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Kramp Focus Magazine 2012-04 UK

Sep 12, 2014



Focus - Kramp Customer Magazine

  • 14/12 Focus

    FocusKramp Customer Magazine412

    Spare parts at the touch of a button



    Stylish treatment for lawns


    Supplier Portrait: Agri-Fab agricultural

    A future investment

    14PAGENew Warehouse in France

    New boost for the workshop busiNessKramp Shop Concept

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    Another year of hard work has almost come to an end, so you may be able to take it a bit easier over the last few days of 2012 and reflect on recent months. It has been a successful year for us personally and the role you have played in this is by no means insignificant.Of course, we hope that 2012 has also been a year that you can look back on with satisfaction. We are pleased to see you grow and be successful and we are keen to help you in your efforts. In everything we do, we also want you to really experience the feeling of Kramp. Its that easy.To achieve this, we make sure that ordering spare parts from us is simple and efficient and that, rather than standing still in this area, we take advantage of market developments for instance by investing in more mobile applications.We would also like to support you when you sell spare parts and accessories to your customers. You have a large number of customers with a great deal of potential in your region and you want to offer them the best service possible. At Kramp, we have recently made our shop concept and its associated webshop even more professional, meaning that you are even better equipped to sell spare parts and accessories. This edition of Focus discusses our shop concept in more detail, as this service helps us to continue growing successfully together.On behalf of our organisation, I would like to thank you for placing your trust in Kramp throughout 2012 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start to the New Year. We hope that 2013 will be a successful year for you and look forward to playing our part in this.

    Eddie Perdok, CEO of the Kramp Group

    Successful together





    Its that easyScanToMobile: Spare parts at the touch of a button

    NewsNew products and market information

    Supplier portraitAgri-Fab: Stylish treatment for lawns

    Tips & TricksKramp Webshop: Viewing all the details

    In FocusWorkshop business: Recommended by specialists

    EventSIMA 2013 in Paris, EIMA, AGROSHOW

    HighlightsNew warehouses in Poitiers

    Customer portraitBenton Agricultural Services Ltd - The Shop Pioneers

    Kramp FacesBerni Abbott and James Buchanan

    Kramp AcademyKramp celebrates a successful start to Kramp Academy

    Pin boardAnniversaries, new openings, events

    MosaicEuropean tractor pulling:The giants of the arena

    QuizCrossword time


  • 34/12 Focus

    Its that easy.

    T his latest innovation from Kramp, combines the benefits of the Kramp ScanToOrder ordering system with the multi-location convenience of an iPad. ScanToMobile is a convenient, easy-to-use scanning device that can be used to scan the barcode of the required part from the shelf label in the shop or warehouse. A Bluetooth connection between the scanner and the iPad allows the scanned bar codes to be sent directly to the Kramp Mobile application, which then converts the barcode information and displays the selected product on the screen in seconds. The required quantity can then be

    entered, and the order submitted via Kramp Mobile. The customer will receive the parts the following day.

    The benefits are clear. ScanToMobile is one of the fastest and most secure ways of ordering spare parts, and makes extensive paperwork and potential mix-ups a thing of the past. Errors

    The future continues: ScanToMobile

    Spare parts at the touch of a buttonWhether its a grainlifter for a combine harvester or a saw blade for a maize chopper, spare agricultural machinery parts are in high demand during the peak season. Searching for each individual spare part number in the warehouse or shop and then typing it into the webshop wastes valuable time. From 2013, there will be a new solution: ScanToMobile.

    An overview of the key benefits: No need for paper Eliminates incorrect orders Quick and easy ordering process Spend more time on your core business Up-to-date information on availability and delivery for products

    when entering or transferring data, which often occur when using conventional ordering methods, are ruled out by ScanToMobile, and the intelligent ordering system also saves customers a great deal of time. With ScanToMobile a single user can carry out all the necessary steps in the shortest possible time.

    With the traditional ScanToOrder system, data from the scanner is transferred to the computer via a docking station, and a special program converts the data into a file that the computer can use. With ScanToMobile , there is no need for a docking station or any additional software, a scanner, an iPad and the Kramp Mobile application are all that is needed to transfer data from the scanner to Kramp in a quick and simple process.

    Users seeking to introduce the ScanToMobile system can rely on experienced specialists in Customer Support who are on hand to provide detailed advice on the functions of the system and how to use it. Tel.: +44 (0) 1767 602602, email: [email protected]

    This service will be available from 2013.


    Anyone who invests in high quality hoses is sure to want them to have a long and reliable service life. To ensure that this is the case, Safeplast has developed a range of easy-to-fit products, such as the Safe-Sleeve textile hose protector a sleeve that can easily be fitted or retrofitted to provide additional protection against wear and leaks caused by excess pressure. The product meets all of the requirements of the EN 12999 and EN ISO 3457 standards, offers a high level of resistance to pressure and is recommended for use at temperatures between -40C and +80C. A polyester version of the Safe-Sleeve is available for higher or extremely low temperatures. To view the Safe-Sleeve and other hose protection options, search for Safeplast in the Kramp webshop.

    The new FAG Black Series insert ball bearings and housing units from Schaeffler are designed to be

    easy to assemble while providing smooth operation and total reliability. The single piece cast housings are suitable for use in an extremely wide range of applications, such as for the agricultural, construction and mining industries, for drive technology and material handling, for machines designed to process pumps, textiles, paper and wood and machines for the wood, filling, packaging and steel industries. The dimensions of the FAG grey cast housing comply with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) B 1559 and the parts can withstand moderate to high radial and axial loads. The black DurotectB coating gives the Black Series its name and provides the inner and outer rings and the distributor disc with excellent levels of basic corrosion protection. The insert bearings are also extremely easy to assemble and are primarily suitable for use with drawn shafts with h6 to h9 tolerances. The parts can be ordered by searching for JIS Bearings in the Kramp webshop.

    For more information, please visit

    Kramp taperlock bushes

    Strong and durable

    For more information, please visit

    An attractive design, a high level of resistance to corrosion and ease of use

    are all properties that set the new taperlock bushes from Kramp apart, but the main advantage of these bushes is the simplicity and speed with which they are fitted. The surfaces of the bushes are subjected to a special blackening process to ensure a high level of durability. Kramp taperlock bushes are manufactured with spline grooves that meet the standards of DIN6885.1 and BS46.1, and are available in bore sizes ranging from 9 to 100mm in series 1008 to 4040. Whats more, assembly instructions specifying the correct torques are supplied with each box, and a barcode on the packaging enables the products to be ordered via ScanToOrder or ScanToMobile. Search for taperlock bushes in the Kramp webshop to browse our extensive selection.

    For more information, visit

    Black coating for optimum protection

    FAG Black Series from Schaeffler

    Safe-Sleeve from Safeplast

    Optimum protection for high quality hoses

    D The new 500 Vario from Fendt is the successor to the 400 series but is bigger and heavier, offering new features such as a wheelbase that is 15cm longer. From next year, drivers who prefer light and compact alternatives will need to switch to the 300 series from the Marktoberdorf-based company.

    D The Vario 500 is available in four models ranging from 92 to 121 kW (125 to 165 HP). Fitted under the bonnet is a Deutz four-cylinder engine with SCR for Stage IIIb. The cab comes from the 700 series and includes a windscreen that extends up to the edge of the roof. The models are offered with three technology versions: Power, Profi and ProfiPlus.

    D The new 6 and 7 series from Deutz-Fahr cover a power range of 149 to 193 HP and 220 to 238 HP respectively. The 6150.4 and 6160.4 types feature a four-cylinder Deutz engine with a capacity of 4038 cm3. The other six types (6150, 6160, 6180, 6190, 7230 and 7250) are fitted with a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 6057 cm3.

    F The 7626 Dyna-6 is the new flagship tractor from Massey Ferguson. Its 7.4-litre, six-cylinder Agco Sisu SCR engine delivers a maximum output of 255 HP in line with ISO standards, reaching 280 HP thanks to its power boost system. The tractor is equipped with the Dyna-6 continuously variable transmission as standard.