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Let's Talk About Game: Ideas are Free

Jul 14, 2015



  • IDEAS ARE FREE By Rio Fredericco

    ARTICLE SERIES #3 Lets Talk About Game!

  • Current copyright law allows people to protect many elements

    in their game, the applicable components and many details in

    their game (including effects, flow, storyline, etc),

    but not the basic game idea itself.

  • Tetris won the case, because Mino use similar visual, interface elements and also game mechanic details from Tetris

    TETRIS vs




    Amusement World is free to go because they simply grab

    the basic idea of Asteroid, with many differences in

    the game details and visual aspect.

    Why cant an idea be protected by copyright?

  • Not to undermine any brilliant ideas out there, but an idea is actually nothing without any efforts to express it. What really matters is how the idea can be brought to life. And that is one thing that can be protected by copyright, an expression of idea.

  • Inventions, innovations, creativity, whatever you may call it, are the results of our progress in fulfilling our needs and wishes, and regarding that there are approximately 7 billion people that may come up with the same idea as yours, so...

    Go and start working on it before somebody else does!

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