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Kwik Way 041

Apr 16, 2017



  • Kwik Way 041 Repair to the spindle lash clamp

  • The machine was purchased with the gearbox casting for the clamp broken and missing

  • I indicated the stripped gearbox on a Bridgeport and milled a shelf 1 wide.

  • An 1.5X1.5X12 segment of A36 was machined in the approximate shape of the original casting

  • The A36 piece was drilled and doweled and attached to the gearbox with four 3/8-16X1 SHCS, tapping directly into the gearbox casting.

  • The gearbox was then set up in a TA14 taking care to align the boring bar .003 high.

  • Original bore is 2.758. Removed .015 per cut until reaching 2.740. At this point .002 cuts were made until tool bit cleaned a .010 wide area on the original bore adjacent to the parting line with the new piece.

  • The gearbox then went back to the Bridgeport and the new clamp was split with a .0625 saw.

  • The ID in the gearbox had .0007 interference with the spindle sleeve. A .003 shim was added between the piece and the gearbox. A 2 travel dial indicator was attached to the stop adjustment clamp to assist in defining depth of cut. The broken plastic fine feed wheel was replaced with a 4 aluminum wheel.