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KTP National Forum KTP National Forum Update December 2010

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Jan 09, 2016




KTP National Forum Update December 2010. KTP National Forum. National Forum Update. Welcome Reflection on 2010 Our Mission Objectives for the KTP National Forum and progress update Membership and Organisation Communication channels Looking forward to 2011. Reflection on 2010. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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KTP National Forum KTP National ForumUpdate

December 2010

Page 2: KTP National Forum

National Forum Update

Welcome Reflection on 2010 Our Mission Objectives for the KTP National Forum and progress update Membership and Organisation Communication channels Looking forward to 2011...

Page 3: KTP National Forum

Reflection on 2010 Busy year for KTP – growth despite the recession! Strategic Review (Regeneris Report) released Going for growth then uncertainty over KTP funding and

implications of the CSR as well as HE/FE sector funding High demand for Shorter KTPs from business KTP key staff changes Transition planning from AEA to the TSB More on-line systems Introduction of the Expression of Interest Form Frustrations... New Terms of Reference for the National Forum (NF)

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Our Mission

‘All for the good of KTP’

To act as the collective voice for the KTP Office community in order to influence strategic

direction and growth of KTP, to develop and share best practice in knowledge transfer for the

benefit of all stakeholders.

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Objectives and progress update (1)

1) To provide leadership ‘on the ground’ for the KTP Office community in order to drive effective communications, maximise the collation of feedback, ensure considered views are presented to provide a joined up picture of KTP for stakeholders and to act as champions for change to secure wide-spread buy in

Set greater clarity for expectations of the regional leadership role Collected your views on the arising recommendations for growth – NF

championed these as a voice on the ‘working group for growth’ Baseline surveys undertaken following the Regeneris Review – collated your

views on the recommendations and investigated facts relating to KTP Office costs

Co-ordinated responses re: impact of delay in current funding

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Objectives and progress update (2)

2) To lead task and finish groups and facilitate sharing best practice in order to improve KTP performance across the UK

October 2010 – NF organised and hosted a ‘Building the KTP Relationship Workshop’ day Developing good practice guides, part of a Wiki project Communication channels

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Objectives and progress update (3)

3) To be pro-active in developing and maintaining positive working relationships with the Technology Strategy Board, other sponsors, the KTP Advisors and the Managing Agent in order to help drive the future direction of KTP, both strategically and operationally

Invited to represent on the sponsors ‘working group for growth’ - NF delivered against assigned recommendations Met with new TSB team July 2010 Invited KTP Adviser to join the NF meetings Offered support through a NF sub group to the AEA/ TSB transition team KTN briefing held at NF meetingNF members were invited to a networking dinner with KTP Advisers and TSB KTP team

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Objectives and progress update (4)

4) To be pro-active in contributing experience and knowledge in order to influence at the strategic level by representing the KTP Office community at the KTP Management Board meetings as ‘observers’Continued ‘Observer’ status role on KTP Mgt Board – two representatives are nominated to attend each meetingNF has a specific agenda slot to enable us to feed into the sponsors as a collective voice as well as an opportunity to comment/ challenge other discussion/ decision itemsMinutes of the NF meetings are presented within the KTP Management Board papers Heightened awareness about the role of the KTP Offices nowMore recently KTP Adviser representation invited – joins up with the NF efforts

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Objectives and progress update (5)

5) To provide direction and guidance to shape the annual KTP Managers Conference in order to maximise the sharing of best practice amongst the KTP Office community

High level of responsiveness from the Coventry University conference planning team has enabled the NF to help shape the themes, content and structure of this conference Greater focus on workshops Aligned with the drivers for KTP growth

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Membership and organisation (1)

To clarify, all KTP Office representatives across the UK are considered part of the KTP National Forum

Acting on behalf of the KTP Office community and for the ‘good of KTP’, there is a UK wide representative body who are responsible for driving these terms of reference

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Membership and organisation (2)

Members: Chair – Emma Hewitt Vice-Chair – Dr Phil Fiddaman Secretary – Val Wooff An elected KTP Office representative from all UK

regions FE College KTP Office representative – Gill Davies KTP Adviser – Idris Price Annual KTP Managers Conference organiser


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Membership and organisation (3)

East of England – Phil Fiddaman Scotland – Judy Brown

East Midlands – Joanna Lawrence/Kathryn Burchell

South West – Katie Gough/Andrew Wray

London and South East – Linda Hyder Wales – Paul Thomas

North East – Fiona McCusker West Midlands – Natalie Lewis

North West – Janet Morana Yorkshire and Humber – Derek Hurren

Northern Ireland – Lorraine Marks Conference Organiser - Derek Hall

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Communication Channels

• Notifications, Alerts and Job Adverts

• Jiscmail ([email protected]) run by Sheffield Hallum University. Contact Sarah Durkin ([email protected]) to register.

• KTP Portal ( Set up your alerts! 

• Discussion Forum• LinkedIn ( Knowledge Transfer

Partnerships (KTP) Managers group - “A group created for KTP Offices and Centres to engage in open discussion about the Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme and the future”. 61 members. Owner: Alasdair Cameron (West of Scotland KTP Centre)

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Communication Channels

• Other LinkedIn Groups• KTP Managers’ National Forum. Regional Representatives

and Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary) of the KTP Managers' National Forum. 12 members. Owner: Val Wooff (NF Secretary, Durham University).

• Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. 88 members. Owner: Paul Fisher (Senior Marketing and Project Consultant, AEA Technology)

• Twitter•

A list of all those involved in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

• Over to you! • What do you want to hear from the National Forum? What

types of information/communication are you looking for?

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Looking ahead 2011 (1)

Rapidly changing landscapes – externally and internally Forward plan in the context of the CSR uncertain... Pro-actively work with the TSB in taking forward accepted

recommendations from the KTP Strategic Review Push for getting ahead of change to enable better

consideration of the impact and earlier communications from the TSB

Greater communication to and from KTP Office community via NF including more feedback. Test out ‘Linked In’ as the key discussion forum for KTP Offices

Page 16: KTP National Forum

Looking ahead 2011 (2)

Undertake a Baseline survey on the services offered by KTP Offices

Development of more Good Practice Guides Establish Task and Finish Groups (across the UK) Identify Academic Champions for KTP Continue to highlight misconceptions and myths of KTP

What else? Feedback always welcome