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Leading & working virtual world: Training

Dec 04, 2014



Slide from my one day intensive training on: Leading & working in the new world. The training includes full exercises on engaging leadership meetings in the virtual world as well as effective leadership strategies and watchouts. More on

2. Flickr/Andy_Magee 3. Audiences Virtual Led Virtual Leader Leadership Lecturer Organizational Advisor 4. Why should I care about the remote environment? 5. More than 200 million people work in remote teams Source: Manpower 6. 7. [email protected] @larssudmann 8. Virtual teams can outperform co- located teams Source: Siebdrat, Hoegl, Ernst 2009 9. but 10. but 11. How does it feelto work like this? 12. Like this? Flickr/jerrybunkers 13. Or more like this? 90% of virtual team members complain in the beginning about insufficient possibility to build relationships and trust* *Source: e.g. RW3 study report 14. Flow 15. Explore 16. Foundations 17. Remote Mindset Leveraging technology Focus needed Tech overload Under- utilized Full remote power 18. Audiences 1 19. Explore 20. 1: Virtual Meetings/Presentations 2: Virtual Management 3: Virtual Success 21. Google Powerpoint Karaoke 22. Foundation 23. Do you remember your last phone conference? 24. Mute all 25. Foundation Know Your Technology by Heart 26. #1 Visualize 27. Topic Time Who? Next Step Until when? 28. #2 Make Mini-Movies 29. TV 30. Change 31. Change 32. Integrated Pest Management - the three step pest situation assessment In a first step we need to analyze info from scouting and pest identification. The second step is the cost benefit analysis, where we need to assess the control cost vs. damage cost. After that, we should in a third step determine the exact need for pest control. 33. Pest Situation Assessment: A 3-step approach Step 1: Analyze info from scouting and pest identification Step 2: Cost Benefit Analysis control cost vs. damage cost Step 3: Determine need for pest control 34. Pest Situation Assessment 35. 3-step approach 36. Analyze info from scouting and pest identification 1 37. Compare control cost vs. damage cost 2 38. Determine need for pest control 3 39. Video 40. A conference call in real life 41. #3 Speak like a Radio DJ 42. Radio 43. #4 Interact 44. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Who cares? No Yes 45. 46. #5 Co-Create 47. Advantages Disadvantages Best practices No Nos Work from home 24/7 project work in global teams Communica tion issues Not so personal Proactive reaching outInteractive meetings Making assumption s in emails Expecting that they will notice it 48. Chatroom breakout 49. 1: Virtual Meetings/Presentations 2: Virtual Management 3: Virtual Success 50. Where is everybody? I am not part of a team any more I dont get used to it I have learned to master this Great, my new assignment Time in remote position Individuals Engagement Now I know how to do this 51. # 1 Proactive Interaction 52. Virtual Coffees 53. #2 Optimize Communication Channel 54. Webmeeting, video Wikis, Yamm er, IM, chat, we bcam Email, status updates Simple Collab- oration Complex Collab- oration Real time Delayed Ways of Communication 55. Alright, let me send this email 56. Now the phone call 57. I will just update the micro-blog of the company 58. Lets do a video conference with my new team 59. Okthat is donework went well today 60. She was typing all the time while on the phone he does not care! Do that! as email text How rude of him! Did you see that funny picture in the background? Was he in his kids room? How banal - here surely is somebody who cannot blog and even spelling mistakes.hahaha E-Mail Phone Video Blog 61. Wow, what a week 62. The full re-work of the model is done 63. Then I also developed the training program for all employees 64. Then the coordination and execution of the meeting here on site 65. Argue Argue Argue 66. Not to mention the site team building event that I organized 67. Now the last thing for the week the call with my boss 68. Wow, its busy here 69. I didnt hear from you all week, I wish I had also such a calm job! 70. 71. #3 Virtual Performance Management 72. Jochen Brenner Associate Director, Procter & Gamble Deliverables and work you do are harder to see from the distance. On top of that, you need to be more agile and anticipate much more of what could happen as you just cant check in with your manager at the same frequency. Performance 73. Clearly specify results & strategic intents you want to have done by your team 74. #4 Over-share with your team 75. Share the pain 76. Share status updates & vision 77. Share how you will communicate with each other 78. Share how you will have conflicts with each other 79. People in our study were convinced theyve accurately understood the tone of an e-mail message when in fact their odds are no better than chance. Nicholas Epley University of Chicago 80. Share how you will have conflicts with each other 81. Facts are friendly Never assume 82. Use the ladder 83. #5 Do virtual teambuilding 84. Teambuilding 85. Games Insights Getting to know Fun Play Non-work Human Relax Work/LifeStories bond 86. Yearbook yourself 87. 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 # Tech Manuals in Companies # Read Tech Manuals in Companies 88. 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 # Tech Manuals in Companies # Read Tech Manuals in Companies 89. 5 minute tips 90. Action Plan 91. 1: Virtual Meetings/Presentations 2: Virtual Management 3: Virtual Success 92. Performance 93. Overcome the passive face- time bias 94. Passive Face-time Strategies Frequency & Timing (e.g. communicate frequently & at different hours) Availability & Responsiveness (e.g. be easily reachable & respond fast) Face-to-Face Meeting Focus (e.g. when traveling meet as many people F2F as possible) Content Communication (e.g. regularly share the work done & give context) 95. Availability & Response I clearly align with my manager what s/he expects in terms of minimum and maximum response times O In place O Not needed O Action 96. Frequency & Timing I have a constant flow of updates to management rather than 'burst & silence' O In place O Not needed O Action 97. Content Communication I regularly give my manager updates of what I am working on (e.g. via going through my 'sent emails' once per week and discuss in 1-1) O In place O Not needed O Action 98. Face-to-face meetings I carefully plan face-to-face meetings (pre-arranging as many meetings as possible, clear content preparation) O In place O Not needed O Action 99. Performance 100. Sein Image verstehen 2014 Sudmann & Company 101. Johari-Window for a Virtual Image check 102. Blind Spots Known to others Not known to others Known to self Not known to self Johari-Window in Virtual Interaction Based on: Luft / Ingham "The Johari window 103. Performance 104. You have to make your own music! Not only think about performance, but also of the exposure of your team (and yourself) 105. Peter Yorke Global Marketing Director Exposure to your local organization is incredibly important. You need to be extra pro-active (attending trainings, town halls etc) or the local organization will begin to wonder what you are doing. 106. Exposure to career centre Remote exposure Difficult Rating ok but long-term Long-term ok but rating? Balanced exposure 10 5 0 5 10 107. Action Plan 108. Happy Birthday Robert