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Jul 05, 2020






  • 2 Issue 3


    This handbook provides a guide to procedures and competitions within the Ladies Section.

    It will be of particular benefit to new members, and hopefully serve as a reminder for the more established members.

    The Ladies Committee trust that you will find this handbook to be of guidance and interest. Please remember we play our golf for pleasure, therefore make it an enjoyable experience for yourself and your fellow players on the course.

    Ladies Committee – 2016

    Lady Captain Pam Frith 01747 826394 or 07768162982 [email protected] Vice-Captain Sue Bamping 01749 330622 [email protected]

    Past Captain Molly Shire 01935 850714 or 07891 695038 [email protected] Treasurer Helen Lane 01747 824937

    [email protected]

    Secretary Sandra Bradshaw 01458 850834 [email protected]

    Competitions Caroline Hunter 01963 350407 or 07708 490992 [email protected]

    Handicap Sue Harrop 01458 850187 [email protected]

    County Delegate Jan Finan 01458 270181or 07708038846 [email protected]

    New Members Lynn O’Neill 01458 841288 [email protected]

    Committee Ann Gates 01460 73926 or 07766 982438 Member [email protected] Committee Denise Malling 01458 272300 or 07966 391889 Member [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • 3 Issue 3

    Obtaining a Congu Handicap at Wheathill Three Wheathill cards (of 18 holes) must be submitted, marked and signed by a person with a handicap. If you require someone to mark your card please contact any committee member. When completed the cards should be placed in the ladies competition box in the foyer.

    The Handicap Secretary will calculate your handicap and let you know what it is. There is only one Computer Handicap system operating for all members. The PSI system in the club house is used to record subsequent scores which would alter your new handicap. A joint handicap committee (men and women) exists. This committee conducts an annual review of all handicaps prior and may make adjustments to handicaps as appropriate. At Wheathill golfing beginners can play the course without a handicap but should be aware of etiquette, speed of play required and dress code. Once a handicap has been allocated you are eligible to enter club competitions. The Handicap Secretary will issue you with a certificate, which will include your unique CDH ID number. New handicap certificates are left on the ladies locker room notice board. Handicaps are divided into the following categories each with a buffer zone:

    Category 1 – Handicaps 5 or less (Buffer zone 0 to +1) Category 2 – Handicaps 6 - 12 (Buffer zone 0 to +2) Category 3 – Handicaps 13 - 20 (Buffer zone 0 to +3)

    Category 4 – Handicaps 21 - 28 (Buffer zone 0 to +4) Category 5 – Handicaps 29 - 36 (Buffer zone 0 to +5) Note: Category 5 is ladies only

     A player’s exact handicap is her handicap calculated to one

    decimal place

     A player’s playing handicap is her exact handicap calculated

    to the nearest whole number (0.5 is rounded upwards)

     The buffer zone is the margin within which a handicap remains


  • 4 Issue 3


     A Qualifying competition is any competition in which

    medal/Stableford play conditions prevail and a CSS is calculated.

     A Qualifying score is any score including a no return in a

    Qualifying competition  The Standard Scratch Score (SSS) is the score allocated to

    an 18 hole golf course and is the score that a scratch player is expected to return in ideal conditions. The Standard Scratch (SSS) at Wheathill for ladies is also the par of the course 70.

     The Competition Scratch Score (CSS) is the adjustment that

    may be necessary to the SSS to take account of weather and course conditions which affect the overall performance of every competitor. It is calculated for all Qualifying Competitions.

     Stableford adjustment allows a bad score on a hole(s) in a

    stroke play qualifying competition (eg.medal) to be adjusted. The worst score that can be recorded on any hole is ‘nett double bogey’, before normal handicapping adjustments are made.

     NB this is for handicapping purposes only and does not alter the actual score recorded for the competition.

     - If you complete the hole, record, the number of strokes taken.  - If you do not complete a hole(s) you should put a zero(0) on

    your card for that hole. The computer will work out the adjustments. If you fail to complete a hole during a medal round your score will count for handicapping purposes only. You will not be eligible to win a prize.

     An alternative format in which a lady may submit scores for handicap purposes is to do a Supplementary Score, which involves a round of golf, under medal conditions with a person holding a handicap to mark her card.

    The intention to play a Supplementary Score must be made before the said round of golf and the lady MUST sign the book

    which is called Supplementary Scores and is kept in the locker room. After completing a supplementary round, the signed card must be put in the competition box in the foyer for the handicap secretary to enter your score on your playing record. For further clarification regarding Supplementary Scores Please see the CONGU rule book, clause 21, which is also kept in the locker room.

    N.B Supplementary scores do not count as qualifying cards for Ladies competitions.

  • 5 Issue 3

    Alteration of Handicap Handicaps are changed by playing in any qualifying competition, either medal or stableford, when the course is on qualifying conditions. If a player returns a score:

     Below their handicap then their Handicap is reduced by an amount per stroke being determined by their handicap category as follows:

     Category 5 = 0.5  Category 4 = 0.4  Category 3 = 0.3  Category 2 = 0.2  Category 1 = 0.1

     Above their handicap but within the Buffer Zone the handicap is not changed

     Above the Buffer Zone or records a no return the exact handicap is increased by 0.1

     Alterations to any handicap after a qualifying competition are immediate – up or down

    All reductions and increases are immediate. If the Handicap Secretary is not available before you play in another competition it is your responsibility to play off the lower handicap, otherwise you will

    be disqualified for playing off a higher handicap than you should. Remember you cannot be disqualified for playing off a handicap lower than your true one. Every golfer is responsible for her own handicap

    and must report to the Handicap Secretary any score that may involve a reduction or increase.

    Players are responsible for playing off the correct Handicap but must not increase their Handicap until confirmed by the Handicap secretary. Players are responsible for reporting all cards played in Qualifying competitions at ‘away’ venues to their home club (including CSS if possible)

  • 6 Issue 3

    Competition/Non Competition Handicaps All qualifying competitions will require ladies to have a Competition Handicap.

    To have a Competition Handicap (denoted by a ‘c’ by their name on the master handicap list), ladies will be required to have submitted 3 qualifying scores during the year January 1

    st to December 31st . This is

    to include Supplementary scores and Away scores. If a lady has an injury/illness that has prevented her from achieving the required number of qualifying scores during the specified period, she may be exempt. This will be at the discretion of the ladies committee. This will also include those players who are transferring membership who have submitted scores albeit at another club. Ladies who have been issued with their first CONGU handicap have a year from the date their handicap was issued, to submit 3 qualifying scores. Ladies who have not submitted 3 qualifying scores during the specified period will have a Non-Competition Handicap (they will not have a ‘c’ after their name), and will be required to return 3 qualifying scores to obtain a Competition Handicap. Qualifying scores are not permitted to be carried over to the next year. Ladies with a Non-Competition Handicap will be allowed to enter competitions in order to gain qualifying scores, but they will not be allowed to win any prizes. N.B. Ladies only need 3 qualifying scores to maintain their handicap as a Compe