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Laptop Referrals

Jan 17, 2016




Laptop Referrals. Auto-Assignment of Referral Leads. The Needs Based Laptop Presentation allows agents to collect referrals during their presentations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Laptop Referrals

  • Auto-Assignment of Referral Leads

  • The Needs Based Laptop Presentation allows agents to collect referrals during their presentations. Once the agent has done an upload of their eApps to the agent workspace, the referrals they have collected will be in their sponsor database. (Sample right)

  • The agent can update referrals that are in their sponsor database as they work them, but note that those updates do not currently update CAS. We plan to get that programming in a little later, so the agent must provide resolution to you as they work their referrals in order for the leads/packets to remain updated.The system has been modified to auto assign the referrals obtained by a specific agent to a lead packet each time they upload data and it is added to their SGAs CAS lead database.

  • The SGA will receive a notification in CAS that lead packets have been built and how many referrals are in each lead pack. (Sample below)

  • In addition, if the SGA is set up to receive email notifications in ailocinf.dbf, they will also receive an email with the lead packet details for those auto assigned. (Sample below)

  • If the referral is a duplicate lead, you will get a notification regarding combining the lead. (Sample below)

  • You potentially would get an email with the same data

  • You can view the packets in CAS by looking in Packet Management.

  • Building a referral packetin CAS

  • Open CAS > Packet Processing > Packet Management

  • Create a packet

  • Add leads to packetLeads from the lead database

  • Create a filter with R type leads

  • To filter by Referring agent:

    Press the + next to referring agent and use the drop down menu to select the agents name.

    You can also select a specific zip code range as you would with any other filter.

  • Build packets by Referring Agent

  • Affiliation filter

  • Once you have populated the following fields:

    Lead Type: R -OR-Affiliation: REFER

    you can then add additional filters:Referring Agent (Agents name)Entry date or date rangeZip code or city

    Select the current filter and exit

  • In this example, I have 1550 referrals with phone numbers and 485 without that are available to be assigned.

  • Choose the number of leads you want to assign, press Next

  • Continue assigning and printing the package just as you would with any other type of lead packet.