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    - 38 -Out of Pralaya between the old Moon and thenewly developing Earth, came first the warmth worldthe Polar time--asSteiner called it.

    This Polar time was a repetition of Saturn development. The Elohim, Spiritsof Formwolfing in this warmth, this fie, giving theego to the wold The ego o-organicman was a. pat of the Billfold, which.... &."""-o

    than separated the It own being and Gavin

    the wold so that mankind might develop1 individualego. Tile beginning of the ego organizer;Timormeant differentiations isotherm wallboard aphelia&.Althea this had been workaday out, the Hypertensiontimes: bean Hypertension times welder the secondpatios of development of the &attn which

    OT lees a -repE4ion of the old loon period Out sumand Welland not yet divided, but wets one. Inthe catboat atmospheric which was Radiating lifein this Hypertension time, the dateline began toRadiate li9ht .. In the Antonio the fiat1t.I .

    r. I

    IrI 1


    - J9 -plant oft"ma appealed Plants applet-red like iceflew wets on the glass of out wind

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    fluid, as Steiner' describes it, a half fluidalbumen Man, in the foam he had mithe fist half of the Lemuria time, was notdivided by sex. Man had enormous willing pow-rs-.At the end of the fist half of Lemuria times,we see the beginning of the Saurian period, whenthe dynamites and o the' large animals-- began todevelop. Man leavened to control volcanic footracein this way he derived strength Theold folk stony giants ate Remembrances of men inthe L emu-rian pellucidIn the second half of Lemuria times, mankinddivided into two sexes. The masculine pat ofthe human Tao Received elev' mote PowersHe became of action and Reaction An action

    f Tom outside gave -rise to a Temptation ofwill forces p1iaychologiis descriptionof men in United States as oasis

    Teaching on an action' f Tom outside is true i sofat as man is a \'repetition of Aleutian man. Sincethat time man has developed an ego which also

    Wotan'. However', it is not completely untrue to avman is bans OT notion and Temptation: . . .t . '


    - 40-The female pat of the human had thepossibility of turning, inward, of a beginning ofconsciousness, so that the consciousness force,and the fist images of Cong{onerousness, began todevelop inside the feminine half of mankind.

    Language phi Tat Sounds wee phi -rrte cat Tiedon the b-breath, an

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    South -- one of the few pats of the woldwhee Remnants of the Lemuria wold still

    These few people who could pass f Tom the decayingLemuria cool true to the next stage of development tfoamed the culture of Atlantis. They wee led bythe primeval teaches of mankind. These primeval

    teaches withdrew to the and sent the Itleadership f Tom outside, f Tom the Moon sphere

    Du Ting ht' e Lemuria period, the forces offtheplanets worked on the earth, having at whichthey worked into the formation of the estheticfa-roes both of ea-rt and of JoanThese planetaryforces fanned a great spinalIn the beginning of the Lemuria period the-rewere the Rudiment:ts of thee continents I: or bigcontinent, the Gondwanaland, and the beginning or

    continents mi the Whether the North Americancontinent now -the footnotes OT Batu Tm wetterworking This was also the place whee theour tune of Lemuria mask:ind took clap..' I I

    . ....

    .. i " .





    ,r- 41-

    The second continent wan in the wheeone mi1Jh t say r..utopia now ii Human 'i>singe

    wee ins pi-red by the few-rces of Jupiter-r Theapproximate Tet,ion of the south ofthe a Tea of Mats Fotomat Sn forces wee ow-rkingin the a Tea which is now the Gobi desert .A fifth culture took place in the south, theVenus culture, which is now Malaya. The sixthcult-re, the expression of insecurity, worstedwhether now stands. Fo-rces of the fttoon wol'ked'

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    in the ATabic peninsula and in the Tegion ofPales tine.In this big spiTal of developing cul tuTell wesee a pattern. Men wel'e not yet divided into twooexes. In the pel'iod, as Venus weTe!leading men, and the LemuTian cultuTe went to thesouth pa-rt of LemuTia, now called Malaya, thept'imeval Malayan Tace was foTmed the fo-rces ofVenus. Lucifel' could take hie chance to getLemuTian development and b-ring about a gTeatchange in the woTld -- and hel'e the division otsexes began.With sexes, Lucife-r could get a betteT holdof man, and fTom that moment the development otLemuTia declines. Simultaneously mankind

    entiates into Taces. The eaTth was not then sohaTd; human bodies weTe much moTe flexible.

    could be by toToes coming fTom outside tothe ea-rth.Having such a piotuTe in ouT minds we can undeTstandbetteT the beginning of the A'tlfS.nteanpeTiod, when toTthe fiTst time we findas we apeak about them now. The old

    began in the A tlantean peTiod. In the ttansi tion

    LemuTia and.the peT'l od, oaiy a few people weTe able to sutviva. These few people

    aTe desoTibed in the Bible as Adam and Bve. It .YOU &.iSk me wheTe the .I

    I .1 .I


    r- 42 -possibly in South possibly im Abyssinia,Mesopotamia; we do not know. The eaTthat time was what it isnow. At that time went the

    The UTal mountains thepTimeval continent. The GTeeks the

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    stTeam as the ocean -- not ouT ocean, but aof old LemuTianA few people fTom went toand the Teal development began. Till theend of LemuTia, the eaTth development was aof the old Sun, anddevelopments. This new development, howeveT, wa,s:still wholly guided by the Manto be cTeated in the of the futuTe, so thegTeat foTmed the pTototypes of the humanbody the pTinciples of thTeefoldfoTmation: head, TespiTatoTy system, and membeTB

    The gTeat images of the human foTm stand in theBible aa the image of the lion, middle man;image of the bull, the man; and the eagle,

    image of thinking, the bTain, and the senamoTgans.DuTing the A peTiod we find seven subcultuTes.

    The fiTst of Atlantis weTe calledRmo_abals, with the R calling out the foTces ofthe lion1 -- Tl''t', 1'1'1' .They lived in thei l' bl' ea thand the name, Rmoabals, comes this TollingthundeT of the b't'eath. The Tolling thundeT of the

    TOaTing lion is stlll im it . The second people lived in the south. of Atlantie;

    in the Tegiom called It eludedthe west of SOuth AmeTica and spTead oveT theocean to South Afl'ioa and to Austl'aJ.ia in onlr.!big continent at that time. In the southel'n and

    of aonduanaland, the Rmoabals andthe second peoples, theTlSIV'artlia; lived . The

    la ttel' lived out otthe toToe&l ot: the bullJ.:

    '\.. . . . .



    - 4JThe

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    thi Td g-roup moved somewhat noTthwaTd'sinto the middle of the Atlantean TheyweTe called the Tolteca The took afteTthe foTces. In the Toltec cultuTe thefiTst beginnings of the developed,as Steine-r desc-ribed, and the Tol tees al'e kl'DOwn

    hiato-rically. The last Tememb-rances of $tee:cul tuTe have been found in Yucatan . Remaine- of

    a veTy old. . city weTe found about 1950.The Tolec:S weTe, asSteine-r desc-ribes them,.a peopie of pTiests and high moTality and theywe-re t-rying to develop plantsthem, bTinging new diffeTen tia tiona. Till;plants had been given theiT foTw by the "ieTarchies.

    Now men took ove-r and began to make fuTtheTdiffe-rentiations in the plant woTld. When you tTyto think of these Toltecs who went to the west,you must imagine them as the pTimevalof the AmeTican continent. They weTe la tel' eJQPoaedlto SatuTn foTces and took into themselves thegatuTn mysteTiea. They founded the myateTie&the Gt'e&t SpiTit. The TOltecs wel'e a populatiomof puTe, plant pTiestly woTkiagwith e t,tleTic fot'oeB" .

    In the fout'th sub-cultut'e these thTeeof peoples should been taken togetheT imtowe know as the gt'OllP' of the The p-eoples ofthe eagle, of lion, and of the bull om,theone aide, and on the otheT of the angel, OT ofman in his gloTy, wel'e to foT.m The gToup

    otthe angel waum to take the othel' thl'ee g't'oupain togethel'. The Tlll'anian peopie had task ot,.... an 4qUilibTiumthe otheT thTee foToea.. I '

    '. .


    ,.. . . .



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    The Ch-rist waa to come this time of theTuTanian people, but at that time the Ahl"imanicfo-rces fil"st got theiT gTip on mankind. Just asin LemuTian times LucifeT had hir:; chance, AhTiman,took this moment in Atlantean times tothe Tut'anian cul tul'e.

    Instead of becomthg the cultu-re of the Sumand of man in as.: seen in theimage of the angel, this became tho cultut'e ofthe scol'pion. The ego was degt'aded to a scot'pion.When you see in aTt all thos"e scnTpions,you know they aTe the l'emaindeTs not of the Toltec.s:,but of the la tel' 'l'ut'anian people. The Tu:ranians:degeneTa ted:, taking hold of se:ntal foToes, whichcould be handled as magic in the wot'ld ofthe -- which the Tol tees had so beautifull:y

    developed. TUTanians took hold of plantfot'cea. and used them fot' theiT own puTposes;which meant a1 downfall.The had to leave A,tlantiB Thefit'st of the flooding Tains came. wasdt'owned. The south of Atlantia was flooded,the middle of Atlantis still stoad - becouui.ngnothing than a g't'oup of islands betweenSpain and CentTal AmeTioa. A! gToup ofpeople went to the weat, a g't'eateT paTt tothe east. Thes-e latteT im the a't'ea wheTe'

    , '

    they oould get- hold of foToes ofMal's.Theythe Tu't'anian people who wel'e fought,

    in the PeTsdan period, by the U't'aniana. Thiswas the beginning of

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