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Learn how to watch an American football

May 16, 2015



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Welcome to Water Cooler Football - where football and networking meet to have fun!

You’re at a party with a football game on, people cheer and you have no idea what happened – do you feel left out?

At a meeting someone says, “let’s do an end run” – do you feel lost?

When you hear “football” do you think people mean soccer?

If you don't know how to watch a football, you maybe left out. This can have a negative impact on your career and perhaps social life.

Join former Boston College Athletic Director, Gene DeFillippo, and published author and networking expert Diane Darling as they talk about football and how to watch it.

You'll also learn some best practices for networking. How to pick your events (aka "whether report"), how to get into a conversation, and .... how to get out of one. What are some best ways to follow up?

Learn how to be a part of the game with tips and from Gene and Diane. (And wait until you hear how they met!)

BONUS - You'll also get excellent tips on networking. You'll learn

- How to pick events
- How to get into (and out of) a conversation
- Best ways to follow up
- What to do when you fumble in networking (eg don't follow up)

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  • 1. Presented byGene DeFilippo Welcome to and Diane Darling The Super Bowl of Networking Hosted by theBritish Consulate-General of Boston January 8, 2013

2. John Cleese Rants - Soccer versus FootballJohn Cleese tells the truth. From the excellent documentary "The Art ofFootball from A to Z". 3. Pregame Show#[email protected]@[email protected]@CBSSunday 4. Tonights Game Plan Thank you British Consulate,ASTD, World Boston CBS Sunday Morning Jan 13 Media madness no secrecy Introductions What to expect 5. How cool is this. 6. Mitt Romney On NFL Replacement RefsWhat would you do about those referees in the NFL? Would you order them back to work? 7. 1st Quarter 8. The Game of Football 9. EAGLES The Football FieldEAGLES 10. Touchdown When the team brings the ball into the end zone, they score atouchdown Touchdown = 6 Points 11. Extra Point After scoring a touchdown, the kicker tries to kick the ball through the goal posts. If he makes it, the team scores one more point. 12. Field Goal If the team doesnt think they are going to make the touchdown, they can kick a field goal which is worth three points. 13. Whether Report 7.1.Location 1.Host organization 7.2.Price7.3.Parking 7.Logistics 2.1.Prospects7.4.Time of day 2.2.Clients 7.5.Function2.Attendees2.3.Competitors 2.4.Quality8.Company attendee 2.5.Quantity9.Networking buddy 3.1.Time3.Networking 3.2.StructuredEvent Evaluation10.Board members 4.1.Who4.Speaker4.2.Bio11.Weather 4.3.Available 12.Cameo5.1.Potential client5.Sponsors 5.2.Strategic partner 13.Who invited you5.3.Competitor14.Goal6.Industry 14. Introvert vs. Extrovert One-on-one LOTs of people Get energy from Get energy fromquiet times unknown Accountants, Think Bill Clintonengineers,performers F.F.I. 15. Food 16. Handshakes 17. End of 1st Quarter 18. 2nd Quarter 19. Safety 20. UniformsHelmetFace Mask Shoulder PadsThighPadsKneePads 21. Referee SignalsHere are some of the different signals you will see areferee make during game 22. Referees and Penalties In order to make sure the game is played fair there is onereferee and six officials who oversee game play. If either team has an illegal play, the ref throws a yellowflag immediately to alert each team of the foul. The ref will then make a specific signal and call out thepenalty after the play has occurred. If the offense has a penalty called they loseyardage and if the defense has a penalty calledthe offense gains yardage. 23. Penalties in networking Not networking BIG mistake Ignoring the power of internalnetworking Not following up Confusing persistence with stalking 24. How we communicate55%Body languageVoice tone 38%Words7%Source: Decoding Inconsistent Communication Prof Albert Mehrabian UCLA 25. Gender 26. Just a little humor! 27. Locker roomLosing .Winning . 28. End of 2nd Quarter 29. Break 30. Halftime Show 31. 3rd Quarter 32. Offense vs. Defense Defense OffenseOffensive Position Key Defensive Position Key 33. Position:Quarterback QB His job is to throw the ball to the widereceivers or hand it off to the runningback. 34. Position: Running Back RB Quarterback hands ball to the runningback and they run with it to try to score atouchdown! 35. Position: Wide Receiver WR Catches the ball that the quarterback throws. 36. Position: Offensive Line OL" They block the opposing teams defenseso the offense can score. 37. Positions: Defense The goal of the defense is to stop the otherteams offense. 38. Getting into (and out) of a Conversation 39. Strategic Networking Volunteer Speaker Writer Social media Connect people to each other 40. End of 3rd Quarter 41. 4th Quarter 42. I-formation 43. 4-3 Defense 44. Shotgun 45. Nickel Defense 46. Goal line Defense 47. Spread Formation 48. Football Terminology Lets do an end run You dropped the ball Up the middle and win When in doubt, punt Thats a game changer Take a knee 49. Serendipity 50. Follow Up 20 minutes LinkedIn Sort business cards Assess event & organization 51. End of 4th Quarter 52. Postgame Show 53. Congrats! 54. Contact Info [email protected] 617.308.0405 :: Dianes mobile Thank you! Diane & Gene