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Leaders of the Middle East. Saddam Hussein Osama bin Laden

Dec 13, 2015



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Leaders of the Middle East Slide 2 Saddam Hussein Slide 3 Osama bin Laden Slide 4 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Slide 5 Ayatollah Khomeini Slide 6 Moammar Gadhafi Slide 7 Benjamin Netanyahu Slide 8 Yitzak Rabin Slide 9 Anwar Sadat Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 Quiz Format WarCause 1. Arab Israeli Conflict a. Territory, Shatt-al- Arab, Oil Trade 2. Iran Iraq Warb. Reaction to Westernization 3. Iranian Revolutionc. Revolt against Dictators 4. Arab Springd. Nationalism Slide 13 Quiz Format WarOutcome Persian Gulf 91a. Dictators overthrown, movement towards democracy Persian Gulf 03b. Saddam Hussein, Iraq, removed from Kuwait, Saddam Survives Iran Iraq Warc. UN cease fire, millions dead, objectives not achieved War in Afghanistand. Terrorists leaders killed, but the war continues Arab Springe. Saddam Hussein captured and killed, Iraq moves towards democracy

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