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Lanier Cluster Brochure

Mar 07, 2016



Learn about the Lanier Cluster schools in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

  • Empowering Students to Learn Lead Succeed


  • Lanier Middle Schoolpages 6-7

    It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you to our community. We serve our families with a commitment to excellence in all we do, and we consider it both an honor and a pleasure to do so. We invite you to visit our schools and to contact us to learn more about the services we provide.

    Jean Loethen-PaynePrincipalWhite Oak Elem.

    Kerensa WingPrincipalLanier High

    Kim HollandPrincipalBuice School

    Jaime EspinosaPrincipalLanier Middle

    Chris GodfreyPrincipalSugar Hill Elem.

    J. Alvin WilbanksCEO/SuperintendentGCPS Board of Ed.

    Amy BryanPrincipalSycamore Elem.

    Daniel D. SeckingerDistrict II Rep.GCPS Board of Ed.

    Welcome to the Lanier cluster!

    We leaders & educators in the Lanier Cluster are dedicated to empowering our students to learn, lead, and succeed.

    Lanier High Schoolpages 4-5

    Dedicated to empowerment


    We are passionate about students.

    They are the reason we do everything

    the reason we work,the reason we study,

    the reason we care.Everything we do

    is for them.Our passion

    is our students.


  • Sugar Hill Elementarypages 8-9

    Sycamore Elementarypages 10-11

    Buice Schoolpages 14-15

    White Oak Elementarypages 12-13


    Welcome to the Lanier Cluster Education Foundation (LCEF). Since our cluster was formed in 2009, The North Gwinnett Schools Foundation has provided tremendous support for all 12,000 students in both the Lanier and North Gwinnett Clusters. With the support of the Lanier community and a generous donation from

    the North Gwinnett Schools Foundation, it was time for the Lanier Cluster Schools to form our own identity and

    support our own students. In April 2011, we voted to establish the Lanier Cluster Education Foundation.

    The mission of LCEF is to help the Lanier Cluster schools to empower students to achieve at high levels and foster their learning through academics, leadership, service, and extra-curricular activities that will positively impact their community and prepare them for a postsecondary career and/or the work force. We are steadily working to implement fundraising efforts to support these goals. Our Board, principals and community leaders are right at the front of those efforts. Throughout 2011-12, we will be announcing exciting events and easy ways for everyone in the community to help us with our efforts. The first and easiest way will be through when you register your children for school. Look for the Foundation line and please consider adding a $1, $5, or $10 contribution. With almost 3,000 families in our cluster, if everyone gave $5.00, you would give us the ability to start funding grants to our schools this year. I wish to extend my warmest appreciation to all of our donors and supporters, community leaders, and especially to the Board of Trustees, for their efforts to make this the #1 Foundation in the Gwinnett County Public School System. With your help, the Foundation will truly transform the education landscape of our schools. It is an honor and an inspiration to be a part of it. We look forward to an outstanding year at the Lanier Cluster Education Foundation.

    The Lanier Cluster Education Foundation is committed to the effective and efficient use of resources and maintains high ethical standards for the stewardship of gifts. Donors can give with the confidence that their gift will be used to enhance the education of all students in the cluster and to provide funds which enrich and extend educational opportunities. The Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation under the umbrella of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation.


    GCPS Vision & MissionGCPS will become a system of world-class schools where students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful as they continue their education at the postsecondary level and/or enter the workforce.The mission of GCPS is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior for each student, resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world-class standards.

    GCPS Core Beliefs Our core business is teaching and learning.

    All children can learn at or above grade level.

    All children should reach their potential.

    The school effect is important and has a profound impact on every childs life.

    A quality instructional program requires a rigorous curriculum, effective teaching, and ongoing assessment.

    All children should be taught in a safe and secure learning environment.

    GCPS Leadership Commitment GCPS will give its core business, teaching and

    learning, priority over all other functions of the organization.

    All students will learn at or above grade level.

    The school effect is important, and GCPS will have a positive impact on every childs life.

    GCPS will have a quality instructional program that includes a rigorous curriculum, effective teaching, and ongoing assessment.

    All GCPS students will be taught in a safe and secure learning environment.

    LCEF BoardPresident

    Lisa Ramsay

    Vice PresidentSteve Edwards

    SecretaryDenise Wilcox

    TreasurerBetsy Bridwell


    c/o Lanier High School918 Buford Highway

    Sugar Hill, GA 30518

    Donations can be made online at

    Welcome to the Lanier cluster!

    Lisa Ramsay, President

  • It is great to be a Lanier Longhorn!

    Lanier High School had a fabulous first year and is excited to build on its great start. My leadership, faculty, and support teams are ready for our new freshman to arrive and all of our returning students for a rigorous year of Learning, Leading and Succeeding. The Lanier Cluster has a wonderfully supportive community in Sugar Hill, Suwanee, and Buford and we are thankful for the strong community connections between our partners in education, community organizations, parents, teachers and students. It truly takes everyones focus, dedication, and passion to provide our students with the highest level of education.

    The foundation has been laid, traditions have begun, and Lanier High will continue to soar as we climb the mountain of success. Our student and teacher leaders have set high expectations for our academic successes, and the students have responded by stretching themselves. We have a threefold increase in Advanced Placement enrollment for the 2011-12 school year, which is an indication of how the students are rising to our expectations.

    Student engagement on campus is very important to our culture at Lanier High as research proves that students that are involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are more successful in school. At Lanier High we provide a wealth of opportunities to learn at high levels, lead daily, and be successful in their studies and activities. I invite you to join us and become an active force in shaping the community around the Lanier Cluster Schools.

    Lanier High SchoolOur

    Mission Lanier High School

    will empower students to achieve

    at high levels & foster their learning through academics, leadership, service, & extra-curricular activities that will positively impact their community

    & prepare them for a postsecondary

    career and/or the work force. Kerensa WingPrincipal

    Lanier High School

    We have become a family. Together we stand, no matter where we are from. Standing as one is what LHS is all about.

    I like being a part of the 1st sophomore class at LHS. I also enjoy being able to meet people and being able to be a leader and help our school grow.

    Uniting as one


  • I like the way Laniers academics are. They have set the bar high for students futures.

    The school is huge, new and exciting. Theres always something going on.


    I feel empowered by our motto, lead by helping others.



    LHS Administration TeamMr. Joe Cobb, A.P. & Community School Director Dr. Ruben Gresham, A.P. of Student Services Mrs. Kerensa Wing, Principal Mr. Bill Wells, Athletic Director Mrs. Julia Osborne, A.P. of Curriculum & Instruction


    Offered all major sports, band, orchestra, chorus, and clubs for student involvement. French National Exam had four students who were recognized at the state and national

    level for their excellent scores. At LGPE our band, chorus and orchestras received Superior ratings. National Honor

    Society, Beta Club, National French Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and Tri-M Music Honor Society all established

    chapters at Lanier High. Our Softball team made it to the region 8AAA tournament, and we had a Region 8AAA 110M hurdle champion that was our first state competitor, Sloane Mattadeen. In the Media Festival we had 6 state competitors. Began a Lanier Student Leadership Team that helped start many clubs, developed captains, and provided tutoring for 90 students daily. Longhorn Student Success helped 110 at risk (failing 3 or more classes during the semester) students improve in their classes with 50% of the group passing 5 or more at the end of the semester. AP scores were good for

    a first year with 48% of our 168 students making a 3 or higher on their AP exams. Relay for Life team raised just over $10,000 for cancer research! Laniers Center for Design and Technology provided an innovative approach to learning Language Ar