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La Meri Images

Nov 11, 2014





  • 1. The La Meri Collection San Antonio Theatre Archives Held at The San Antonio Public Library Texana/Genealogy Desk
  • 2. La Meri in San Antonio Lilian and La Meri at San Pedro Park Birthday party for Dickie at house on Laurel St. Mulhollands High School for Girls Graduation, May 1913
  • 3. La Meris First Automobile, 202 King Williams Street, 1913
  • 4. La Meri: Chronology of Appearances 1931-1946
  • 5. Jacobs Pillow Production
    • La Meri (1899-1988) studied and performed all over the world. She made her New York debut in 1928 and first danced at Jacob's Pillow in 1940.
    • La Meri was also a major cornerstone of the Pillow's faculty for decades, and she served as a member of the Board of Directors.
    • While she presented the dances of many cultures, she specialized in Spanish and Indian forms.
    • A particularly memorable offering was her interpretation of Swan Lake using Hindu gesture technique.
    La Meri as Hamsa-Rani in her production of Swan Lake Photo: Marcus Blechman, 1944
  • 6.
    • Swan Lake Performance at Jacob's Pillow
  • 7. Song of Songs L to R: Peter di Falco, La Meri, Ted Shawn- Photographer: Jack Mitchel at Jacobs Pillow, 1946
  • 8. La Meri
  • 9. La Meri, Javanese costume Photo: Marcus Blechman
  • 10. The White Peacock (Griffes) Paris, 1930
  • 11. Debut in Bharata Natyam (Choreog. Vadivelu Pillai) Madras, 1937
  • 12. Nasu to Kabocha (Choreog. Kodera) Photo: Marcus Blechman, 1945
  • 13. Huayno (Peru) Photo: Marcus Blechman, N.Y., 1949
  • 14. La Meri and Peter di Falco Sevellanos- Dec 1946
  • 15. Escape Photographer: Jack Mitchell, Jacobs Pillow 1960
  • 16. Carabali (Cuba), Photographer Rosel, New York, 1944
  • 17. Zandunga (Mexico), Photographer: Rosel, New York, 1944
  • 18. Farruca (Flamenco) Photographer: Marcus Blechman, New York, 1944
  • 19. Marwari Kathak Photographer: Rosel, 1944
  • 20. In a Prologue in San Antonio, 1922
  • 21. La Meri in El Gato Photographer: Rosel, 1944
  • 22. Krishna-Gopala (Choreog. La Meri) E. D. C. Theater N.Y.C., 1940
  • 23. La Meri- Ruth St Denis at School of Natya Studio,1940
  • 24. Parvati in Pradakchina of Ganesh Her Last Performance, Photographer: Craig, Cape Cod 1969
  • 25. La Meri at her home in Cape Cod with her champion Belgian Sheepdogs
  • 26. Program: A Summer Festival of Ethnic Dance- MA,1971
  • 27. Lillian Hughes Newcomer: La Meris Sister
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