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LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

Aug 20, 2015



Lutz Finger
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Page 1: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

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Fisheye  Analy5cs  LeWeb  ’11  –  7th  to  9th  Dec.  Event’s  coverage  &  highlights  

We  know  what  is  important.    We  know  who  is  important.  Worldwide.    


Page 2: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

“leWeb”  in  Numbers  overall    Men5ons,  Impact,  Media  shares,  etc.  

LeWeb  Absolute  

Total  Number  of  ar5cles   75,880  

Editorial  Marke5ng  Value   $4,447,404  

Twi2er   72,541  

News   1,290  

Blogs   1,366  

Images   152  

Facebook   304  

Videos   228  

Level of mentions over time

The biggest leWeb ever Created the biggest news Spash ever.

5th  Dec.  –  12th  Dec.   2  

Page 3: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

Coverage  trends  over  5me    Men5ons,  SMI  &  Reach    

The buzz that has been created by LeWeb clearly appears on these Media Graph charts. LeWeb had its higher number of mentions on its 1st day (7th Dec). Besides that, trends by reach and by Social media impact are

consistent with each other: the peak of reach/impact is on the 2nd day of the event (8th Dec), with high scores on the 7th and 9th as well.

Reach over time

SMI over time

5th  Dec.  –  12th  Dec.  

But what does this all mean? Fisheye Analytics does not only measure pure NUMBERS of articles. We analyze the REACH of each publication as well as the SOCIAL IMPACT (SMI) of each article.


Page 4: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

Apple  1%  

Europe  has  more  Start  Ups  2%  

Evernote  $18  Million  a  Year  4%  

Facebook  new  plugin  3%  

Flipboard  on  iPhone  3%  

Google's  Schmidt  10%  

Instagram  on  Android  61%  

LeWeb  1%  

Marissa  Mayer  over  Jobs  5%  

Social  networking's  salad  days  are  ending  

2%  Spo[fy  on  Android  


Uber  got  32  Million  3%  

Clicks  and  Shareing  of  Stories  Top  Stories  How  much  content  is  for  real  in  70.000  ar[cles?    Which  story  created  the  most  tweets  likes,  shares,  buzzes  etc...?      It  was  the  story  on  Instagram  launching  on  Android  which  excited  the  most.  7  of  the  top  30  ar[cles  talked  about  it.  The  stories  got  more  than  60%  of  the  engagement  of  the  top  30  ar[cles.  

5th  Dec.  –  12th  Dec.   4  

Page 5: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

Karl  Lagerfeld  –  no  inspira5on  

Karl  did  not  inspire  too  much.  During  Karl's  and  Loic's  talk  there  were  over  2.000  tweets  –  but  aberwards  no  one  picked  up  his  ideas.    Only  80  news  ar[cles  and  86  blogs  discussed  Karl.  But  even  those  created  not  a  high  level  of  sharing  or  clicking.    

Screenshot  from  LeWeb  webpage:  

Page 6: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

Top  Ar5cles  by  Clicks  &  Shares  

0   200   400   600   800   1000   1200   1400  

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Ecrans:  LeWeb'11,  ce  pays  où  la  crise  n'existe  pas  

NY  Times:  Bits  Blog:  Despite  Economic  Slump,  Europe  

The  Next  Web:  Flipboard  bites  the  dust  aber  its  iPhone  

Telerama:  Aller  à  LeWeb,  et  revenir    

Gizmodo:  So  What's  Taking  Instagram  So  Long  to  Hit  

G1:  Branca  de  Neve  'namora'  marca  da  Apple  em  feira  na  

The  Next  Web:  Instagram  hits  15m  users,  and  has  2  

Okezone:  Instagram  Segera  Bergabung  di  Android    

Cnet:  Flipboard  launches  iPhone  app  

NY  Times:  Despite  Economic  Slump,  Europe  Gets  More  

Engadget:  Spo[fy  Radio  feature  turns  into  an  app,  offers  

Cnet:  Flipboard  launches  iPhone  app  Apple    

TC:  Watch  Your  Back  Pandora,  Spo[fy  Launches  Spo[fy  

Cnet:  Social  networking's  salad  days  are  ending,  

Time:  Instagram  Says  It’s  Working  On  Android  App    

Clicks  Shares  

Social Media Impact

5th  Dec.  –  12th  Dec.   6  

Page 7: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

Share of Media–By Mentions

Media  Types  used    Media  shares  and  trend  over  5me    

Twitter was by far the most used to Media Type. The highest number of mentions was on the 1st day of LeWeb.

Share of Media–Trend over time

Twitter was clearly leading The main discussions in leWeb.

5th  Dec.  –  12th  Dec.   7  

Page 8: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

Top  3  headlines        By  Men5ons  and  SMI  

5th  Dec.  –  12th  Dec.  

Top 3 by headlines – Mentions

Mentions is the number of times the title of the article was re-used (copied) by other articles.

Top 3 headlines – SMI

Social Media Impact (SMI) measures reactions across all sharing channels (such as Facebook Likes and Comments, Comments on News and Blogs, Tweets of the article, Shares on Google Buzz, etc.)


Page 9: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

Country  Split  of  coverage    Number  of  Men5ons  vs.  SMI    

Country Split – By number of Mentions

The main two countries from where LeWeb created coverage were the US followed by France. Also mentions from Canada, Germany, UK and Switzerland had been high

(around 1,500 publications/sources over the past 7 days).

5th  Dec.  –  12th  Dec.   9  

Page 10: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

Fisheye  Analy5cs  –  more  than  Numbers  

Fisheye  Analy5cs  makes  sense  out  of  the  media.  We  see  how  ar[cles  are  spreading  –  worldwide  in  more  then  70  languages.      

•  Who is important? •  What are they talking? •  When should I care? •  Is my media strategy working? •  Who is my ambassador? •  What is my share of voice? •  How do I compare with others? •  Am I heard?

? No Name

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We connect traditional and social media to convert online

conversations into YOUR Insights. 10  

Page 11: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics


Our  Clients  

Our  Press  

Our standard tool set of Media Graph and Media Lens are mostly used in PR / Marketing context.

New Metric like Social Media Impact, Reach or EMV has excited more then once the press.

Page 12: LeWeb 11 - Fisheye Analytics

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