automa:iCally stopped In case e 11115S10n level exceeds the III." It ur in case ESP(rips, I~~~--~~~~~In plant control measures for checking fugitive o Dry ;og dust suppression syslEm hilS al' APRIL, 2016TO 30"" SEPTEM(lCR, 20161 1\. SPECI~IC CONDITION!>:

  • :.

    i i 10

    I !.----------_.-



    J I


    Suctio" hoods altached wilh bag lill,,'. are I provided in all ("rnaces. Sull: spovt system h..s been .,(foP1ed at tlu' material (sponr;e iron) transler point 10 Ch~l~ the fugitive ernisston. I f\Aonitoring Gnd r,:corditle oi hlgiti\'(' crni~Slons15 being tarried out regularlv.


    I I

    eonecuon of fVPollivc ernissrons Ihrouell soction hood I (, and subsequent treatment though bag m,er or any olher device and f1n~lIy emitted through a of I 0 appropriately designed height (0"'0,,,,'n8 10 the standards for induction furnace exisling In Ihr. IlIdUSlry and proposed mdl/ctlon and arc fUlnac~, I Fugitive emlssions shall be regularly ,::onilorco and I records maintained. I~~~~~~~~~--~--------~----~~--------------------As indica red in the EIA/OvIP report, tlie cornpanv c As suggested in Ihe EIA/CMP report. wesie I shall install Waste Hear Recovery Soilers (WHRB) to Heal Recovery Boilers (WHRB) had becn recover the waste heat ann generate power IrOI11Ihe I installed to '!'cover the waste hed Genetdtioi'l steam produced by Ihe WHRll. The paruculate of power from the steam produced bv th.. ernissrens from the WHPB shall be COOlrolled by; WHRBis going on. I lnstaltarion of ESPas per the CPCBspeclflcaticu and c Tile parncutate emission from the WHRB ,~ I particulate emissions shall nOI exceed 50 mll/NM·1. being conuoneo by the installed ESP. 1 Further the company shall install bag filter. Afler e Oe-dusling system. dust extraction device and I Blirne, Chamber (ABC), mrrion hood. dU~1rxlracli"" Arler ~urn'" Chamber (AUq has dll ready been I device and fume extraction system I in

  • :;4.35% area covered, Ihe Y('ii( I details df-tl end(j\~d it~

    trcn oi e fines are used in P€lIet2Jtion nrccess No BiaSI Furnace exists.

    quar,lit)' an

  • plams should be implemented.

    Health Surveillance ot rbe workers One r,1[!I;S doctor has be~n engaged 101 I and records OccupationalHcal:h ~urvclllilnCeof Ih~work~" and

    Siafion regularb..vis. I fUI the )lC!'el R('t"ommendahons 0' the Chane( on (Otpl.fate

    Re~pilr'sibilitv :{')I tllVirOI'uncnt PrOI('(110n (ll

  • ~,-----



    'J fv1ol1lhlymOMo,ing report of ground I~'J~I concentration of SPM, SO, dnd NUx. d,e being' regularly ~llbmhted 10 UeB rcopy of

    J the saine Is entlcsr;d 1(\ Annexure 4V} Indusltidl waste watCI-Shaii be propE:'rly colleCt~d,' Industrial waste YJincr is coii;~ted in se~in5 tnnk I treated so as. to -conform' to-tlte standarrl prescribed rna arrer IreaWI(!nl it rs b~"'g urii'2erJlor' under GSR 422 (E) dated 19'" May lS93 .nrl :11" I ~''''''IM1(ln .nd IlUrii ~uppre:"icn 1',1-_-1-"p"uC!rp::..o:.:s:.:e. __._ _ _ . The overan noise level ir. and around the plam area shall i All possible action hos be~" rakcn La keep (1!,i,c be kept well within the standards 85 dA IA) by providing level below the prCSCflb"d standards 0', dR if,] noise control measures including acoustic hoods, for the operarional/ViorlU"ll lone. , silencers enclosures etc. un all sources of noise Noise levels is hcing ",(milored and ,('.orded i generation. Tilt' ambient noise levels should conform to I cegu1ari'f.

    I the standards prescribed under EPARules,1989 viz. 75 Ed( plvgs (PPE,) arl' beinll provic!ed 10 Idtl(A) (riil 'time) ~nd 70 dll(A) (nighl time). I employees. "'til kin?,at nOise prone area,. The project proponent shall also complv with all the! Environmental protection measl:..:"::.:es=_.::r-e-:-b-e:-in-p,.... environmental protection measures and safeguards I irnplementcd as per the recoinmendaticn oj recnro;me"J"d ill tile EIA!~MI' r~p

  • ------ _- mplieo.

    ~---- --Iplred

    cnvironn1E:rltal cen ,"vill (luiHllh:-d PC(!>LhIH.'1 'well equipped faborGltt"\' 11.,:, 1/'·i~'

    bUshedin plam pren.ise" an'OlJf,1 nf Rs. l'::.b~ Cnlt,-o h~l:'ultr.Hj" U('l'lI ,\ to\var(!s tOfl;P,lIlJClvrt' ol!vrJ:jl.I'Ilellt Ilk. jug pucca roads, $~tling up t"bor~tc"y tIJtion, monil0rine t!{.jUIf)fllt;'Ht; (o.·nl epin!! machine ele ~ mOrlllrl\, compliance reports dlOlig with Ih~ nilOnn& data is beu,,,, Stlbn"iltr'd to Rt:Sioll •.I1I ce 01MOEr regularly.

    _--- --

    I 7 I The prOjer.t authorities will provide requisite funds lJoth Anrewrrillg and non.recurring to implemeru the conditions .)nd I I ,tiplliated by the Ministry of ErwirOnment and Forests as estaI wel

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