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Lesson plan

Aug 05, 2015



1. Lesson plan By Rom Mendoza 2. Subject: Programming Level: 4th ESO (10th Grade) Teacher: Rom Mendoza Niella School: Middle and High School Joan Mir, in Cornell de Llobregat (Barcelona) //Lesson Plan //Rom Mendoza//2 of 9 3. Objective: To learn a programming concept, the list of data. Introduction: This is a one-hour lesson entirely created by the teacher. It belongs to the module 3 of 6, where the essentials of programming are widely discussed. Students have already learned how to store a single data in a variable. Through this lesson they learn how to handle complex data. //Lesson Plan //Rom Mendoza//3 of 9 4. Motivation: Show an example where a list of data is compulsorily needed. //Lesson Plan //Rom Mendoza//4 of 9 5. Explanation: The list concept is explained through an example. //Lesson Plan //Rom Mendoza//5 of 9 6. Warm up: Solve three little practices (the first all together, the rest in pairs (collaborative)) and share out the solutions. //Lesson Plan //Rom Mendoza//6 of 9 7. Controlled practice: By answering questions the students will reach the right solution of two basic practices (constructive learning method) Summarize: Each feature about the list of data is summarized by a different student in front of the rest of the class (active participation) //Lesson Plan //Rom Mendoza//7 of 9 8. Homework: The students have to develop two extra exercises and a mindmap of the features already learned. //Lesson Plan //Rom Mendoza//8 of 9 Mind map with 9. Diverse learners: For the Warm-Up practices the little grups are made with mixed-abiliy students. Extension suggestion: After the controlled practices, fast learners will solve advanced activities. Bibliography: Online tutorial: Scratch web page: Scratch 2.0 video tutorials: scratch/scratch-20-video-tutorials //Lesson Plan //Rom Mendoza//9 of 9