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Lecture - MICONEX 1998 Reporters: JWON PCVUESVS2000 Process visualisation-Software PCVUE and SVS2000 with comfortable batch record Topics: Company Profile

Mar 26, 2015



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Lecture - MICONEX 1998 Reporters: JWON PCVUESVS2000 Process visualisation-Software PCVUE and SVS2000 with comfortable batch record Topics: Company Profile Visualisation - JUMO philosophy Features of the Software SVS2000 The clear structure of PCVUE Discussion Slide 2 Company Profile Slide 3 Manufacturing Program Slide 4 Slide 5 Help ! - Visualisation Slide 6 Editing an Application Customer/Plant Seller Registration of Requirements Application (Test, Documenation) Testing Phase; Adjustment Introduction and Training Presentation Application Installation HITHERTO Service New Versions Operation Software Slide 7 Editing an Application Customer/Plant Seller Software SVS-2000 Acquisition of requirements Preparation of Application configuration SVS 2000 Short Test Phase Put into operation Introduction and Training Demonstration Now Slide 8 Advantages for the customer n Easy configuration n most suitable for JUMO instruments n fast editing of the application n no time consuming drawing of masks n independent of application supplements n cost-saving through time-saving Slide 9 SVS - 2000 - Visualisation Slide 10 SVS - 2000 v isualisation Slide 11 SVS - 2000 Visualisation Configuration n Input of all instruments connected n Selection of the required functions n Input of plant data: ranges... n Clear definition of group pictures n Comfortable reports Slide 12 SVS - 2000 Report Batch Processes n Recording of data Trends, events, covering text, batch data n Searching for records Date, time, product name, batch-No; program No.. n Printout of the data graphically or as a list; scope can be selected n Data Export e.g. acc. To Excel, format adjustable, scope can be selected Slide 13 SVS - 2000 Visualisation Slide 14 SVS - 2000 Visualisation n Group pictures n Individual pictures n Flow chart n Trend display n List of alarm / events n Recipes n Calendar function Report n Continous processes n Batch processes n Recording / Storage n Search n Printout n Data export e.g. Excel Slide 15 SVS - 2000 Features n easy editing of application through adjusted configuration masks n 32 Bit operation system n clear structure n based on efficient and powerful process visualisation software PCVUE Slide 16 PCVUE Flow chart Slide 17 PCVUE n Clear process visualisation software n compatible to SVS2000 n for free amplification SVS2000 Slide 18 PCVUE n Largest manufacturer in Europe n more than 5000 installations in Europe n more than 80 instrument drivers n various network structures n multilingual editing of application n object orientated n DDE, OLE2, OPC, ODBC-Interface Slide 19 PCVUE Standard Functions n Windows Editor n Real time trend / historical trend n Alarm-/Event window administration n Recipe administration n Calendar function n Access through pass words n SCADA-Basic programming language n Report generator Slide 20 Software demonstration Now we would like to present the most important menus of SVS 2000 Slide 21 We hope to meet you again We look forward to your visit ! Booth No. 1B0801 - 1B0803 Hall 1 B For a detailled Software demonstration please visit our booth