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LiFi Technology - Unfolding Future

Jan 23, 2018




  1. 1. LiFi, like WiFi, enables electronic devices like computers, laptops and smartphones to wirelessly connect to the Internet. In simple terms, LiFi is equivalent to WiFi, but using light waves instead of radio signals.
  2. 2. The general term visible light communication (VLC), whose history dates back to the 1880s. In July 2011 Prof. Harald Haas coined the term LiFi at TED-Global 2011. In October 2011, companies and industry groups formed the LiFi Consortium.
  3. 3. Feb 2016!!
  4. 4. ..that means ideally! 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 Movies/Min Assuming Speed of WiFi: 10 GBPS (1/8th download speed) LiFi: 100 GBPS 3G/4G: 2 GBPS (1/8th download speed) Bluetooth: 0.5 MBPS Songs/Min Movies/Min WiFi 15000 37 LiFi 1200000 1500 3G/4G 3000 7.5 Bluetooth 6 0.015 Download Duration for a Song each 5 MB in size and Movie each 2 GB in size. 0 200000 400000 600000 800000 1000000 1200000 1400000 Songs/Min
  5. 5. Congestion Factor The impending crunch of bandwidth is a factor that has remains an issue. From what we had in 2011, we have only a fraction of it. Hence need for alternative sources in electromagnetic spectrum arises.
  6. 6. Cost Factor: LED Light Bulbs Because of technology spillover and advancements in manufacturing technology and research, now the cost of LED light bulbs have fallen drastically. Price Difference 2010: 40 USD 2016: 3-4 USD 2020: None
  7. 7. Cost Factor: ICs (Poly-Silicon) Since half a decade we have observed a steep fall (approx 30 Times low) in the prices of Poly-Silicon material, which is a key constituent in the manufacturing of Integrated Circuits. Signal Receivers are designed using Poly-Silicon
  8. 8. Other Factors There are other relevant factors which drives us to think of an alternative technology altogether.
  9. 9. Internet is received in terms of stream of bits of 1s and 0s. Lamp Driver converts this stream of bits into sequence of signals to turn the LED on and off at rapid rate
  10. 10. Unidirectional???? Special LEDs??? NO!!!
  11. 11. No Line-of- Sight? Reflection to the rescue!!
  12. 12. Microcontroller forms the heart of the LAMP Driver Circuit. It holds the software operating system, network protocols. It provides remote maintenance capability.
  13. 13. MCU = Micro Controller Unit
  14. 14. Spectrum of visible light is broader and 10000 times higher than radio waves. It has been predicted spectrum crunch in UK by 2020.
  15. 15. Coverage distance of WiFi is about 32 meters varies LiFi 10 meters. These accounts higher speed in LiFi about 3 Gbps but in WiFi about 500 Mbps.
  16. 16. VLC = Visible Light Communication Data is transmitted by bits in serial fashion in WiFi varies parallel in LiFi. Speed is controllable in LiFi through varying intensity of light but not in WiFi. LiFi works well in dense environment but not WiFi.
  17. 17. WiFi LiFi
  18. 18. Security LiFi is more secure due to non penetration of light through walls but Wi-Fi less secure due to transparency. Compatibility LiFi is compatible with IrDa(Infrared Data Association) devices and on the other hand WiFi with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ad devices.
  19. 19. Since LiFi makes use of electricity of LEDs that reduces power consumption for data transmission when compared to Wi-Fi, it is more cost effective and replaces the additional need of power consuming light bulbs.
  20. 20. Cost Installation cost of LiFi Technology is initially a bit as it replaces bulbs with LED lights that are equipped with a small microchip that combines two basic functions illumination and wireless data transmission. After change in technology to VLC the maintenance and installation cost is considerably reduced when compared to WiFi as it doesnt require routers.
  21. 21. Dense Urban Environments High Demand (Especially Developing Nations) Underwater Communications Vehicles & Transportation Healthcare Mobility Services Ambulance with Data Transfer Abilities Aviation Data Security
  22. 22. At the moment, large-scale implementation of VLC is usually complemented by high installation cost of the VLC systems. Hence only large corporations and institutes can afford it. Though with rising demand and more investment, it is bound to be cheaper and cheaper. We cant have a light bulb that provides data to a extremely high- speed moving object or to provide data in a remote area where there are trees and walls and obstacles behind. Current research claims to fix this issue. Since it is a new technology, the technology spillover effect is very limited.
  23. 23. If the apparatus is set up outdoors, it would need to deal with changing weather conditions. Infrastructure Dependency, i.e. LiFi Enabled Devices are yet to be seen in the global market. Until there is a viable number of devices available for the users, the willingness to go for the technology shift may vary, especially for the common users. We become dependent on the light source for internet access. If the light source malfunctions, we lose access to the internet. Though the risk of hardware failure is same in the case of WiFi modems. Reliability and Network Coverage issues could come into light once users start using the product. Interference from external light sources may or may not affect the overall performance. It is a fear and not certain possibility.
  24. 24. Look at the DOWNLINK and UPLINK data transfer speed. ITS SAME!! Can you imagine that with WiFi? Not Yet I believe.
  25. 25. Features Li-Flame (PureLiFi) LiFi-X (PureLiFi) Geo-LiFi S-KIT Geo-LiFi CW10 SK Communication Half duplex 10Mbps downlink and 10Mbps uplink Full-duplex 40Mbps downlink and 40Mbps uplink YES YES Full Mobility YES YES YES YES Multiple Users YES, retaining high bandwidth for each user YES, retaining high bandwidth for each user LIMITED LIMITED Secure YES YES YES YES Flexible YES YES N/A N/A Extensive Range YES YES 10 Meter 7 Meter Accessories Li-Flame Desktop Unit (DU) Li-Flame Ceiling Unit (CU) LiFi-X Station (STA) LiFi-X Access Point (AP) 2 GEOLiFi LED Spotlights 1 GEOLiFi TABLET Android 1 extra GEOLiFi Dongle 1 GEOLiFi SDK Library etc. 2 GEOLiFi LED SQUARE RECESSED DOWNLIGHTS 1 GEOLiFi TABLET Android 1 extra GEOLiFi Dongle 1 GEOLiFi SDK Library 1 Location Based Application Cost Customized Customized 399.00 EUR 499.00 EUR
  26. 26. LiFi is a disruptive technology which will shift business models, creates opportunities ripe for exploitation, and is on track to become at least a $113 bn industry by 2022.
  27. 27. Installed base for LED more than tripled within a span of two years and is expected to acquire 25% of installed base share by 2020.
  28. 28. An industry expected to grow by 82% as per CAGR means serious business.
  29. 29. According to the Optics Industry forecast, the market of VLC components and technology enabled by them will more than double from 2007 onward. It predicts a 1.7 trillion USD market by 2017. We simply cant ignore it. Can we?
  30. 30. If a business is developed over the LiFi technology, its potential customers could be segmented into three groups. Tech Intensive Customers - MNCs - Research Labs - Defense Agencies Mid Level Clients - Schools, Universities and Colleges - Hospitals (Data Integration) Tertiary Customers - Going to be instrumental in SmartCities projects run by governments all over the globe. - Home appliances Segment
  31. 31. Tech Intensive Customers Those customers who have high need for data transfer speed, optimum data security and constant service support. They have usually a higher need for service quality and hence are the ones who are willing to pay a premium price. Mid Level Clients They are the ones who certainly need a healthy data transfer rate, however the need for data security, and constant customer support is not that high as compared to the tech intensive customers. Stakes are usually lower, in terms of data security and need for round-o-clock support. They have moderate willingness to pay for such services. Tertiary Customers They form a segment which require custom made products suitable for individual or classified needs. Example: Table Lamps for the household segment that is LiFi enabled. They want cheap, reliable and catchy products.
  32. 32. A Typical Business Opportunity - Possible Services, Assets and Customer Segmentation
  33. 33. Apple is to launch future iPhones with LiFi capabilities, a new technology that may end up replacing the widely-used Wi-Fi in the future technology. Beginning with iOS 9.1 update, the operating system's source code makes mention of "LiFi-Capability" alongside declarations to other hardware and software capabilities. Smartphones will soon be able to download traffic information from traffic lights or a program guide from a television. In the future via location based services, shops will transmit advertisements to your phone as you pass by and bus schedule changes will be transmitted to a screen at the stop. Smarter home appliances that talk machine-to-machine (M2M) are already being extensively researched, where LED lights on electronics function as LiFi access points.
  34. 34. To manufacture the components cheap enough to be able to penetrate the household segment. To provide customized solutions for segments like Furniture Stores, Hospitals (Devices & Ambulances), Public Places (Based on agreement with government). To design attractive and catchy products for kids segment, e.g. Table Lamp LiFi Model. To build necessary strategic relations and create sustainable complementary asset network.
  35. 35. For now, LiFi networks can, and will, provide the perfect complement to todays RF infrastructure and further enhance mobile communications. However, the spectrum crunch is coming, and unless the new technologies take speed and present itself as a potential alternative, the indoor and outdoor communications will be in sore need of bolstering, given that the current rate of wireless data growth is unceasing. The only solution to this is a high- speed, bidirectional, fully mobile wireless network: i.e. a LiFi System.
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