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KWizCom SharePoint Notification Feature

Mar 23, 2016




KWizCom SharePoint Notification Feature. Product Overview. What it does?. Create smart notifications for any SharePoint list/library. Now you can get time-based and rule-based reminders for upcoming/delayed tasks, project deadlines and milestones, or any other SharePoint item!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KWizCom SharePoint Notification FeatureProduct Overview1What it does?Create smart notifications for any SharePoint list/library.Now you can get time-based and rule-based reminders for upcoming/delayed tasks, project deadlines and milestones, or any other SharePoint item!Why did we create it?SharePoint does not allow displaying notifications on screenThere is no support in SharePoint for defining notification rulesThere is no option in SharePoint to customize the content of a notification e-mailsSharePoint does not allow sending alerts to external usersThere is no option in SharePoint to create recurrent notificationsSharePoint does not allow users to create quick notifications on list itemsSharePoint does not support defining multiple rules with different logic on lists/librariesSupports both WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007Define notifications per list/librarySchedule and send recurrent notifications Choose between on screen and e-mail notifications Send notifications by email to users outside the organizationDefine property-based notification rulesNotification options action menuavailable for all user typesPresent a personal notifications web part Allow definitions of notifications in content typesCross browser - IE, Firefox and Google Chrome and multilingual support

Notification Feature Key Features4Quick product feature tour


The web part presents notifications about events happening in the near future applied to the logged on user in different lists/libraries This is the personal notifications web part

Click on the notification description to view all relevant details on the item

Choose to display the item details in a new window or redirected from the web part

You may choose to remove notifications due today- to do so simply click the notification flag

You can choose whether to display a confirmation massage upon deleting a notification

Use the notification actions menu to instantly apply a notification

You may choose to define a personal notification on a list item to a specific date- in which case a notification settings page will open

You are also able to define a notification to an entire list/library using the notification settings page

Set a date to and time to start the notification processChoose between e-mail notifications and on-screen notifications, or both!

To start using the Notification Feature go to SharePoint Central AdministratorNow lets look at the administrative side of the story12

Go to the Operations tab and scroll down

Find KWizCom SharePoint Notification Feature Settings and click the Manage notification settings13

On the Notification Feature Settings page define your SharePoint portals settingsSelect the web application and site collection hosting your portal, in addition to a web site to host the notification feature administrative data

On the list settings page go to KWizCom SharePoint Notification FeatureNow youre all set to define notifications for any list/library!

This is the list notification settings page

Choose a meaningful name for the notifcationChoose the Notification recurrence between: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly

In addition choose a recurrence end time

Choose the target audience for the notification

Use list person fields or an e-mail field to target the notification to internal users

for external users choose the static list of email addresses

Choose the notification type and apply conditions

Customize the content of the chosen notification type by adding free text and dynamic tokensApply customized conditions to get the most relevant notifications

Here you can use the [Me] and [Today] tokens

You can also make a rule inactive and view its last run timeAfter a new notification rule is added you can update it at any time

Hover over the notification rule to see a summary of its settings

Modify the personal notifications web parts display settings

This is the personal notifications web part settings pageChoose to show a header for the notification web part Choose which notification groups to display in the web partCheck which groups that will be presented in the web part to expand or collapse

Notifications web part settings page cont.Check to display a confirmation dialog box before removing a notificationUncheck to open notification related items in a new window Notification Feature usage scenariosTask management Define a notification rule which sends users a reminder when their assigned task is due, set a recurrent daily remainder for all the delayed tasks of the team.Project management Define notification rules to remind a project manager about a project milestone that is about to end, and a recurrent notification when a project milestone is delayed. Billing notifications Send notifications to users outside of the organization about invoices they should pay in the upcoming week/month and a recurrent notification about delayed payments.Annual support services notification Send reminders to customers regarding the renewal of their support program.


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