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By Lillian, Robin and Krisha Light from Triboluminesc ence

Light from Triboluminescence

Feb 23, 2016




Light from Triboluminescence. By Lillian, Robin and Krisha. Definition. Triboluminenescence : the production of light from friction as a result of scratching, crushing, or rubbing certain crystals. How Triboluminescence Works. Still not fully understood by scientists. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Page 1: Light from Triboluminescence

By Lillian, Robin and Krisha

Light from Triboluminescence

Page 2: Light from Triboluminescence

DefinitionTriboluminenescence: the production

of light from friction as a result of scratching, crushing, or rubbing certain crystals.

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How Triboluminescence Works• Still not fully understood by scientists.• Caused by friction in certain crystals.• The light is produced when the charge asymmetrical

(usually) materials break/separate due to friction, and recombine.

• This causes a flash of light.• Not all materials that display triboluminescence are

asymmetrical. This remains unanswered by scientists.

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Application of Triboluminescence

Russian scientists found that the peeling of tape in a vacuum create energy similar to x-rays.

Scientists are currently researching other practical uses for triboluminescence. (NASA has been studying triboluminescent material for smart optical damage sensors for space use.)

Although there are few everyday uses for triboluminescence, understanding how it works helps explain how other types of light is produced.

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ExamplesWhere we can see triboluminescence!

Page 6: Light from Triboluminescence

Unrolling Friction TapeUnrolling scotch tape can produce visible

light.As the tape is pulled, localized regions of

charge are created.

Page 7: Light from Triboluminescence

Wint-O-Green LifesaversWhen these or any hard candies are bitten,

friction occurs and causes them to spark in your mouth.

The materials in hard candies cause them to produce light when being smashed.

Page 8: Light from Triboluminescence

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