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Lean Innovation INCOSE

Jan 23, 2015



An extended version of my Lean Innovation presentation held for the Swedish INCOSE chapter 2013-01-13

  • 1. Knowit Technology Management Lean Innovation and Knowledge Based Development- or, what would Albert say? Pr Hammarstrm Senior Mgmt Consultant Knowit Technology Management [email protected] 072 202 6277Presentation to INCOSE Sweden 2013-02-13 @Knowit TM Linkping

2. We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.- Peter Thielin 1950 an average R&D worker in America contributedalmost seven times more to total factor productivityessentially, the contribution of technology and innovation togrowththat an R&D worker in 2000 did. - Azoulay&JonesIf computers and the internet mattered to the economyrather than merely as rich resources for intellectual andcultural exchange, effect would be seen in the figures. And ithasnt been.- Gordon&Coven Roughly a century lapsed between the first commercial deployments of James Watts steam engine and steams peak contribution to British growth. Some four decades separated the critical innovations in electrical engineering of the 1880s and the broad influence of electrification on economic growth. In the end, the main risk to advanced economies may not be that the pace of innovation is too slow, but that institutions have become too rigid to accommodate truly revolutionary changeswhich could be a lot more likely than flying cars. 3. "Our strong investor base offers asolid foundation for Thefact that such internationalinvestors have invested in boo.comreflects the power of our businessmodel and the brand."Patrik Hedelin, Executive Chairman.(Press Release, Nov 3 1999) 4. A business exist to create a customer. - Peter F Drucker Technology Management 5. Technology Management 6. Sustainable SuccessRespect forContinuousEntrepeneurial Decide as latepeopleChief Engineeras possible ImprovementTeam Room &Flow/ Visual Cadence Mgmt Amplify LearningSet-based X-Team design Skilled peopleManagement applies and teaches lean thinking Technology ManagementAdapted from Larman & Vodde 7. Something different that has impact. Technology Management 8. Product Development is Learning Real WorldInformationDecisionFeedbackReflection Decision making rules Mental Model Technology Management 9. Technology Management 10. GUL BL ORANGESVART RD GRNLILA GUL RDORANGE GRN SVARTBL RD LILAGRN BL ORANGETechnology Management 11. The Ladder of InferenceI take Actions based on my beliefsI adopt Beliefs about the worldThe Reflexive Loop(our beliefs affect what I draw Conclusionsdata we select next time)I make Assumptions based on themeanings I addedObservable data Technology ManagementChris Argyris 12. What do you believe that only you believe?Technology Management 13. "Imagination is more important than knowledge."Technology Management 14. A Different PerspectiveCo-ordinating logicMotivationTransparencyPerspectiveKnowledge transfer Enacted environmentContextual environment Technology Management Sven Hamrefors 15. Intrinsic MotivationSelf AutonomyActualization The desire to be self- directed MasteryBelongingness The urge to get better in search of flow Purpose The aspiration toSurvival contribute to something bigger than ourselvesTechnology Management 16. Perspectives+ConservativeConstructiveReflected experiences Previous enactment- Superstitious Novel-+Gemba - Go seePresent enactment 17. Directing FactorsCo-ordinating logic Sensemaking, flowCreate experiencescombining the magic Transparencyof sw withon every A PC the power ConnectingTo create a better desk runningof internet serviceseveryday life for the many People. MS swacross a world of people.devicesKnowledge transfer Technology Management 18. Entrepeneurial Behavior AnarchisticScanning Targeted ScanningIntrinsic MotivationPrivate Scanning Scanning inprinciple None Enacted situationContextual situation Directing factors 19. "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide yoursources."Technology Management 20. Mindfuck1, Line B is longer than line A2, They are equally long3, We dont knowABTechnology Management 21. Mindfuck1, Line A is in line with line C2, Line B is in line with line C3, We dont know CAB Technology Management 22. Mindfuck1, The mid circles are not equally big2, The mid circles are equally big3, We dont know Technology Management 23. I Know That I Know NothingTechnology Management 24. What Do We Know Waste The Tacit Dimension Personal ->Interpersonal through dialogue and visualizationsWhat we know that we What we dont know that weknow Known Knownsknow Unknown KnownsWhat we know that we dont What we dont know that we dontknow Known Unknownsknow Unknown UnknownsAssumptionsIgnoranceComplicatedComplexTechnical systemsSociotechnical systemsFind the facts Probe Sense - Respond Trust that patterns will emerge Technology Management 25. The Nine Dot Problem Technology Management 26. The Problem is about What You SeeEmptiness = NothingInvisible = SomethingFocus on what you know What could be? Technology Management 27. Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquiredby age eighteen. Technology Management 28. 4 Mental Models of InnovationBusiness as usual Lets fire all the managersContinuous innovation as the bottom line 80/20Technology ManagementGary Hamel 29. Linear Model of InnovationBasic Research -> Applied Research -> Development -> DiffusionBasic Research -> Applied Research -> Development -> Production -> Marketing&Sales Market needs-> Development -> Production -> Marketing&Sales Technology Management 30. Keeping the Innovators at the GateTechnology Management 31. The SCRUM Trap Things that I knowhow to buildMoreof theSame?Things that IUnknown know my Needs Customers like? ?Unknown TechnologyTechnology Management 32. "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not becalled research, would it? Technology Management 33. Technology Management 34. Competitive Strategy Competitive AdvantageUniqnessCost Differentiation Competitive Scope Leadership Differentiation Cost FocusFocusSustaining InnovationLow CostTechnology Management Michael Porter 35. Blue Ocean Red OceanTechnology ManagementW. Chan Kim & Rene Mauborgne 36. The Post Competitive Paradigm In order to get to the future first, there is no need to excel competitors trying to get the same prize because the number of prizes may be the same as the number of runners. G. Hamel & C. K. PrahaladUniqness Known TechnologyCostValue InnovationDifferentiation New KnownMarket Market Low Cost New TechnologyTechnology Management 37. Product PerformanceThe Innovators DilemmaHigh end demandSustaining InnovationDisruptive Technology Low end demand Time Technology Management Clayton Christenssen 38. Creative DestructionUniqnessKnown Technology Disruptive InnovationNewKnown MarketMarketLow CostNew TechnologyTechnology Management 39. Three Distinct Innovation Strategies Known Technology1 Apple 70 2,7% 8 P&G61 2,5%3 3M86 5,4% 9 Toyota 6 3,9%4 GE32 2,6% Need Seekers Market Readers7 Toyota 1 4,2%6 IBM 15 6% 8 P&G72 2,4%10 Facebook N/A New Known1 Apple 53 2,2% Market Market3 3M86 5,3%5 GE30 3,2%9 IBM 17 5,9% Technology Drivers 2 Google34 12,8%10 Amazon 48 6,1%5 Microsoft 4 14%7 Samsung 7 5,9%2 Google 26 13,6%New Technology4 Samsung 6 6%6 Microsoft 5 12,9% R&D spending is far from proportional to success Booz&Co: The Global Innovation 1000 Why Culture is key 2011 Technology Management Booz&Co: The Global Innovation 1000 Making Ideas Work 2012 40. Strategy and Culture Alignment is Key Distinct GoalCommon Goals Advantaged Products Superior product performance and Services Superior product quality Distinct CultureCommon Culture NeedOpeness to new ideas Strong identification with the customerfrom customers,and orientation toward customer Seekerssuppliers, competitorsexperience and other industries Passion and pride for the products andservices offeredMarketTechnologyReaders Drivers Distinct Goal Products customized to local markets Distinct Culture Collaboration acrossDistinct Goal functions and Developing low cost products geographies Distinct Culture Reverence and respect forTechnology Managementtech talent and knowledge 41. Front End Tools Align Preferred Tools End-user Insight Idea workout sessions Social-network data mining Focus groups with customersand end-users Need Direct customer observationSeekers Market Technology ReadersDriversPreferred Tools Market Insight Feedback from customer support and sales Traditional market researchPreferred Tools Tech Foresight Seed funding for exploratory Periodic meetings of technical community research Technology road mapping External idea scouting and technology Technology Management Crossbusiness unit communities ofpractice 42. Culture Eats Strategy for BreakfastHeavyweight Team Heavyweight TeamBadwithin organizationSpinout organizationProcess FitLightweight TeamHeavyweight Teamwithin organization Spinout organizationGoodfor commercialization GoodBad(Sustaining Innovation)(Disruptive Innovation) Value FitTechnology Management Clayton Christensen 43. Startups as a Role ModelScalableLargeTransitionStartup Company A startup is the temporary organizationused to explore a market for a scalable businessmodel under conditions of greatuncertainty.The purpose is not to remain a startup. Failure = failure to transition. 44. 100 is the Magic NumberTechnology Management Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds Henrik Kniberg Crisp 45. The Lean Start-up Entrepeneurs are everywhere Product Roadmap -> Business Model Product Owner - > EntrepeneurBuild Validated learningIdeaProduct Backlog -> To learn list On site customer ->Get out of the building Learn Measure Demo -> Perserve or Pivot DataTechnology Management Eric Ries 46. The Adoption CycleEarly Majority Late MajorityPragmatists ConservatistsRelative % customers Early AdoptersVisionariesInnovatorsLaggards Tech entusiastsSkeptics TimeTechnology Manag

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