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1. Legality of E-SignaturesLegal Enforceable Tested 2. 1Document Evidence2Process Evidence2 types of evidence validate an e-signature.(how it was signed - what thecustomer saw anddid) (what was signed) 3. E-Signature UsageThere were 200 million signatures legally signed electronically by 2012 Annual Growth Rate of 4. Onjune 30, 2000 US President Bill Clinton signed theElectronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) 'It was 1996 when The United Nations Convention on theUse of Electronic Communications inInternational Contractswas published inuencing development of electronic signature laws around the world. 5. Definitions on E-Signatures vary. ..Two key examples of ElectronicSignature Definitionsare. .. . lHllg1J, l ~Ll: :i :11 KIIIIIJ 4V ', .,Hm -' "'-F? v.'. ~;z. .,"'iiI"'*" .1 I '1 'vv. .1. Personal Information Protection andElectronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) An electronic signature is a signature that consists of one or more letters,characters,numbers or other symbols in digital form incorporated in,attached to or associated with an electronic document. ..2. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act)Electronic Signature - the term electronic signature means an electronic sound,symbol,or process,attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the extent to sign t he record. 6. Some recent cases have tested the validity of E-Signatures.In a recent Federal Court case,it was held that a signature made using an electronic pen was just as valid as a scanned signature (Getup Ltd v Electoral Commissioner [2010] FCA 869) and another case from the UK found that a typed name can serve as a binding signature,if used to give authenticity to the document (] Pereira Fernandes SA v Mehta [2006] EWHC 813 (Ch) [2006] 2 All ER 891). Note:the above opinions are not legal advice.Please consult with professional legal advice to ensure your documents and forms are suitable for electronic signing. 7. World Wide Laws on Various laws have been passedinternationally to facilitate commerce by the use of electronic records and signatures. The legality of electronic signatures cannot be questioned in jurisdictions where electronic signature laws exist.However,. many consuming paper-based E'Slgnat-es N processes to sign,distribute and store documents and forms. 8. (entity of the Bosnia andHerzegovina) 2005Croatia 2002, updated 2008Electronic Signature law,2003Republika SrpskaCroatiaUkraineSloveniaCzech RepublicSlovakiaSlovene Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature ActZakon o elektronickem podpisu 227/2000 Sb. Zakonc.2l5/2002 o elektronickom podpise 9. Law of the People's Republic of China onElectronic Signature (effective April 1, 2005)Singapore Electronic Transactions Act (1998, 2010)Information Technology ActChinaSingaporeIndiaNew ZealandElectronic Transactions Act 2002South AfricaThe ElectronicCommunications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002japanPhilippinesTurkeyLaw Concerning Electronic Signatures and Certification Services,2000ElectronicCommerce Act of 2000ElectronicSignature Law 10. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce ActUniform Electronic Transactions Act adopted by 48 statesDigital Signature and Electronic Authentication LawGovernment Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA)The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) ESIGN Act 2000Costa RicaDigital Signature Law 8454 (2005)U. S.AMexicoE-Commerce Act [2000]ParaguayCanadaPIPEDA,its regulations and theLey 4017: De validez juridical de la Firma Electronica,la Firma Digital,los Mensajes de Datos y el Expediente Electronico (12/23/2010) (Spanish),Ley 4610: Que modifica y amplia la Ley 4017/10 (05/07/2012) (Spanish)PeruLey N 27269Canada Evidence Act 11. Ustawa o podpisie elektronicznym (Dziennik Ustaw z 2001 r.N:130 poz.1450) [2]SpainLey 59/2003m de 19de diciembre,de firma electronicaPolandEuropeanUnited Kindgoms.7 ElectronicCommunications Act 2000UnionDirective 1999/93/EC Detailed information on implementation within the EU is set out in the Digital Signatures and the LawIrelandElectronicCommerce Act 2000 12. and Digital Signatures. . -_ _. -/._, .__ _j .l 74 i l 1* l l3 They are not one and the same.(3 < . :f / "*3 , l l x, ,'. / , .., L ,_L ,1: K,_j, /- , ,,r _] , ,._, /A digital signature alone is not an electronic signature.However,digital signatures can be used by electronic signature applications to secure the data and verify theauthenticity of a signed document or form. A digital signature does not capture a person's intent to sign a document and be legally bound to an agreement or contract,a key legal requirement in the definition and proof of an electronic signature. 13. We are experts in helping % business adopt electronic ,, 1.. .; ti;:1 5;, or email info@formaliti. com/9fm a I isignature solutions.Visit us at