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Leadership Style of Laurence Yap <Strengths-Based Leadership, Gallup>

Leadership Style: Strengths Based Leadership

Apr 21, 2017



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  • Leadership Style of Laurence Yap

  • Laurence YapM.A. (Uni. Malaya)HRD ProfessionLeadership Style

  • Strength Based Leadership

  • In researchingStrengths Based Leadership, Gallup scientists studied more than one million work teams, conducted more than 20,000 in-depth interviews with leaders, drew on 50 years of Gallup Polls about the world's most admired leaders, and even interviewed more than 10,000 followers around the world to ask exactly

    Whythey followed the most important leader in their life.Gallup's Leadership Research

  • Gallup's Research Findings

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Summary

  • Evidence

  • Maximizer

  • Arranger

  • Connectedness

  • Positivity

  • Individualization

  • Positive Impact Report

  • Positive Impact Grading

  • Positive Impact QuestionsPositive Impact Grading

  • Positive Impact Questions

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