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Led globe (POV)

Jul 08, 2015



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  • 1. LED GLOBE Persistence ofVision R.M. Chanaka Prabath Karunarathna Science & Technology Degree Program Mechatronics

2. Introduction It is some kind of eye cheating. If some one can go faster than light people can't see it. like that rotation speed and delay will create a LED globe. It simple design easy to understand any one. 3. My scope 4. Components 1 - 16F877A Microcontroller 32 - Blue color LED 32 - 330 ohms resistors 1 - 10k ohms resistor 2 - 22pf capacitor 2 - 104pf capacitor 2 - 47uf capacitor 1 - 20Mhz crystal 1 - Push button 1 - LM7805 Connecting wire & Lead wire You can easily find these components 5. Microcontroller It can use 16F877A microcontroller or any other microcontroller. 6. How to give power to it... It can use LM7805 voltage regulator to give a power to this circuit. It gives exact 5v to the circuit. To smooth that voltage, can use 104pf and 47f capacitors. Then it gives a smooth exact 5v to the circuit. 7. LED Here used Blue color Light emitted diode (LED). As you wish you can use any color of LED. If you like you can use RGB led it will complex. 8. Circuit designing You can use PCB wizard Proteus or any kind of PCB drawing software to design a circuit. 9. Structure Design Here used some PVC pipe to create an Arc. Else some thing can have an Arc shape. Also important to have a good strong and heavy basement. 10. Coding It was used Pic C compiler to code or you can use any other compiler. 1st you have to create a sketch of world map and have to divide it into columns and rows. In here it used 32 rows and 60 columns. Then it have to enter to excel sheet it is easy to further coding. 11. Cont. After finishing all coding part It should have upload code to the Microcontroller there for we have to use pic kit 2 programmer to program microcontroller. After finishing coding and hardware part you have to fix it properly and give 6-15 voltage to work it properly.

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